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The Wii Hard Drive Is Here And Hilariously Fake

Posted by Damien McFerran

Before you get too excited over these promising images of what appears to be a legit Wii hard drive, it should be noted that this is a pretty obvious fake.

A fellow known as only as Robert334 posted some images of the supposed device on his Flickr account with the following text:

After several days, today I could shoot a prototype hard drive for the Wii. According to what we've been seeing these days, work is well underway and I think it could be submitted on July 15 at the Kodak Theatre.

I would like to have one to experiment ^_^

Here are the offending images for your consideration:





Now while it all looks above board, a closer inspection of the Japanese text on the top of the hard drive reveals some glaring inconsistencies, as Kotaku has reported:

You know when you see funny English with funny grammar written by Japanese people? This is the EXACT SAME in reverse. Right up there, that translates as (grammatical errors intentional) "Prohibited to be selling of specified. This is not prior art hard drive disk, we will treat steering wheel carefully!" As game localizer and author Matt Alt points out, the person who made this probably typed "Please Handle With Care" in a machine translator and got something about being nice to a steering wheel. See, the word "handle" in Japanese is "steering wheel" and a machine translator doesn't know the difference!

I'm guessing there are plenty of 'geeks and otaku' that want to string Robert up by his short and curlies right now.

Source: Kotaku

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neuzd said:

I really doubt the storage solution Nintendo is thinking about is going to be a hard disk drive.
It should be noted that Nintendo is already doing something the audience requested and that they originally didn't want to think+build+sell-cheap a device of this kind, so there are very few chances they are doing it also the way people want it.

I do really hope their plan is that of supporting bigger SDs (2GB was the limit for the Wii some times ago) and being able to run software directly from there.
That would be very smart....well in reality I mean that every other solution would be just stupid. HDDs are cheap enough but definetely too big, while Solid State Memories are still extrememely expensive (talking of course of at least 64GB).



Rawk_Hawk said:

I would not get hyped about extra storage space until Nintendo actually announces it with their own words. So I would have ignored this gimmick anyway.



DJTouch said:

I have the same Model of external Hard-Disk-Drive in black color since one and a half years. It is produced by Fujitsu Siemens!



Gavin_Rozee said:

I hope they announce one at E3. Even if it's only like 4GB that's good enough. I just want the ability to fill all 48 channel slots.



Kokstra said:

Also, the model type says RVT-R1, while all Wii-related products start with RVL.



Rapadash6 said:

Even if Nintendo was to solve the storage solution with a harddrive, I don't think it would look as stock as that one does. It'd likely be glossy white, like the console, and be much smaller. Of course I believe the solution will come in the form of SD readability via a firmware update, so I'm not expecting that they're working on an external memory device like this one.



konkerdoodle said:

Ha ha! "we will treat steering wheel carefully!" Maybe they're talking about the Mario Kart Wii peripheral?



pagster said:

Haha - that's funny.

Like Rapadash6, I think a firmware update supporting SDHC would at least temporarily help.



Bensei said:

If you want to fill al 48 slots I guess even a 1GB HD would be enough, since the Wii storage that is open for use is only 256 MB!



supermario2 said:

Ah geez :cbI thought that was real (until I saw the RVT sign) I wish these people didn't do this final.



DarkLloyd said:

well i was told it has 512 mb to start with. the weird thing is a flash drive is 512 and its not big i wonder what the hardrive looks like in the wii and it shouldnt be that big if theres a smaller size ones with same memory. what nintendo should had done was made it a 2gb wii i dont really see it making the console bigger in my vision anyways.



Objection said:

That was pretty fake-looking and its funny he got the name wrong, Everyone know that the serial start with 3 letters based on the codename (Nitro for Ds and Revolution for Wii) What a dummy. All I want as a storgae solution is a firmware update. You know the one I speak of. Peopl can get a 2GB Made-For-Wii SanDisk SD Card for $20 where I live.



SmaMan said:

It looks more like a pirated NES peripheral to me. Maybe an NES hard drive you can store illegal roms to and run it through your NES some how to play them in their piratey goodness.



Gavin_Rozee said:

The label with the serial number etc on isn't even a sticker, it's just been typed up on a computer, printed out and placed on top of this 'Wii HDD'. I'd say whoever did this is more of a geek and otaku than us.

EDIT: I just had a thought. Maybe this isn't quite fake. Maybe it's a HDD from a Nintendo employees work computer lol.



megacody said:

Nice. Your not getting away that easy, Robert334. This is the internet after all.



Ricardo91 said:

This actually looks pretty convincing...NOT! Burned, robert334, BURRRRNNED!

When I first saw this article I thought the wii actually DID get a hard drive.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Pretty wellmade pictures anyway. I really hope for a way to play every downloaded game without the nuisance to erase and reload. But really, I don´t think Nintendo cares about it. But they are free to surprise me at E3...



Demonic_St33V said:

In the end, the solution I expect to see from Big N would be a small USB flash memory device, maybe multiple models, ranging in capacity from 4 to 16 gig.

Seriously, 16 gig SD 2.0 cards can be found in the $50 American range. I'd happily plunk down 50 bucks for 16 gig of storage for my Wii.



Mendez said:

First half of the title had me fooled for a second
I've given up waiting, I'll just be surprised if we do get something.
I'm a bit fed up though, I've completed less than 20% of my VC games and not played about 15% of them for more than an hour because I've had to delete them before getting a chance.



mmarkster said:

I don't really care if they make a Hard Drive. All I want is more SD card support.



zombiefrank said:

I think the most glaring mistake with this faux hardrive is that it does not adhere to the Wii console aesthetic at all . I would imagine that if Nintendo eventually released this product, it would at least seamlessly blend in with the console itself. Kind of like how the ill fated HD-DVD player did for the 360.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Gee this guy is someone to laugh at .
I just rather stick to using the 2GB SD card which has more than enough storage for my needs which means my Wii don't need to be combatible to SDHC cards .

I be thinking what to delete when i get 2 new Wii points cards later ready for My pokémon Ranch .



SmaMan said:

He didn't really apologize either, he just kinda said that he respected geeks and otakus. If you look in his "apology" he never says "sorry" or "I apologize" or anything to that effect. So yeah this fire's gonna burn baby burn.



Waxxy said:

"He didn't really apologize either, he just kinda said that he respected geeks and otakus. If you look in his "apology" he never says "sorry" or "I apologize" or anything to that effect. So yeah this fire's gonna burn baby burn."

That's incorrect. He didn't apologize because he had nothing to apologize for. If you read his comments, he said the words that came out of his mouth were misconstrued by the press. How many times have you said something you didn't really believe was true in a joking manner? Now what if somebody took that innocent comment and splattered it all over the net? I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed...

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