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USA WiiWare Update: Pong Toss

Posted by Damien McFerran

If the concept of tossing pongs appeals to you then this week’s WiiWare release will probably have you crying tears of ecstasy. Frat Party Games: Pong Toss (previously known as Beer Pong before Nintendo got a bit moody about the connection with alcohol) is a digital representation of the popular college pastime and certainly looks amusing enough, but as always we will reserve judgment until we’ve actually had chance to sit down with a cool six pack and review it – which should be very shortly.

Here’s the press release:

Pong Toss - Frat Party Games™ (JV Games, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone - Mild Language, 800 Wii Points): Pony up - it's Pong Toss time. Compete against your friends or the computer in this ultimate party-game favorite. Play on a regulation table with up to four players. Make consecutive shots for the Fireball bonuses and Roll-Backs as you or your team try to dominate the table and reign as Pong Toss champs. In Speed Pong, up to three challengers can compete at the same time. Speed and strategy are the keys to this fast-paced game. Jack up your opponents by using a slew of power-ups that will slow them down. The first one who sinks the last cup wins it all. Be fast. Be furious. Be victorious.

In the meantime, why not check out our exclusive interview with JV Games. If you don't fancy taking a chance on this then you might want to consider Chase HQ or Art of Fighting 2 on the Virtual Console instead.

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bwaybuddy26 said:

Ooh... yay. These releases just keep getting better and better.

What's next week, Frat Party Games Hangover Party?



AlexSays said:

Instant download.
I wonder who'll be doing this interesting review..

Edit: Poor Corbie.
And yeah, I was wondering about VC games too..
From what I've gathered, we got Chase H.Q. and Art of Fighting 2. But don't take my word for it.



Chipmunk777 said:

I can't wait to see this climb the US charts. This will be the thing that knocks Star Soldier R off the list? How depressing



slambert215 said:


@Rapadash: has press releases every monday that says what games come out today. As of 10:30 Eastern time the release for this week hasn't been posted yet, so we only know the wiiware game for today.



Dazza said:

@Chipmunk - Thats a good point. How depressing!

Art of Fighting 2 and Chase HQ are up on VC today if you don't fancy tossing your pong! lol



Draygone said:

No VC games this week? I sense a marketing strategy.

Nintendo: "I don't see people giving Pong Toss much of a chance. I have an idea. Let's make it so that it's the only possible thing to download this week. Then people will buy it."

That's the only possible explanation. Nintendo has no other excuse to have a week without a VC game.

edit: Ah, okay. Now we're seeing something.



slambert215 said:

@ Dazza- Thanks for listing the VC games! I was going on for like a few hours and they haven't posted anything yet and i was getting tired of waiting



AlexSays said:

With Star Soldier being the first to get knocked off, I doubt we'll see a sequel, with a full campaign mode.



Chipmunk777 said:


Well, hopefully this won't even make the list. But seeing as how SPOGS is now in the top 10, it's apparent that we just love buying crappy games. It will be interesting to see how well this game sells though. It's priced the same as SSR, and I've always held the belief that SSR's odd price (800 points) helped discourage people from buying it.



blackknight77 said:

I hope we get Mega Man 9, Alien Crush, and Graduis Rebirth before the end of 2008. I will skip this game.



Nobarai said:

It looks like it'd be more fun to pull my own teeth, then try to ram them back up in my gum-line.

Major pass on this game.



Terra said:

It had to come sometime. Just like what i said with MLE. Think of this positively, now those games are gone, you guys can look forward to other games soon. For Europe, we still have yet to get Critter Round Up, MLe and this, i just can't wait until there released and out of the way. Hopefully, all at the same time



AbbyVampire said:

I downloaded it.

Haha you thought I was joking but I'm not!

^^I Also hope Plattchen comes out...really want it



doabarrelroll27 said:

@ Terranigma
Good point. Its probably better to just get it over with so we dont have to dread the week it comes!



Starwolf_UK said:

hopefully Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint next week
We can hope and prayer.

Look forward to reading the review of Pong Toss.



Terra said:

@ Doabarrelroll27
Exactly. I can't think of any bad looking games coming up that we have much information on.

I'd like to see someone interview Gameloft about there upcoming projects at some point, as we know hardly anything about Midnight Bowling/Pool and people are already complaining (mainly because of Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Play Billiards, which were both very lacking). I'd like to see one so we had more understanding (Going off topic breifly but are there any other Midnight Games from Gameloft?). I'd also like to see somewhere a new Konami interview for similar reasons about Gradius Rebirth, Fresco Beach and Crescendo.

P.S Love the name. Classic Star Fox line. I just love Lylat Wars



ACK said:

@ Terranigma:
Wii Sports Bowling is very lacking? Uh... Wut?!



Terra said:

I meant to say Wii Play Billiards in particular is very lacking. Wii Sports Bowling does have depth to it.



ACK said:

@ Terranigma:
Thanks for clearing that up. You had me worried there for a second.



Bensei said:

It's a pity that it had to get censored, not because I would have bought it because of it, but because those Hyper-Caring mothers, who say it's the media's fault when there kid is a Teenage drinker and not their own and will start on pleading to censore even more banal things.

But I have to agree with them at that point: A game that is FOCUSED on drinking without showing the negative effects (the aspects JVG gave in their interview all showed negative consequences (Simpson's and Family Guy) or didn't had the focus on alcohol (parents drinking beer at a baseball game)) can't be that good either.



So, no SBCG4AP or MM9, and, instead, we get a game about throwing balls into cups of beer. Oh, what's that? Nintendo doesn't want beer in the game? What is this, the 1980s? Okay, so, instead, we get an $8 video game version of that Bozo the Clown game at Chuck E. Cheese's, which you can play for free with just some cups and a ball.



Virus said:

I shall forever hate this game no matter what score it gets. I was really hoping for SBCG4AP, but I got stabbed with this excuse of a game. I can't even measure my loathing. I'd love to put a slur of unintelligible censored cuss words, but for now, I'll occupy myself with hurling ping pong balls at whoever asks why I'm mad.



agent_lime said:

The thing that ultimately killed star soldier R was that stupid message. Im sure it made lots of people decide against buying it after they alert you it's only 2 levels long.



Peznaze said:

Ooh... the drama.. Will Pong Toss push Star Soldier R off the chart? Well, almost certainly... But will it manage it by Wednesday? We shall see...

I really, really don't get the WiiWare scheduling thing. I'm fairly sure Helix was submitted before this, along with a few other games, yet this comes first? It's very odd, to say the least.



fxtek76 said:

I thought Animales de le Muerta and Strong Bad Cool Game for Attractive People were slated for a July release...grrrrrr



Corbs said:

I believe Animales de la Muerte is coming in September. Strong Bad was delayed until next month, sadly.



WarioFan63 said:

Oh, what's that? Nintendo doesn't want beer in the game? What is this, the 1980s?

If you read the interview from a while ago you wouldve seen that Nintendo just brought up the concern that Beer was causing some controversy but it was ultimately it was JVC Games decision to change the name. Im pretty sure it wouldve gone up either way but JVC figured it was better not to get blammed for having Beer.

Instead they started another damn controversy from "BEER Pong? Thats the suckiest suck that ever sucked" to "PONG TOSS? NO BEER NOW? NINTENDO IS THE SUCKIEST SUCK THAT EVER SUCKED"



Objection said:

@Wariofan Yeah, you see what they did there? They tried to redirect the suck to Ninty (who's familar with it anway with some fo their dumb decisions.)
Aug 4th Strongbad Episode 1 (finally)
Aug 18th Helix
Aug 25th Home Sweet Home/ One of the Casual Games
Try to guess! You get a point for every one ya get right. Points have no real value.



Virus said:

Although I would sooner guess the day I die than WiiWare release dates, I'm going to be extraordinary and almost say your first two guesses could be reversed. I don't see SBCG4AP getting the okay-go for another week and PLATTCHEN was scheduled for next week (if we can believe that). I agree with ya on Helix, but beyond that, I'm not guessing anything. I'll be sure to send you any points I received though since I copied off ya.



ChocoDK said:

Wasn't there just another pong game that came out recently Family Table Tennis? Well another Wii Ware game I am not purchasing.



Objection said:

You could be right about PLATTCHEN coming out first instead of second. This would make me sad. Not that i am not interested in PLATTCHEN, I just want Strongbad the most.

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