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OFLC Update: Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The OFLC has rated one new game today: Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the second game in the Wonder Boy series and the last game in the series we didn't have on VC yet (Not counting the Japan-only Monster World IV). The game ditched the original Wonder Boy's gameplay entirely, instead going for a more RPG-oriented gameplay style. Alongside simple platforming, you will also have to defeat enemies for money to buy better equipment, and experience.

Once the game has been released, we will have at least one version of each game in the series on VC. We'll still be missing the "Wonder Boy" versions of two of them, however - Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap and Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, which are currently both on VC as their TurboGrafx-16 conversions, Dragon's Curse and Monster Lair (Respectively). Of course, we'll also still be missing Monster World IV, but as it was a Japan-only release and is quite text-heavy, it is debatable whether it will be an import title or not.

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Damo said:

What a game! The PCE version is slightly better but features different characters, and was never released in the US.



Drake said:

Monster Land is not Monster World if that's what you think.



Ragnor said:

Awesome. I never got to play this as a kid, despite owning Wonder Boy and Wonder Boy 3

I should probably get the Mega Drive one too while I'm at it.



RoninDennis said:

Bring it on! Still have to beat the final boss on Dragon's Curse, though...

Still, BRING IT ON!!!



blackknight77 said:

I am hoping Shinobi gets rated soon. I never owned a SMS growing up so all of these games are new to me.



7th_lutz said:

I own all Sega Master System Wonder boy games.

Wonder Boy In Monster Land is a very good game. It is not as good as Wonderboy 3: Dragon's trap.



Adamant said:

Oh god, that's awesome! This is a game I've really been waiting for.

"The only "Wonder Boy" game we will be missing is Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, which is currently only on VC as its TurboGrafx-16 conversion, Dragon's Curse."

^Not quite true - we're also missing Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, which is on the VC as the Turbografx game "Monster Lair".

Yes, there's two Wonder Boy III games. Don't ask.



Birdo said:

Cool, personally I think we need more Master System games on the VC. There something charming about those post NES pre Genesis/SNES graphics.



DEMON212 said:

Did this ever hit the AMIGA? Because it looks identicle to a game I used to love.



Drake said:

@ Adamant: Oops, yeah, you're right. To be fair though, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair is exactly the same as Monster Lair. Aside from the obviously different title and graphics/sound quality, there's no real changes. I did add it to the story now though.



MrPoo6321 said:

Don't we already have this in the States? Isn't this a Genesis game? If it is, the graphics look pretty bad. It looks like a high-end Master System game at best.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Sweet! i just hope we get it over in America.


You're thinking of Wonder Boy in Monster World. The games are similar, but this one is...hmmm, how to explain it, more arcade like. Its faster paced, there are no save points, and its pretty challenging. You still get to buy equipment and stuff too. Its pretty cool.



Adamant said:

It's no wonder the game is more arcade-like - it's originally an arcade game.

No, the concept of arcade adventure games is not really a good one, and the game has some extreme annoyances due to this. Luckily the series quickly turned console-only.



Jon2 said:

Can't remember playing this on the Amiga. Guess I'll pick it up when it reaches the VC.



D00M said:

Yes! This was the version I wanted when I d/l the Megadrive version on VC.
Ploughed lots of 10p's into the arcade version of this



David77 said:

Who have the right for Flashback? And Out of this world? I want these games on the VC. Not another predictable Wonder Mario the hedgehog country. I want some western and european games. Lost vikings, prince of persia. We don't need 10 wonder boys games. Everything about the Wii becoming boring. Look Wiiware. Everybody could have guessed this total mess. People must raise the bar of what they expect. The idea of Vc is amazing, but two games a week? Of the same kind week after week? Nintendo is not anymore the company that give us what we want. They tell us what we want. And it's sad.



lockelocke said:

C'mon man, you're behind the times, we've already complained, now we just sit around, defeated, hopelessly waiting for a good game to come out. But, yeah, We all need some Flashback and Out Of This World lovin



alxtlvra said:

^ That guy is right we have missed tons of excellent non franchise games on vc.



Cally said:

"C'mon man, you're behind the times, we've already complained, now we just sit around, defeated, hopelessly waiting for a good game to come out."

Nah, some of us still have the fire in our eyes. Until Nintendo gives a really convincing reason to believe otherwise, my general theory is that they really could be releasing more.

Otherwise, it's really cool to have a complete series on the VC, although Damo's comment #1 makes me want that PCE version from Japan. I like what the Turbo-CD versions do with the music.



Adamant said:

One that's never been released outside of Japan (right?) either, even. Yeah, it's never coming.



Ricardo91 said:

I should give Dragon's Curse a shot sometime. If I like it, I'll probably get this game whenever it hits the states.

@DDR Paladin. Is it as hard as Zelda II? I sure hope not.



Adamant said:

Might as well check it out anyway - the licenced version wouldn't add much more than a different-looking main character. The series is called Bikkuriman, and is a fantasy quest-type series that was pretty easy to squeeze into the Wonder Boy franchise.




As a collector i have all wonder boy games complete for every console and i recomend them too anyone who has not had the chance too enjoy them.

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