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Wild West Guns - First Screenshots

Posted by Darren Calvert

Famitsu revealed the first screenshots of GameLoft's upcoming shooter, Wild West Guns yesterday. We first heard about this title last month from a ESRB rating, but up until now we didn’t know anything about the actual gameplay.

Here is an awful Google translation of Famitsu’s page:

Set foot at the city's western fast gun

Set in the American West by GANSHUTINGUGEMU to unfold, Wii software will be delivered. Player's goal is to target the West one aimed at gunmen. Up to four people can play simultaneously.

"Team set up a" mode of cooperation with friends and family, and also can play the "fight" mode, the points competition can be tough.

Also, Wii zapper, you can do more realistic sense, a sense of realism can also enjoy archery.

Judging from the screenshots this looks like it could be fun. The Wiimote is easily up to the task of playing this Duck Hunt style of game so I think GameLoft may have a winner on their hands here. The price is set for 1000 Wii points for Japan it would seem from the Famitsu page.

To see all six screenshots click through to our Wild West Guns game page, or visit Famitsu.

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DarkLloyd said:

looks good will pick it up after i get other wiiware and vc titles plus ds titles and wii titles and ps3 titles and my soon to get my own psp when i get my job very soon



Raptor78 said:

Providing the price is right, it reminds me of the classic arcade shooters (pre house of the dead & time crisis) which looks fun and shallow but in a good way. A nice pick up and play shooter.



Dazza said:

It's 1000 for Japan, so it will most likely be the same for everywhere else too. It looks pretty decent to me, not bargain basement shovelware at all. It is surely a reasonable asking price for something developed ground-up for WiiWare.



Big_Sexy said:

Well, poop. I had hoped and dreamed it was a spiritual successor to Natsume's SNES classic, Wild Guns. But it's a shooting gallery.

Still, it looks fun. I guess. sniffles



supermario2 said:

Nah I'll pass why would I spend 1,000 points on a game that's free at on wii and also at besides it sounds way to pricey 4 me but those real shoot 'em up fans will love this.



Raptor78 said:

Well I paid out £15 for Ghost Squad and £20 for House of the Dead Return so after a bit of thought I wouldnt say 1000 points or £7.50 is a bad price to pay at all.

...any news of any online features such as a "Best in the West" leaderboard? That would make a good addition to any lightgun game.

Im just sick of having to delete and download new games... same old story, "storage solution please!!!"



Terra said:

I have Ghost Squad as well. Great game, got it on my last birthday. Also got Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 which is fantastic, better than Ghost Squad.

As for the leaderboards idea, I'd like to see that as well. Whether it will happen is another story but it would be a great addition



Adamant said:

Oh come on, a google translation? Is it really THAT hard to find a person who knows the language, and get an actual translation of the text? It's only 5 sentences.



Objection said:

@Adamant Unless you know Japanese yourself, that isn't fair to say. They COULD have rearrange the words to make them les Engrish-y though.
This game looks pretty good and the "Best in the West" is the awesomest leaderboard name ever ! Hope they have it!



Dazza said:

@Adamant - You want the moon on a stick don't you

Our game page has an intro based on this text which we worded a bit more nicely. Does this mean your requirements or do we need to employ a Japanese translator? hehe



tovare said:

I think i purchased a game like this in the Mastertronic 199 for the C64 (That's £1.99). 1000 points seems excessive.



Terra said:

@ Strade32
Yes it would be but where would we find one?

I tried learning Japanese awhile ago as i love Japanese Cinema but it was really hard and i started having less and less time to try so i gave up. I'm now learning Italian as next April, i head off to Rome



thewiirocks said:

I've been waiting for another excellent Zapper title. I already have Link's Crossbow Training and Ghost Squad. Since zombie games don't appeal to me (especially with little ones around the house) this game sounds tremendously appealing. I just hope it delivers!



Ricardo91 said:

This looks like a fun little game. Shooting gallery type games are no brainers for WiiWare. My dad will probably like it too, cuz he's into those things. And what a hilarious translation!

Say, Nintendo, I'm still waiting for that wiimote-enabled VC port of Duck Hunt (Folds arms, glares angrily, stamps foot.).



CanisWolfred said:

Gah! for a second I thought it was the revival of Wild Guns, but appearantly it's just your average Flashgun game with a Wild West theme. So sad, somebody really should make a sequel to that game as it was a highly underrated game(Think of Sin and Punishment, only you're not constantly moving foreward, and you can shoot bullets out of the air).

Yah, so I'm not the only one who has a problem with the translators. They really should have those things make up for grammer, ya know.



Peznaze said:

I sense an angry letter from Native American advocacy groups forthcoming...

Looks like a decent enough zapper game, but for 1000 points I'd hope they stick something unique in there...



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I hope they bring Wild Guns to the VC with full Zapper support. Sadly, as much as I love arcade style shooting games, this one doesn't interest me much.



blackknight77 said:

I was really hoping Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley would show up on the VC someday. But I think this game could be a worthy replacement. It looks cool.

The Wii remote is great for these types of games.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Hopefully we'll get this next Friday.

Gameloft are doing a pretty good job on WiiWare. Keep it up.



CanisWolfred said:

I read somewhere that it's more-or-less impossible for VC games to support the Wii remote as a Zapper, because they are different technologies. I think Wild Guns was adequitely playable without it, but I'm not sure, after seeing comments and reviews about that other Zapper game.

Now a Wiiware Sequel/remake of Duckhunt and Wild Guns, now that would be a different story! I'd buy those 10 times over!

Someday, someday.....



Big_Sexy said:

I wasn't aware that Wild Guns could be played with the Super Scope. That seems kinda unweildly to me, as moving and shooting at the same time would be awkward.

Wild Guns is easily one of my Top 10 all time favorites, and I've always played it with the SNES controller. Granted, it's much more fun Co-op, but there isn't much that isn't. A Wii-mote version would be heaven sent, but I'd settle for the VC version if I had to.

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