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Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (30th July)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 30th July:

1 (1) - My Pokémon Ranch
2 (2) - Dr Mario Online Rx
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (4) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (5) - TV Show King
6 (17) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
7 (7) - LostWinds
8 (11) - Major League Eating: The Game
9 (6) - Gyrostarr
10 (10) - Cocoto Fishing Master
11 (9) - Family Table Tennis
12 (8) - SPOGS Racing
13 (12) - Block Breaker Deluxe
14 (N) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
15 (13) - Magnetica Twist
16 (14) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (15) - Pop
18 (16) - Toki Tori
19 (18) - Protöthea
20 (19) - Critter Round-Up

N denotes a new entry

Now the top 20 begins to get exciting as 21 WiiWare games are out in America. The first casualty was Star Soldier R. I know we bang on about this every week but it really didn’t deserve to go first! Oh well, maybe Hudson will learn their lesson from this and give us a fully fledged Star Soldier game.

In other news the lacklustre Pirates Key of Dreams jumped an impressive 11 places up to #6 this week! It proves that we are suckers for anything Pirates in it! Interestingly Major League Eating went up 3 places too. We actually liked this more than we thought we would so good on it!

No Critter Round-Up bashing this week, we’ll save the laughing for next week! The real interest now lies in how Pong Toss performs. It debuted at 14 this week, but let’s be realistic, we haven’t seen the end of this yet have we? The question is how high will it go before it falls?

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AlexSays said:

The battle of the century.
Spogs Racing vs. Pong Toss.

Who will win?

Toki Tori is going to get knocked off soon too.
Why doesn't anyone talk about that?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Not Star Soldier! That game is loads of fun in short bursts! It just goes to show what the word of reviewers have in this battle. That would also explain why mystery dungeons are popular in the States.........

What's next Toki Tori! Our little chicken must survive!

And it just goes to show you, slap Mario or Pickachu's grill on something (crappy games, toothpaste, you name it) and watch it sell MILLIONS!

Still, it's nice to see DYC up there.



Corbs said:

I think this list pretty much sums up the state of video gaming right now.



Ark said:

Yeah, I agree with Super Mario. Toki Tori is under appreciated. I hope it somehow manages to cling in the top 20 for a while, but sadly it almost certainly won't.

I''m happy about Defend Your Castle though. It wasn't really my thing, but it's affordable and fun(just not a whole lot for me ). #3 for a non-Nintendo game is great.



Virus said:

I'm not surprised Pong Toss got up there, but I don't think it'll last too long up top. I wonder how the list will look a couple of months from now. Will it end up like the VC list with the majority of the games being good? Perhaps. Will it be dominated by Nintendo titles? This time I actually doubt it. The top two games may be Nintendo games, but Magnetica Twist is 15th place now. We'll just have to see how Nintendo's next game fares.



Objection said:

6 (17) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
Wow this leap surprises me
8 (11) - Major League Eating: The Game
I plan on getting this eventually, I think it looks good for what it is, except annoying power-ups
9 (6) - Gyrostarr Uh-oh, its starting to fall!
12 (8) - SPOGS Racing I'm glad this is falling though
14 (N) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss I'm surprised it debuted so high
15 (13) - Magnetica Twist Just downloaded this, 8/10 IMO
Which will be next to fall off? Hopefulyl Critter Round-Up!



worrybomb said:

Critter Round-Up looks like it's going to be the next casualty in the coming week.

I'm surprised to see TV Show King still holding on. Guess you don't need fancy buzzers (Buzz! and Scene It) to enjoy gaming trivia. Such a shame to see Gyrostarr falling down. Pretty soon it'll be in the 11-20 rankings.

Finally I'm guessing the next campaign is to save Toki Tori. Buy the game now folks!



Gavin_Rozee said:

Pong Toss at number 14!? The USA has brought shame upon itself.

Every American who posts on this site, I demand an explanation on behalf of your country.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Well waking up to find you've wasted money and megabytes on Pong Toss is just going to make the hangover that much worse.

I don't know if this applies to anywhere else, but here the word 'Pong' can refer to a bad smell. THE DEVELOPERS ARE ADMITTING THAT THEIR GAME STINKS OF A WRETCHED STENCH, so stop buying it. Apologies for CAPS.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Pokémon Ranch is not as bad as it first seams but i do agree its certainly not for everybody .
But still it's also a shame that the memory that's set aside for the message board can't be used for games .

But im suprised that Pong Toss is so high .



Gavin_Rozee said:

^ they should allow us to delete/redownload firmware embedded channels too, ie - News/Forecast/Photo. That'd surely free up at least 300 blocks?



Adamant said:

And again, the Norwegian list of awesomeness:
1) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
2) LostWinds
3) Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
4) My Pokémon Ranch
5) Star Soldier R
6) TV Show King
7) Toki Tori
8) Actionloop Twist
9) Block Breaker Deluxe
10) Pop



Ricardo91 said:

R.I.P., Star Soldier R.


@Gavin. Americans are idiots, plain and simple. I, however, am one of the exceptions.

@Supermario. There's still Protothea and Critter Round-up to go through before Toki Tori gets dropped off the list, but it still won't last long.



Corbs said:

That Norwegian list is pretty good. Funny how they different so much between regions.



Peznaze said:

TV Show King... cementing itsself as a top 5 title.. HOW?! It's a very, very poor quiz game. I guess the fact that it's the only quiz game gives it a boost...

Yes, we are suckers for anything with "Pirates" in the title. As I said, if it had "Ninja" in the title as well, it'd break into the top 5.

I'd think the next game to break into the top 5 will be Megaman 9. If it doesn't, I'll be shocked. Tetris Party... will do ok, but there're too many other puzzlers out there and the Wii Fit is still so very hard to find that balance board support is meaningless.

The "casual" and/or "unique" games do well, and hover around the mid-section of this chart. Critter Round-Up, I guess, just proves that nobody wants to pay $10 for Qix.



SRPirate said:

thats just sad to see star soldier go down, and toki tori and pop will soon be out of the list, people are idiots not to buy toki tori, ans stupid not to buy pop.



Draygone said:

To the earlier mentioning about the meaning of "pong":
Nope. First time I heard that. Only two things come to mind when I hear the word "pong". The sport of ping-pong (or table tennis, as it's also known) and the original video game that's based off it.

On-topic. Yay for MLE rising in the charts. Boo for Pong Toss getting a decent start. Maybe people who tried MLE also expected this game to be surprisingly good, before any reviews were put up.



Jazzem said:

It's so frustrating to see Toki Tori so low. It probably means we won't get a sequel



Objection said:

@Jazzem Well< I bought Toki Tori and liked it alright but don't want a sequel. I do want the game to do well so that Two Tribes does more Wiiware though



Virus said:

I bet all of these games find moderate success on WiiWare. Hudson is probably not happy with SSR's sales, but I bet Two Tribes and the other smaller companies are celebrating the profits they are making. There's a reason many of them mention in their interviews how they are thinking of making more games for WiiWare.



Kidpit said:

hmm.. the way you people talk, I expected the world to end when SSR fell of fthe top 20. Oh well the world's still turning amd the game can still be downloaded, it may find it's way back on the chart one day.

Always look on the bright side of life- Monty Python



BlueRider said:

When are you people going to stop buying garbage games i don't even know why Pokemon Ranch is still number one



CanisWolfred said:

I suggest a 21 gun salute to our fallen Star Soldier. With this, most likely the end of a renowned series.

Well, Major League Eating kicked SPOGS out of the top ten spot, Pong Toss - the most horrid excuse for a game yet concieved - enters in at #14, while Toki Tori comtinues it's decent into obscurity. Meanwhile, what else is #1 but Pointless Pokemon Cashin. What else is F***ing new.



Bensei said:

Re-animate Star Soldier immediatley! Damn you! You can win 160.000 Wii Points! Europe can't!
And Toki Tori needs to rank higher too!



Mr_Game_and_Watch said:

Pong Toss 14 ?
Cocoto 10?I bought it it's terrible.
SPOGS only at 12 this is an outrage get higher get to first one of my favourite titles.



Vortex99 said:

Pong toss at 14?! Some Americans have no brain for making that crud go to No. 14!

As for the top of the chart, all i can say is this:
"C'mon Dr. Mario, you can exterminate those lousy monsters at number one!"



Wiiloveit said:

Current UK WiiWare Chart

1) My Pokemon Ranch
2) TV Show King
3) Lost Winds
4) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
5) SPOGS Racing
6) Pop
7) Cocoto Fishing Master
8) Pirates: The Key Of Dreams
9) Dr Mario & Germ Buster
10) Block Breaker Deluxe
11) Star Soldier R
12) Toki Tori
13) Actionloop Twist

God knows how SPOGS is doing so well whilst Toki Tori sits so near the bottom. Life (and game charts) just isn't fair sometimes.



Starwolf_UK said:

^ they should allow us to delete/redownload firmware embedded channels too, ie - News/Forecast/Photo. That'd surely free up at least 300 blocks?
I think someone maanged that through hacking etc and it was less than 300 blocks (can't remember the exact number though) but the only problem was the disc channel stopped working.

Its like an old joke I heared "they should allow us to delete the disc channel its clearly one of the most useless ones".



alxtlvra said:

The only thing those standings mean is that saddly we (hard core gamers) are not anymore Nintendo´s market... in which other sitution would Toki Tori and Star Soldier stay at the bottom while Pong Toss and Spogs went up 7 places in a day or two? This proves Nintendo dont need us anymore and explains the death of the virtual console.



DEMON212 said:

Guys, you've been doing this for weeks now. Long since before they had 20 games, so why don't you post the EU lists? Surely someone from every region would help. We have tons of nationonallities (MAJOR SP!) here.



Objection said:

@Demon212 Major SP indeed. But I agree that they should consider doing so.
Once I get my SD card, I'm going to support some of the games I passed on earlier, and surely my 1 download for these games will boost them high



Mike1 said:

@13. Gavin Rozee
Don't worry, I didn't buy Pong, that steaming pile of garbage. However, I'm finally glad that Star Soldier R is out of the Top 20. Not because it's not a good game, because it is, but basically now the TC who makes these Top 20 lists every Wednesday won't cry about it anymore like a baby.



whalleywhat said:

More like Hudson will learn its lesson and make crap, seeing as people would rather buy Major League Eating and SPOGS Racing.



CanisWolfred said:

The main problem is that people are misinformed, and don't know that these games are crap. Toki Tori has an awful video, so people never got interested in that, and the concept of Star Soldier R, while the same concept as Geometry Wars, best selling XBLA game, is apparently heresy that no one wishes to indulge in.


They're 'crying' about it because if SSR doesn't sell well, Hudson won't make a new Star Soldier, with an actually campaign mode an everything, and apparently SSR bombed, so now we'll never see another Star Soldier again.



Ricardo91 said:

^Not necessarily. Because of SSR's bombing, Hudson might learn their lesson and make another SS w/ a Campaign mode. The lesson being that few people are willing to invest 8 dollars in a game that lasts only 2-5 minutes long.

Plus, Star Soldier didn't have much mainstream success anyway if you think about it.



CanisWolfred said:

I could have sworn there was an article that mentioned that Hudson was waiting so see if demand for a new Star Soldier game was high enough before considering it, but now when I look for it, I can't seem to find it. Could it simply have been forum speculation that I had taken as truth? Perhaps Mr. Cheez is.....I'm sorry, I played Geometry Wars, Mini Golf, and ate ice cream while typing this(talk about ADD), so I forgot what I was going to say. I seem to be writing about cheese, so I'll just say that it is delicious.

Oh, and DYC and My Life as a King seem to still be enjoying their high spots on the chart, so I guess us Yanks have some good taste.


That makes me proud of my Grandparents' homeland.



Ricardo91 said:

@Mickeymac. I wish I could multi-task like that .
And yes, cheese is good, in fact I consider it one of the finest edible substances on Earth, hence my name. Unlike ice cream (and cheese while I'm on the subject), I'm sure SSR would'nt taste very good.

And are you saying that I said New York had bad taste? I don't recall saying something remotely similar to that.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

I just read my post, and I realized it is the most confusing thing I've ever said, so I win.

First off, I didn't do that quite at the same time, though I can see how you got that impression. To be honest, I can barely blink and breath at the same time.

Secondly, you'd be surprised at the deliciousness of digitally distributed gaming software.

Thricely, Yank is something Europeans occasionally refer to all Americans by, and by the time I wrote that, I forgot that the post was directed at you.



Ricardo91 said:

I was joking with ya on the multi-tasking thing.

I forgot about Sadpanda212 calling Bahamut ZERO a Yank. I thought that when you said it, it was a shortened version of Yankee, as in the New York Yankees. My bad.

I bet downloadable software tastes like chicken. Mmmmm chicken. .. <drools> T.T

Speaking of Mickeymac, Mickey Mouse used to be such a nice character, too bad his reputation was soiled by all those teeny-bopper shows Disney keeps cranking out. And a Big mac sounds really nice right about now. All that cheese and beef and... yummmmmm...What was I talking about again?

OK, I'm bored now. Better off wasting storage space on some other article. I'm gonna go find something on TV to watch. goodbye.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

Now you're making me hungry, and McDonalds is right down the street from me too, but it's midnight!

And good luck finding something to watch, I haven't found anything to watch in a while, but then again, that's what I get for having basic cable.

Oh no wait, I do have digital! I'm gonna go grab a Big Mac and watch some TV, bye!



Atlantis1982 said:

Frankly, SSR deserved to be out of the top 20. 800 Points for at most a 5 minute game is a complete rip off.



Ricardo91 said:

The thing about geometry wars, though, is that the single level can last forever, if you're really, really, really, really good. I, however, usually don't last very long.
Single games of SSR are always 2 or 5 minutes long, no matter how skilled you are.

Edit: I wish I had digital cable.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, good point. Just a little weird to me how two games with similar premises, and different platforms, yet one is successful and the other bombs, but I guess more people see Geo Wars as "survive as long as possible" rather than "beat your highscore". Oh well, I just hope you're right, and Hudson will make a new Star Soldier with a campaign mode.



Reuf said:

@Mickeymac "Toki Tori has an awful video, so people never got interested in that [...]"

Which video are you referring to?

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