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Plättchen Will Be Twisting And Turning In July

Posted by Damien McFerran

Have you been waiting patiently for Bplus’ intriguing Plättchen: Twist and Paint? Well that wait is almost over because the company has exclusively confirmed to us that the game should be released in the North American WiiWare store in the 3rd week of July. This may be subject to change however.

A weird and wonderful combination of puzzle and shooting, Plättchen has been in development for what seems like an eternity (it was actually the first confirmed WiiWare title, fact fans) and to be honest we’re still not 100% sure the concept is going to hold water. However, it looks gorgeous and as always we will be putting any reservations aside until we can get our sweaty palms on the finished article.

You may have read elsewhere that Plättchen would be released on 7th July which is coincidentally the fifth birthday of Bplus! Sadly it seems some changes needed to be made late in the day which should make the game even better. For this reason the game is now delayed slightly while Nintendo check it over one more time.

The game will be retailing for a muscular 1,500 Wii points (ouch), so you might want to wait for our review before splashing out all that (virtual) cash. In the meantime, why not check out our exclusive interview with Bplus?

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TheBaconator said:

They must have a lot of features for 1500 wii points. That also could mean it'll take up more memory. But I never heard of this game as a matter of fact.



Terra said:

It does have lots of features. I want it when europe get it. Shame they took away the DK Bongos. Oh well.



XCWarrior said:

That price point is going to be a killer, I'll just say it right now. I don't know what they are thinking. It sounds interesting, but you have to wait for a review on this one for sure. Risky move by Bplus.



Terra said:

1500 Points hasn't been a killer for FFCC: MLAAK. It's the downloadable content for that one. This doesn't have DLC so it should be fine. From what i gather, it all sounds like Plattchen will be very big for a WiiWare game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

My most anticipated title!!! I'm so excited!
I KNEW it would come this month!

1500 is SOOO worth the asking price = Over 300 Levels, countless hours of gameplay (over 50) with added replay Value, a variety of modes, and stellar Multiplayer Options to boot! What more could you ask for?!

I'm getting this no matter what WWW or any other site says, for that matter.

Plattchen WILL be a big game but it'll be EVER-SO worth it.

FFCC:MLK was worth 1500. This is worth 2000, imho.

And it's better that they've kept some of the gameplay elements secret. More reason to be surprised!

Monday can't come faster!!!! If only the confirmation you guys gave stuck to Monday. xD Anyway, I can wait till... the 14th is it?



Dazza said:

"3rd week" would be more like the 21st I would imagine.

From what Bplus told us that this date is not 100% final, so it might be best to be a bit patient just in case

@breaderer - The video should show up sometime during E3. Not long now!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Dazza: Indeed. I was thinking 21st also. Thanks for checking that. And yeah, knowing Nintendo, they'll push it all the way till August. Which would make me upset since I'm alreayd upset with them for forcing them to remove a well-implemented system using the DK Bongos. <_<



Bensei said:

Oh noes, no Bongos T_T
I guess Nintendo couldn't spare a blue DK Bongo logo for the shop.
Since this developer is from Austria I'm very interested in that game. I hope it's good!



Objection said:

I don't care about the bongos, but Ninty better not delay this into next month. This and Strongbad are the only games I care about right now (including Wii games) so I want them to come out as soon as possible. (It'd be ignorant to say right now)



Yatesy said:

When was the last time Europe got a good WiiWare game before the yanks? runs off to angrily ponder when Europe will next get a WiiWare game worth buying



Yatesy said:

Has a look

Toki Tori and Magnetica Twist were released in Europe before N. America, and they're both good games. But that's a short list!



thewiirocks said:

The game will be retailing for a muscular 1,500 Wii points

I've harped on the value:price ratio before, so I'll just say this: FAIL

Here's hoping they prove me wrong with an absolutely incredible title.



Terra said:

No, it's not that they didn't want to support it anymore, but that they didn't want to alienate players who didn't have bongos



pdrydia said:

Yeah, My Life as a King is also $15...but I wouldn't draw immediate comparisons between it and Plättchen. The FFCC game hails from a recognizable developer (Square Enix) and is an installment (of sorts) in a very recognizable series of games (ahem, Final Fantasy/Crystal Chronicles).

I agree with XCWarrior, I think the price is really going to kill sales. I hope Bplus still manages to turn a profit, cuz this does look pretty neat.



Bensei said:

It could come a week earlier, all the European titles had yet, and it was already PEGI/OFLC and USK rated, so it supports english and german already



Phantom5800 said:

hmmm, I have only heard a little bit about it. $15 is a bit much for me on a download. I can't consider that an impulse buy so I'll wait for some reviews.



calculon said:

You USA/Canadian guys get all the fun. Glad you're getting some good games - your line up is turning into a real kick in the nuts for the Europeans.


In case I forget, happy Independence day for tomorrow!



strade32 said:

i'd rather take a kick in the a** then a kick in the nuts. 1500 is a bit pricey. definately turns me away from this game.



Starwolf_UK said:

"3rd week" would be more like the 21st I would imagine.
I think its the 14th. Why? They said 3rd week for US and Europe.

3rd week for Europe has to be the 18th due to NOEs cycle. From that we tread backwards and reach the 14th...unless like the dating system 3rd week is different in America (to be fair it could mean 3rd week of releases).

Still some more information about this game such as videos would go real far in selling this to people. Especilly at its grand price point and the fact it doesn't have a name like "final fantasy" slapped on it.



Dazza said:

@Starwolf_UK - Bplus were only referring to the North American release of the game when he told us 3rd week of July. The EU date hasn't even been discussed yet by them to my knowledge!

Anyway guys, don't get your hopes up. This may come out on the 14th, 21st or even 28th (in the USA!). Until NoA have given it the final seal of approval then nothing is final.



Peznaze said:

Interesting... Sounds like a total guess on their part. Or rather, "last time we submitted, they came back in X weeks saying it would be released, but then we had to change something and resubmit, so why wouldn't it take X weeks again this time?" sort of thing. Which would be fine, if WiiWare releases behaved in an even remotely logical fashion - they don't.

It'll be a good game, but I don't expect it in July, or even August.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Wait a minute, no DK bongo support? Even though it sounds ridiculous, that takes away my interest of the game significantly. I was happy to finally have a new game to keep them out for but now.....



andy836 said:

Bongo's aren't everything people so stop complaining about them its the quality of the game that matters not if you can use Bongo's or not



Virus said:

It worries me that Damo would put in his initial article that the game might not be all that is cracked up to be. The 1500 price point ain't welcoming either. It's going to have to get stellar scores everywhere for me to buy it.



WarioFan63 said:

1500 only looks like a lot compared to everything on the Wii Shop, it would be classified as a bargain if it were sold as a retail game.

Plus, from what Ive seen in the interviews, they really packed this game with content, and they seem happy about the 8 player mode, and the company seems pretty loyal to Nintendo, so hopefully Ill have beaten some VC and WiiWare games by the time this comes out!



Objection said:

I think it could be worth the hefty (as in, tied for most expensive) price, but it'd be better if it was 1000. Didn't DYC prove that the lower price REALLY REALLY helps? (Not that DYC isn't good by itself)



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

I have a feeling we don't even know half of what we'll be getting with this one, just a weird feeling



CanisWolfred said:

It sounds intereting to me. I read the interview and it really sounds like it's worth the price (300 levels is bound to be worth something). Worth even more if it kept the Bongos...not really, I doubt many would find need to use them(who has 11 friends willing to play a game called "Twist 'n' Paint"?).

Also, I hope it doesn't come out any time soon, as I have neither the money nor the space to pecure such a large, hefty game with a large hefty price.



Ricardo91 said:

I first saw this game in an issue of Game Informer, and it sounds quite interesting. I passed on FFCC: MLAAK because of it's high price+DLC costs, but given how much content there is packed in this one, I might take the plunge. It'll probably take up, like, 450 blocks though lol.



aceattorney said:

I'm expecting wi-fi and many other features at the price of 1,500 wii points. I just read the wikipedia article and it didn't say anything about online modes, but there will definitely 8-player local multiplayer and many other modes. It may be well worth the money.

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