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USA WiiWare Update: Major League Eating

Posted by Darren Calvert

The moment you were all dreading (or possibly looking forward to!) is finally upon us. Today Major League Eating: The Game is up on WiiWare for North America as promised the other day!

We’re going to try and keep an open mind about this game until Alex’s review pops up in a day or so, but we sense that many of our readers will have dismissed this in their minds already.

It would be easy to write off the game concept as a bad idea, but we are impressed that Mastiff added online modes, something which even more well-known devs haven’t bothered to implement on their WiiWare games. If anyone does download this before our review hits, be sure and tell us what you think below.

More from Nintendo’s Wii-kly update:

Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. This week’s new games are:

Major League Eating: The Game (Mastiff, 1-2 players, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older - Crude Humor, 1,000 Wii Points): The ultimate chomp-off is about to begin. Grab your Wii Remote controller and dig into 12 different foods as you compete against the greatest major-league eaters in the world. This isn’t just a race to stuff your face - you’ll need strategy to master a smorgasbord of digestive attacks, defenses and counters. These include the Mega Burp, Gas Attack, Antacid and more. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your Barf-O-Meter, because if the food hits the plate twice, you’re out. Unlock more than 10 characters in single-player career mode, go gut-to-gut against your friends in versus mode, or compete online using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Online play supports friend codes, random matchmaking and leader boards.

If all this binge eating doesn’t sound like your bag then in Virtual Console land you can choose from the rather excellent Ninja Commando from the Neo Geo system, or the rather monotonous Donkey Kong 3 on the NES. The choice is yours!

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Taco_Human said:

I have still yet to buy a Wiiware game, and it seems its gonna stay that way until Megaman 9 comes out.



Ark said:

Hmmm...Major League Eating once looked like just shovelware to me, but as the article says, the fact that they'd add any form of online means it might be better. Guess I'll just wait for the review.



bwaybuddy26 said:

I actually think this game could be fun.

That being said... if Nintendo only releases one WiiWare game a week every week, it's going to be YEARS before the quality stuff gets out. =P



Terra said:

i won't be getting this when or (hopefully), if it comes to Europe. especially when it's priced at 1000 points.



PHANTOM93 said:

Meh, while i'm sure somebody in the world is going to like this game, it isn't my cup of tea. (ten bucks this game sells better than Star Soldier R)



Terra said:

Not really fair to compare it to Star Soldier R as that's been out ages. I can see people wanted Strong Bad but personally, i think you'll all be waiting for 2 weeks as Plattchen should be out next week, so i imagine it will only be 1 Wiiware game for the US. Hope i'm wrong though



PHANTOM93 said:

@ Terranigma
Comparing the two games in sales was a joke, sorry if you thought I was serious



Terra said:

I know it was. that was just for those who actually did think you were serious.

Edit: Is it known if there will be any WiiWare games shown at E3?



MrPoo6321 said:

This game looks like it could either be a blast or it could be completely retarded. Hopefully, its not bad, but I have low expectations.



classicmike said:

Well, at least we got two decent games for the Virtual Console. Too bad they have to share a release date with this garbage Wii Ware game.



Omega said:

Oh no! I have a sensitive stomach. Why do they do that to me? I do not want to puke all over the Wii-Console. BTW: I wonder if this ever comes out in EU?



y2josh said:

I can live with 1 WiiWare game a wiik, as long as therer are more 0-1 VC games available. Thats the part that ticks me off, so many old games to put up and they dont care. Enough of my whining though



Ricardo91 said:

1000 points? Hmmmmmmmmm no. It might be better w/ online, but I'll wait for the review. I smell a 5/10, or maybe a 6.



Objection said:

So yeah...rumors are that Plattchen is next week, followed by Strongbad...maybe we'll get some VC info at E3, like how it might start to suck less??



ACK said:

@Mr. Game and Watch: Just over 250 blocks (257, if I recall).

I'll say this for Major League Eating--it's certainly has a fair amount of effort put into it... And it's not nearly as bad as you might think.

Actually if it wasn't for a burping minigame that essentially amounts to who can jack off the Wiimote faster and longer, I'd be having a pretty good time.



ACK said:

Some more quick impressions:

So far I'd say it's akin to a conglomeration of minigames molded into a sort of fighting game. It's all largely rhythm-based, in timing how you cram your food with Wiimote gestures along with chewing (press the B button twice on each piece of food in your mouth without biting your tongue) and jiggling your stomach to settle the contents (hold A and waggle). But there's also some strategy here in how you juggle all this while gauging your opponent's condition and using powerups at the most effective oppurtunity.

Really, the closest experience I can think of off-hand are the boss and multiplayer battles in Guitar Hero 4. I know that may sound strange, but MLE relies on similar mechanics (focusing on the rhythmic act of cramming, chewing, and jiggling while grabbing powerups, encouraging your opponent's regurgitation reflex, and preventing a messy incident yourself) to unique effect.



Terra said:

Just watched E3 through IGN. Fantastic. Banjo Kazooie on the XLBA might cause some controversy with Nintendo fans though. I don't care as i have a 360 so yay!

When will the review for M.L.E: T.G be up?



Peznaze said:

Yup, "Day late and a dollar short" for me. And of course it's going to outsell Star Soldier R - every single WiiWare does that in a day and a half, tops.

I've always been sure it'll be a good game for the minigame crowd, those that aren't too sensitive to play it. I suspect it will rank up there with Cocoto Fishing, Game Show King, Family Table Tennis... So by Wednesday... maybe top 10. Next Wednesay, floating around the mid top ten... 6, I'd guess.



Roboto said:

yea its fun and there some guys online to play
but that burping minigame sucks i cant defeat juliet lee yet...



Virus said:

MLE may get a pretty okay review, but sadly I'm turned off by its concept which would make this week's release a disappointment for me... I'm hoping WiiWare will go the way of the VC and provide at least two games a week...



ACK said:

OK, so I just realized how the burping minigame really works--you actually have to shake the Wiimote in rhythm with the one on-screen... Not as wildly as possible as previously thought (which is basically how the manual explains it). Imagine my embarrassment when I realized I wore out my arms furiously masturbating my Wiimote for no quantifiable purpose whatsoever... And with my family watching, no less!

Anyway, to say I'm enjoying the game considerably more now is an understatement. It's still a challenge though.



Draygone said:

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this turns out decent. Maybe, a 7/10. That's what most decent games on WiiWare have rated so far.



Ray said:

Lol this game is so bad it's not even worth it to download for a review.



ChocoDK said:

@Taco_Human: I am in the same boat as you right now. I haven't even downloaded one Wii Ware game yet and am going to wait for Mega Man 9 now I think.



WarioFan63 said:

Anyway, to say I'm enjoying the game considerably more now is an understatement. I reading that right? Are you enjoying the game or you regretting it?



Roboto said:

forget the masturbation..
my worries are blowjobing the wiimoto when eating burritos hohohoho

and thanks for the tip about the burping i have an injury in my hand for using my wimote as a weel of fortune haha



Virus said:

Wait a sec, is this game really only rated E10? After the above descriptions, I think hand gestures should be rated.



Terra said:

Ok, cool stuff. I expected that Mega Man will be shown. Any Other games?



ACK said:

Some stuff came up. The review will be somewhat delayed. My apologies.



Objection said:

Technically, E3 doesnt start until tomorrow (??) but MIcrosoft and Nintendo already had their conferences. Sony has theirs tomorrow. Ninty confirmed Voicechat, Wii Sports 2, AC Wii, and Wii in other words, some nice surprises but nothing hard-core or awesome...



Peznaze said:

Ah, Now I see. Nintendo released this game this week, in the shadow of E3, so that it would be ignored completely! Boy, Mastiff must have really made Nintendo mad; their game got the shoddiest treatment of all WiiWare.



chiefeagle02 said:

FINALLY! A game that's going to save Star Soldier R from getting knocked off the charts for a week!



y2josh said:

@ ACK!

I just figured you all were bickering over who got to review this awesome looking game (Sarcasm)



Roboto said:

hey where is the revew guys???
i just ended this game and no new caracters were unlcked
i just kick Kobayashi's ass for nothing???
ACK! did you unlock someone?



ACK said:

Sorry about the review. It's been a long day around here so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.

@ Roboto: The first character you unlock should be Tim "Eater X" Janus after you beat the single-player mode for the first time.



Roboto said:

i think he was there from the beginig
so i have to beat the game for like 6 more times or make records or only wining by making puke the contestants?



ACK said:

@ Roboto: There were four characters available at the start--Crazy Legs, Erik "The Red", Juliet Lee, and El Toro. (Meaning "Eater X" is unlockable.)

There game doesn't specify how exactly you unlock the other characters. I'm assuming you just have to beat the game with each one, though maybe the records play a role... I can't say.

Again, sorry about the review, guys. Let's just say it's been a hard week, but it's pretty close to being done... So hopefully it'll go up sometime tonight. No promises.



Roboto said:

tanks im gonna try in the nigth cus i just eat and the game makes me feel stomache hehehe but stil its fun and hard to beat and i wanna know who is the last character that looks like a bear to me



ACK said:

@ Roboto: Earlier today I played after scarfing down a monsterous burrito and once I got to the burrito eating contest it felt like my stomach was trying to escape break through my torso... Not pleasant.

Good news, though, the review is done! It may have to wait to be proofed until morning, but hopefully we can get it up tonight.

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