Space Invaders Get Even To Come With Bargain Price Tag

It seems that there's more good news for Space Invaders fans inside the newest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu. According to several scans from the magazine, Space Invaders Get Even will only cost a paltry 500 Wii Points when it hits the WiiWare service. Of course there could be a catch to that. The magazine also confirms that there will be downloadable stages available that could cost you additional Wii Points. Despite this minor catch, 500 Wii Points is still a great deal for the basic game.

In another fun twist for classic shooter fans, gamers will also have the option of playing the game as space ships from the classic Darius and Raystorm series. What more can you ask for from a nostalgic trip back to the arcade days of old?

We'll keep you up to date on any new developments with the game. It seems we now have yet another classic game series making an appearance on the WiiWare service. Let's just hope this budding trend continues.

Check out the Famitsu scan for yourself.