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Space Invaders Get Even To Come With Bargain Price Tag

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that there's more good news for Space Invaders fans inside the newest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu. According to several scans from the magazine, Space Invaders Get Even will only cost a paltry 500 Wii Points when it hits the WiiWare service. Of course there could be a catch to that. The magazine also confirms that there will be downloadable stages available that could cost you additional Wii Points. Despite this minor catch, 500 Wii Points is still a great deal for the basic game.

In another fun twist for classic shooter fans, gamers will also have the option of playing the game as space ships from the classic Darius and Raystorm series. What more can you ask for from a nostalgic trip back to the arcade days of old?

We'll keep you up to date on any new developments with the game. It seems we now have yet another classic game series making an appearance on the WiiWare service. Let's just hope this budding trend continues.

Check out the Famitsu scan for yourself.

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BDPatVCR said:

500 points is nice if it is a full game ... if it's 5 stages and each new stage costs 100 points extra then i'll let this one pass ... DLC is only worth it in rare cases IMO



Virus said:

It has a cheap price and DLC, hot dog! If this gets good reviews this will be a no-brainer for me.



XCWarrior said:

That uh, basically makes it a near must buy if it is any good. $5 is good. Though DLC is BAD.



Objection said:

500 is great! A lot of people are apprehensive about the DLC, but think of it as being there for people who really like the core game. Its kinda like buying the sequel to a game you liked. You pay 500 points to see if you like it, and then a few hundred more once you know you do to get even more content. I like that. I have to pay less in the beginning to get a taste of the game.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Wow. A Cheap AND good WiiWare game. That's never happened before. And I thought all WW was overpriced and bad

stares at SPORGS, PKMN Ranch, Critter Round Up, Cocto Fishing,.........



worrybomb said:

I think that's a great price for the game for a simple reason. It helps reach a more broader audience. Not only will more people be intrigued on purchasing it but to be realistic, most people thought this was going to be set in the 1,000 point ($10) range. This way gamers won't be desuaded by the price and anyone wanting more will purchase the DLC. It's win-win.



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

@Bahamut ZERO
Cocoto Fishing Master isn't overpriced, it's only 700 points. The controls may be difficult, but if you can get them down perfectly it's actually a pretty long game.



Draygone said:

L$500 is nice for a main game, but I would've rather they included the entire package at once for a higher price, than make me pay extra for the extra content in pieces. When I look at DLC, I think "costs extra for extra content", much like premium memberships for extra features at various sites. But bundled as a whole, I don't see it as extra costs, I see it as one single price, even if it is higher.



thewiirocks said:

It's interesting to see that Taito is learning from those that came before them. They seem to have learned from DYC that a low price will generate impulse buys while simultaneously learning from FFCC:MLAAK that DLC is a great way to nickel and dime the consumer into paying more than they originally intended.

End result? Massive game intended for $30-$50 commercial release gets cut up into, say, 5 chunks costing $5 + 4x($3?) for a whopping total of $17. Which is actually quite smart. Rather than trying to charge heavily up front, they give consumers the opportunity to sample the product. If they like it, they can get more. If they don't, they're only out $5.

I hereby dub this business model the Apogee Shareware Model. [...] (Wait. What's that? Someone already came up with that model? Nuts. There goes my job as a brilliant industry analyst. )



Peznaze said:

I'd agree with that. Someone, at least, has been paying attention. 800, 700, these are not viewed as "bargain" pricing for WiiWare. Only the magic 500 price point is.

All it makes me fear now, though, is that the game is really short/not that great. Here's hoping it's another DYC!



Naturestee said:

I think DLC is great. Of course it would be better if we had a better storage solution, but I like being able to buy a cheap base game and then buy extra stuff only if I think it's worth it to get more.

I just hope the base game has enough content to generate interest.



Ricardo91 said:

@Bahamut Zero. What about Defend Your Castle? It's cheap and it's good, at least I thought so...

If this game by itself has decent length, and if it gets a good review, this will be a must-buy for me at 500 points! Even though I plan on buying that new Space Invaders for DS.



CanisWolfred said:

I'd have to agree with Mr. Cheez here, Defend Your Castle, while simple and repetitive, was incredibly fun, and unbelievably addictive. This one, to me, looks to be the new DYC, accessible, fun, and if the original is any corrilation, addictive.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I gues they're learning from other WiiWares. DYC was cheap and so people bought it, and once people had the game people bought tons of MLAAK content. Combining the 2 means SUPA-MONEY!



StarDust4Ever said:

Sounds like a winner to me

It would be far better, from a gamer/developer perspective, to sell 20,000 copies at $5.00 then to sell 10,000 copies for $10.00 - Compare the rankings of "Defend your Castle" (500pts) to that of "Critter Round Up" (1000pts) if you catch my drift...

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