Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures - WiiWare Bound?

Cracking news, Gromit! Everyone’s favourite plastcine duo are to star in a series of adventures thanks to those kind chaps at Telltale games, and although we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here, it’s highly likely that the platform for these episodic escapades is going to be WiiWare.

Called Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures, the series should follow the same format as Telltale’s Sam and Max titles, with each episode giving a few hours’ worth of gameplay. Whilst it is likely that this series of games will come to WiiWare, Emily Morganti, the marketing coordinator over at Telltale Games has said this is still undecided. Lets hope the Wii's storage problem doesn't become a problem as it did for Hothead's Penny Arcade.

Be sure to check out the official site for screens, concept artwork and a teaser trailer.