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WiiWare Preview - Eternity's Child

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Luc Bernard was kind enough to send us over a new preview build of his upcoming WiiWare platformer Eternity’s Child complete with tons of new levels to play. We've also added a bunch of new screen shots of the game in action which you can see at the bottom of this preview.

You might remember that we did a preview of the game last month, but for those of you that missed it, you can check it out here. All of the quirky artwork remains intact and this time around there's a much wider variety to it. At the very least, we can safely say that as quirky as the last version of the game we previewed was, this one's got it beat.

When you begin playing Eternity's Child, you're going to get what will start out as a standard introduction to the story line of the game, but after several pages of text roll by, it begins to feel more like a novel than an introduction. Once you get past this intro, you'll play a basic starting level to get your feet wet with the controls. There's not much to this first level, but don't let it fool you. The next level is where the real fun begins and the difficulty makes a significant jump.

For the most part, the game plays out like a traditional platformer. Although running and jumping your way through the levels will take up the majority of your attention, you also have the ability to fire shots via a heart-shaped targeting icon that you can move around the screen using the mouse. You'll have to use these shots to take out the many enemies and obstacles that come your way early and often in the game. The final build of the game will include cooperative play, but this feature isn't found in this particular build of the game we have so we haven't got to try it out yet.

The levels in the game range from short and sweet to long and grueling and there's not a lot of rhyme of reason as to how you encounter them. It almost feels like the game throws you a bone, as many of these easy levels come directly after one of the more treacherous levels. It's a nice chance to catch your breath before you encounter another brutal level.

The difficulty itself doesn't change much between levels, but the number of checkpoints does. Some levels have checkpoints all over the place and others hardly feature any at all. This ups the difficulty even more and at times can become a bit frustrating having to start the entire level over again each time you die if you haven't yet reach a checkpoint. If you like a solid challenge, you'll feel right at home playing Eternity's Child, but if you’re easily frustrated this might not be the game for you.

Your goal in each level is to locate the hidden diamonds and then reach the large skull at the end of the level. Sometimes this is fairly standard and involves nothing more than following the platforms to the end. However, in later levels, locating these diamonds, not to mention the end of the level, can become quite tricky. The levels also begin to take a more vertical direction later on in the game and also tend to feature a very maze-like intricacy. It's this scavenger hunt-type quality that really adds some game play appeal once you reach these trickier levels. It's safe to say that Eternity's Child starts a little slow, but does pick up a bit once you get a few levels under your belt.

The music remains the same in this build as well and it's still just as beautifully orchestrated. It's got a very quirky sound to it, which seems to perfectly compliment the insane art style the game employs. While the sound effects feel like a somewhat ignored aspect of the game, it's probably just as well since you certainly wouldn't want anything to cover up the enjoyable musical score found throughout the game. It’s quite apparent from playing the game that the visual and musical efforts in the game are its true shining points.

It's clear from playing this new build of the game that Eternity's Child has come a long way since we last played the game. The levels are much more intricate and the play control itself feels a bit tighter as well. The game still uses a very loose play control system that will obviously take some gamers a little time to get used to and the high degree of difficulty doesn't help matters much.

If you can enjoy an extremely quirky platforming experience with some of the most creative artwork you'll ever likely see in a video game, Eternity's Child is a game to put on your WiiWare wish list. But if you’re one who likes your platforming control a bit more pinpoint in its accuracy, you might find Eternity’s Child a little loose for your liking. Look at it this way, at only 500 Wii Points, the game has easily got enough going for it to at least take a chance on.

Note: For some reason the water looks quite pixilated in our screenshots. Luc has assured us that this is a bug with our graphics card and there is no danger of the WiiWare version having such a problem.

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Raptor78 said:

Its really odd because the rest of the screenshot is beautiful and then the pixelized water effect? Its nothing major though, the game still looks beautifully done and im still eager for the release. Any news on a release date yet, because the way Nintendo releases the wiiware there seems to be no logic whatsoever with the exception of once every two weeks.



Dazza said:

We've added a note to explain this now. I tested the same build on my laptop and it didn't do this for me. The water looks perfect, so its just Corbie's graphics card it seems. Don't worry people!!



Omega said:

Actually, I was pleased at this game. But with the aforementioned high degree of difficulty, it is probably nothing for me. What a pity.



LucBernard said:

funny that some people find it hard, I guess some people won't get past the first level of Megaman 9, it's not as hard as Megaman 2 in my eyes



Omega said:

I would certainly not. Are there in Eternity's Child different levels of difficulty from which to choose?



LucBernard said:

Eternity's Child is not that hard, it's hard if you try and finish it by running really fast, but if you take your time to explore the levels you will find it not that hard

Basically you can run like crazy but that will get you killed since when a enemy spots you he will follow you until you kill him. So that's why you better just go slowly if you don't know the level.



Omega said:

So it's not so hard if one takes the time to explore around. Good. Is there a time limit in the levels? And is it possible to save the game after every level? And how does it work? With a "normal" save-feature or with password?



LucBernard said:

lol password lol it's on Wii mate and of course it saves after each level lol this is 2008

and no time limit those things are horrible



Omega said:

Okay, I admit that passwords are old-fashioned. But there are still games, especially on the GBA, which make use of it. I also think that time limits are cruel and I am glad to hear that there are none.

How does the Wiimote incorporates in this game? Is it just to shoot at enemies. Or is there another use for it?



calculon said:

It's looking good Luc Bernard. It's looking very good.

Eternity's Child will be one of the few purchases I make on WiiWare - I won't give a timescale to that statement because Europe's release scheduling is wonkier than a SPOGs racer wheel (wait that's no good - they don't tilt very well as far as I'm aware - oh well, just imagine they do, ok?). I just hope they get it out quick when you've done working on it.



Terra said:

I have to say that Eternity's Child does look very good and it will be an instant download for me. Well done Luc Bernard. Any Word on a more concrete WiiWare release date?



calculon said:

Concrete release date? WiiWare? That's like trying to mix oil and water isn't it? I think the only games that will ever be given a concrete release date were the launch titles. Maybe a couple of Christmas specials (based on Nintendo related franchises) but other than that never utter those two concepts in the same sentence again



Terra said:

I suppose but other developers have given us release dates in advance that have come through



calculon said:

Example? As far as I can see, Nintendo of Europe have such a complete lack of grasp over the idea of a concrete release date that they can't even decide internally when a game is to be released when it's available. From what I read, Defend Your Castle was supposed to be on sale in Europe according to the Nintendo Channel.



LucBernard said:

just for shooting, no waggle controls, as for a release date, I know that Alten8 wants to get it out asap

so at the moment Wii have no idea lol (I had to do that lol)



calculon said:

SPOGS actually hit the US in July and there's bound to be some degree of luck in which games Nintendo decide to put out each month. Pop was due for release in June in Europe but didn't appear until July. It might only be a month, or even a couple of weeks but that's money in the bank to these guys.



Omega said:

Anyway, better than using the Wiimote just like a NES Controller.

The final version will include cooperative play. How does this work? Does it alternate between players or are several players put on the screen simultaneously? Or someone controls the player and someone else the shots? How many players are possible?



CanisWolfred said:

I've been looking forward to this game, and it sounds like I won't be dissappointed. The level setup is a little weird, but more I think about it, the more I like it. The loose controls sound a lot like N, and I love that game. Too bad it starts out slow, I'm afraid people won't give it much of a chance because of the first few levels. Thankfully, I've learned from Gyrostarr and Defend Your Castle that sometime you have to dig harder to find the treasure iside.

There's a saying to that, does anybody know it?


I'm a slow typer, so forgive me if this has already been answered, but Co-op is up to 4 players, though I can only speculate on whether or not it's Pointer only, or full-blown co-op. The little guy is never alone in the screens, so I'd imagine it would have some actual co-op.



Terra said:

Can you tell us more about the animated film Plans please Luc Bernard?



Virus said:

The loose controls worries me some as does the changes in difficulty. I don't know how I feel about this "collect before you can finish" idea either. I'll keep a closer eye on this one as impressions continue.



andy836 said:

i'm very excited i cant wait i love a good challenge i found megaman 2 to be a bit to easy.



Fuun_Saiki said:

This is looking awesome, it's probably the only game I'm actualy excited about now. I'm really glad to hear it has some difficulty to it, the only thing I dislike more than push-over games is push-over gamers, to anyone complaining about this: be a MAN!



Ricardo91 said:

Thank god this game doesn't have time limits. Down with time limits! I'm not too worried about the difficulty. after all, it can't be any harder than the original Ninja Gaiden. ANYTHING is easier than the original NG. Still haven't beaten that one. A little worried about the loose controls though.

4-player co-op should also be pretty cool. Thanks for the new info Luc. Lookin' good!



Corbs said:

I'll have to say, the artwork in this game is second to none. It's crazy! And the game isn't Ikaruga-type difficult, it just takes some getting used to. It feels very different from most platformers out there. You will die. Early and often. It's not until the levels begin to take on a tricky design that it gets really fun, though. Even finding the ending can be a challenge.



LucBernard said:

the loose controls arent loose actually it's because the game has proper realistic physics that other platformers do not have

it adds alot more to the feel of the game when you kill enemies they will fall down and roll off platforms and it will never be the same



Omega said:

I have heard somewhere, that Eternity's Child is some kind of "adventure" game. Is this true? Does the game involve any adventure or puzzle elements? Like finding keys, talking to characters and hitting switches in a certain order etc.? Or is it more a test of skill and endurance?



vherub said:

i can't handle anymore previews, too bad you can't preorder wiiware titles



AlexSays said:

This sounds a lot better than most WiiWare games that are being released.
It's a shame other developers don't put the same amount of effort into their work.



Peznaze said:

Looking good! Good to hear someone's making games the way they used to...



Rawk_Hawk said:

Its nice to see a game try a new look and art style that a retail game may not try. I can't wait to see this game



CanisWolfred said:


I think that's Luc's other game you're talkimg about, though this game does have things you have to find in the level, including the end itself, but still, I don't think you could call it an "adventure" game.


Thank you for explaining the "loose" controls, that might melt away some of the worries people have been having. Are the games physics like "rag doll" physics, or is that something completely different?



LucBernard said:


To be honest you need to try it out for yourself it feels in controls very different than other platformers

Eternity's Child even if it's just a platformer at heart is a very different game.

I'm really proud with what we've done, and this game will really make Wiiware more interesting than all the puzzle games and Shovelware on it. (apart from Lostwinds which is still my favorate title on the service and which I highly recommend)



Omega said:

Eternity's Child is supposed to be very different. So what exactly distinguishes it from a common platform game? Is it just the realistic physics and use of the Wiimote or is there still something else?

The graphic design makes a dark and melancholy impression. What is the story of Eternity's Child, if there is any? Is it a sad story or something to fear? Is the story important at all in a game like this?



motang said:

Sounds really good, hopefully fully it won't take too much longer for it to come out.



Digiki said:

It'd be pretty sick if this came out monday, prolly not but I can hope



Corbs said:

@ Omega - Trust me, you're going to get PLENTY of storyline from the opening introduction that you'll get to read. It's very long and very in-depth. I was originally going to include it in the write-up, but I thought it might be something better left for those who are playing the game to read themselves.



Ray said:

Awesome game looks awesome.
I really like the artwork of this game...500 Wii Points, too.
Is this coming to the US?



Omega said:

I have heard that the story is about an orphan angelic(?)-child whose wings were cut off (ouch!) to prevent him from being recognized and murdered like the rest of his kind. The main goal is searching for the rest of his people or something. Sigh. That sounds sad and depressing, probably not the humor that one knows from Paper Mario.

The fairy tale is also supposed to include topics such as pollution, global warming and raciscm. This sounds like a visit to the school. I wonder how such profound topics fit into a Jump & Run game. Probably with rather long cutscenes.

I, for my part, could imagine that the game is basically an ordinary platform game in which some slideshows are embedded. The story could be entertaining in some way but whether the Jump & Run part is comparable with Mario or Rayman remains to be seen. I look forward to the review and for 500 points I'll maybe even give it a try.



Phantom5800 said:

I am really anticipating this game when it eventually comes out. Thank you for putting so much effort into this Luc (just wondering if you are still around ... how do you pronounce your name? Whenever I read it my brain thinks Luke like Skywalker Luke, lol)



originalp said:

awesome!! really looking forward to this game, it's instant download for me but I'm really looking forward to the cooperative mode to play this game with my girl!



Objection said:

@Luc I know that you arent able to give a release date, but what stage in development are you guys in? Are you still finishing or is it completely done and being approved? I can't wait for this game. Its one of the few games on any platform i look forward to.



Deep4t said:

I will probably buy this for 2 reasons:

It looks better than almost every Wiiware game out at the moment.
And its 500 points, thats like one of the cheapest Price for a wiiware game, its like buying a NES game. So, even if the price goes up before release its still not bad.

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