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Where In The World Is Strong Bad?

Posted by Darren Calvert

Bad news for Strong Bad fans today. It seems that SBCGFAP will NOT be coming out in July after all! Emily Morganti, the marketing coordinator over at Telltale Games explains the dealio on their game forum:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the game is not coming out tomorrow.

What IGN said is true - we have submitted the game to Nintendo, and as soon as we get approval from them, it will be released quickly after that. We really are in the home stretch. We've been waiting to announce a release date until we have that approval, though, because until that happens, well, anything can happen! Getting games into WiiWare is a new process for us and we're learning as we go, so I'm sorry if any of you are disappointed that tomorrow is the last Monday in July and you won't have a Strong Bad game to play. On the plus side, we're closer now than we've ever been, and very soon we should be able to tell you exactly when it's coming out!

Also, I'd like to preemptively say that contrary to some comments I've seen people making here and there, Nintendo has NOT been sitting on the game for months. We were still working on getting some bugs fixed until fairly recently. So please don't assume that they're some evil empire that's been hoarding the game since June because they don't want you to have it. Everyone we're working with at Nintendo wants the game to come out just as badly as we (and you!) do.

It might just be Pong Toss up for grabs on WiiWare later today. You have to laugh don’t you?

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AlexSays said:

Nintendo isn't an evil empire?
Please don't spread your lies.

This sucks though.
I don't even care about the game, but I feel sorry for the people that have been waiting for it.



Virus said:


Deep breaths, deep breaths... ack My stomach has ruptured. When I actually see today's releases I may just have a huge murder spree. God, and I was just about to go to bed minutes ago too. I'm going to have nightmares...



Corbs said:

I read Friday that this game might not make it out this week, but I still hoped for the best.



Roboto said:

mmmm beer pong
no thanks
at last i hope the up some DLC for my life as a king



Vortex99 said:

Well, our next WiiWare release is 1st August, so I hope we get it then along with DYC. Double Whammy!



worrybomb said:

I had a strong feeling this game wasn't going to be released today knowing it was recently been submitted to Nintendo. Still it won't be long until Strong Bad shows up. I give it 2 weeks.



Raptor78 said:

Hey, if this game is as good as their sam n max games then im willing to wait. Telltale games have fantastic production quality about their games and I would rather have a delayed game without the bugs than get a broken game just to get it out on time. Also I appreciate their honesty that it is down to them that the game isnt yet released rather than Nintendo take the flack because it wouldnt really be that hard to believe that Nintendo had been holding back on the release of ANY games.



blackknight77 said:

Did she say people thought Nintendo was the evil empire? I thought I saw Mario and Yoshi with Star Destroyers and storm troopers



LAA said:

Whats the time over in america?
I'm in the UK, so I dont have a clue what time it is there.
I hope you get Plattchen because i wanna see how good it is and you guys get to enjoy it!



breaderer said:


FIRST IT WAS "wait till June" THEN IT WAS "it will be out in July" WHEN WILL IT COME OUT!!!!!!!!

this game feels like Brawl, cause they delay it so much.



deadly_by_design said:

The game's acronym ends in fap. That's a little disconcerting.

I might pick it up when it comes out. Maybe. Been watching Homestar since the Duck email on the Apple IIe.



Foamyfan231 said:

SON OF A @$#@@@$%$&$%Y&&&$##@$#@!$!@#$&(&((*$$#@@@@$#^# MOTHER @#$@$!@#$# SON OF A @@$T!#$!@#$ I QRQ$@#$@#$%$j HATE YOU@#T@#$%!#@$#@##$##$ AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! grrrrrr....... if you cancel it again I am gonna go crazy



konkerdoodle said:

I still think Nintendo may not have been sitting on the game, but it was their call not to realease it this week. Nintendo is most definitely a Teen Girl Squad...



megacody said:

What? I need more Quality WiiWare games that don't get delayed. I'm suprised Pong Toss didn't get delayed, and then get tossed in the toilet where it belongs.



King_wiL said:

If i dont get sbcg4ap soon im going to kill myself. or sell my wii. whichevers easiest



Omega said:

Strong what? Strong bad? What the heck? I have never heard of it before. Is this a point and click adventure with Sierra (or SCUMM) interface or something? That would be nice. I have waited for something like this forever. I just wonder whether the game has spoken dialogues or subtitles. I hope it will be translated (respectively dubbed) for other languages without ruining the humour.



battledevil789 said:

Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint better come monday i dont want this crap monday i want Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint



Raptor78 said:

@ Omega
I would recommend you check out Telltale games website. You can usually download demos of some of their games (PC Versions) and see what you think.
I have Sam n Max season one and really recommend it. Pretty much Monkey Island kinda games, silly humour and in-jokes and sometimes little arcade style minigames to brake up an adventure. If you have been waiting for a decent point n click game im sure you wont be dissapointed.



Omega said:

Thanks for the hint. That sounds very promising, I will look at their website. I love "Monkey Island" and I have heard of "Sam & Max Hit the Road" which came out 1993. If I remember correctly both games were originally developed by Lucas Arts. And Telltale Games seems to be a group of former LucasArts employees. Maybe they are also thinking about "Monkey Island 5" for Wiiware sometimes. That would really please me.



Ricardo91 said:

First Star Parodier on VC, now Strong Bad. Lately, Nintendo seems to love dangling strings of hope in our face, then, when we try to grab it, they snatch it away and throw manure at us (which in this case is FPG: PT). I think Nintendo likes to think of their core fans as cats. Filthy, stupid, worthless cats.

Nintendo needs to be Shakespeared and/or burninated.

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