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Official Helix WiiWare Trailer - Shake Your Booty!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ed Roman of Ghostfire Games just gave us a look at the brand new official trailer for their upcoming WiiWare title Helix. He informed us that the game has been submitted to Nintendo for approval and they're hoping for an August 2008 release date.

If you'd like to see more of Helix in action, take a look at the official trailer video below. The video shows exactly how the game is played and gives a good bit more insight into the various game play options that are available. You'll also get to hear a little sampling of the music that's found throughout the game.

If you somehow missed it, there's also our exclusive Ghostfire Games interview we did a few months ago. We'll have more information on this upcoming WiiWare title as it becomes available.

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Raptor78 said:

Im really not interested in this, but licenced material and DLC would have made this a more appealable wiiware game. Also a WiiBo (balance board) option would have been a nice addition and also would have made it a title people wouldhave downloaded just out of couriosity.



Terra said:

Balance Board compatibility would be nice, but like a certain other game, Nintendo wouldn't want to alienate those without one, would they?



ghostfire said:

Hi there,

I'm Ed Roman, the producer for this game and I work at Ghostfire Games. Thanks for this feedback.

To answer your questions, we don't have downloadable content (DLC). We decided to give you the best bang for your buck and include all of the music in 1 purchase of the game, rather than charge you over and over again and break-up the music into separate downloads.

There's 26 awesome songs included in the game, which I think is an amazing deal for a WiiWare title.

As far as balance board integration, its something that we might do if we release a Helix 2. We'll make that decision based on how well Helix does in the market.




Terra said:

Hi Ed, just a quick question. Out of all the songs available in Helix, what would you say is your favorite?

As for Balance Board integration, that would be great if there is a Helix 2 but i'm waiting for this one first. Still, I'm undecided on whether to buy it or not.



Dazza said:

Sorry Ed, its a tough crowd here sometimes!

This looks like a fun rhythm music game with a really interesting controller setup. Lets try and be a bit open minded here. OK yes it is aimed at the causal market, but isn't that what the Wii is all about?



ghostfire said:

Its tough to say which track I like the best. I'd say it comes down to personal preference, but you can listen to most of this music on iTunes if you want to get a preview of what the music is going to sound like. Here is the list:

I personally listened to thousands of tracks before I selected the 26 included in this game. We licensed it from artists all over the world, including the US, Europe, and Russia. The artists aren't that well-known but their music is really fantastic and so we're hoping this game will help to promote them.




ghostfire said:

I wouldn't say that this game is specifically aimed at the casual crowd. We are actually shooting for everyone to enjoy this, both casual and hardcore. The way we're making that happen is by making the game simple to learn but difficult to master.

Its simple to learn because no buttons are required, you just need to move the controllers.

Its difficult to master because on the hardest difficulty, you need to do as many as 4 moves per second, which really makes you sweat.

So really we think that anyone will enjoy this game that wants to get some cardiovascular exercise while playing a game. Combining exercise with video games is a personal hobby of mine and is one of the reasons I decided that we are going to create this game.



Terra said:

Should We expect any other fitness related components in any possible future games from Ghostfire?



worrybomb said:

I can see what the game is trying to do. It looks like a fun little workout that people can enjoy and I did like the techno music in the trailer. However, all I've seen is people flail their arms or do an uppercut motion. Is that all the moves you can do in the game? Plus do you really need two Wii Remotes in order to play the game?



ghostfire said:

Well, we are a pretty small startup company in Austin TX, so we aren't going to be manufacturing fitness hardware if that's what you're getting at. But we're definitely interested in making fitness games and if Helix does well, then you definitely should look forward to more games from us in that area.

As far as the price, that is something that Nintendo sets (not us). But if you look at other music rhythm games that are $50 that you purchase in retail stores, they include maybe 50 songs. We're including 26 songs, so we are not too worried about the price being too high since there's a lot of value included in the game.



ghostfire said:

Great questions, worrybomb.

There's actually 37 (!!) different moves you can do in the game. So there's a lot of expressiveness that you can do -- its not just uppercuts. We have custom built the levels of the game to have the moves coincide with the beats of the music and the voice of the singers, so that you are actually performing moves with the music. The moves that you perform are an "artistic interpretation" of the music itself.

We definitely strongly recommend that you own 2 Wii Remotes for the best experience. But you don't need 2 Wii Remotes to play. If you only have 1 Wii Remote, then you just don't score points for the hand that has no Wii Remote.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not sure whether this would be better with or without friends, because honestly, I think it would be a little embarressing if people saw me playing it, if only because they'll realize just how uncoordinated I am.



Terra said:

One last question Ghostfire. Out of all the games on WiiWare so far, which do you like most and why?



Loooca said:

Yes , a Balance Board to go with this would have been fantastic. More moves always means more fun, so 37 different moves is a decent number. Got to keep up with the variations.

Anyhow, the Wii Ware doesn't have a similar genre like this one here, so it's going to be interesting to see how its going to do among all the different genres.



ghostfire said:

I like Dr. Mario Online Rx the best so far. I'm a big Tetris / Dr Mario fan and I bought those games back in the 80s/90s. I'm looking forward to World of Goo the most.



supermario2 said:

Y would I need this when I already have wii fit which is more of a workout and is out now in stores this makes no sense!



tehub said:

Wow, talking to a producer, cool stuff. I think the game's looking cool, and the indie music is definitly an aim away from the causual and more towards what I like. I will most likely pick this up, expecially during the game drought that will be August.



Omega said:

This dance game looks quite funny. It is probably easy to learn and it would perfectly fit into a new mini game collection. But I think, as stand-alone game, it offers too little.



strade32 said:

ghostfire- please excuse the less mature ones in the group(supermario2).

supermario2- umm, cause Wii Fit is no fun.



Dazza said:

@supermario2 - For $10 this is a LOT cheaper than Wii Fit. Also it seems very different even thou you can get a cardio workout with both games. You're not trolling are you?



Raptor78 said:

Hi, Ed thanks for taking the time to read and comment on our posts about your product. There was no offence ment by anything I had said it is just a game that doesnt really interest ME, my girlfriend and my kids on the otherhand would probably enjoy it. After what you said regarding the board I hope the game is successful enough for you to consider a sequal and by which time a majority of wii owners may own the board as well to justify a helix 2 release. Good luck with your project.



y2josh said:

I really dislike these types of games, but I'm glad to see game designers/developers getting on these boards and talking to the fans about the game. It's really nice to see that in times like these where video games are big business. If your company strikes it big, ghostfire, dont forget about the fans too much. Keep up the good PR.

What I think about the argument about the 26 songs for 10 dollars versus 50 songs with a higher price is that it's not a good argument. Like someone said above (not sure who), the songs are not well known and I think the reason people pay the high price is to play songs they know and love. Just my opinion though.

If you read this then thanks



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I love music games but hate dancing or doing anything like this in front of people. Sadly, this will have to pass. I have too many games to buy as it is.



i8cookie said:

the graphics look really basic. It seems like no thought has gone into them hardly at all. The mechanics look quite interesting, two wiimotes is a good idea, but i've had my wii since release and only just got a second wiimote, so there might be a lot of people out there with only one still. Personally I really didn't enjoy the music in the trailer, probably my least favorite kind of music, but whatever swings ur butt i guess. Prob give this a miss, but then again I only really buy a game if I know it's going to be incredible, don't have the time or money to play a game i might not enjoy. In the next version, better art direction and the ability to play your own mp3's from the SD card, would be a likely purchase from me.



siavm said:

Well Mr. Roman if this game is good I will get it. This game seems like a cool mix of billy blanks and a music rhythm game.



Virus said:

I don't actually think this game looks bad. I dig the music and with 26 songs, that's awesome. The gameplay doesn't look too bad either, though from what I've heard, it seems the more difficult settings are going to be more frustrating than fun since you have to remember moves before your actually do them (I personally think it would be just better to mirror the TV at the same time). Also, although I haven't seen enough of them, the backgrounds seem a little bland. Well, I don't know if I'll get it, but I really hope it does well.



Naturestee said:

Wow, I can't believe so many of you are ripping on this game. So what if the graphics are basic on a WiiWare game provided that the gameplay and the content are good? 26 songs is freaking awesome to fit into such a small space. More complex graphics would probably mean less songs. And I like the use of lesser-known artists. I don't want to hear the same stuff I do on the radio every day and that would make it too expensive for WiiWare too.

I for one have been interested in Helix since the first info came out. As always I'll wait for reviews before purchasing but really, as long as the controls work I'll be picking this up. I've been looking for a Wii game like this that wasn't about cheerleading. Ick.



ghostfire said:

One of the reasons the graphics look basic is because we are using music visualization software to draw realtime particle effects to the beat of the music. The software we're using is called ProjectM ( In this manner, the background actually somewhat 'pulses' to the beat of the music. The controllers also rumble to the beat of the music, to help you stay on-beat. This is one of the tricks we used to cram as much music as we could into the game.



LAA said:

My first post!
Anyway, I think Helix looks like an awesome game and I'm getting it, that should boost your hopes Ed and also good for you is that world of goo will be wiiware for you, not for me.
In Europe its going to be a disk game, but it does have DLC and more levels at the beginning, but I would have prefered it to be a wiiware game.



Mr_Game_and_Watch said:

You are prone to being wrecked for wanting Helix.
You're opinion counts but unlike on the ONM forums you will be wrecked but I agree looks fun.



Ski_Deuce said:

This video does a better job of selling the game than the first one that was posted here. I'm still fairly skeptical, but we'll find out if it's good soon enough though. The music was cool.



danik said:

This looks good in my opinion and i would defintley consider purchasing it. Looks like alot more workout than wii fit does anyway!



waitaseck said:

I like the style of music and the game does look to be fun. This is definitely a first day buy for me.



Pegasus said:

Wow. So many naysayers. I'm very much looking forward to this title. I like me a good rhythm game, especially if it tries something a bit different.



ttplayer92 said:

@Jerichoholic Josh

Thats what you might think but alot of people buy it mainly for the gameplay. If they didnt, they might as well just continue listening to the music on their MP3s.



y2josh said:


Just my opinion, but like i said i don't like these games, so that is an opinion by someone who is not a fan of the genre.



Snorlax said:

To bash a game for being casual are hardcore is a tad bit hasty. One could not look at games like Harvest Moon, Super Mario 3, Megaman, or Double Dragon, even Pong and know if they were good or not. Hardcore and Casual are buzz words, play games for fun people. Games always were and always will be about fun.

Sadly trying something new is a tough deal, people fear change. You will get bad comments from people quick to judge and quick to hate.

Congrats to everyone at Ghostfire for finishing their game!

I would say for replay, Helix two should add in experience or milestones. Say you do 100 of a certain dance step you get a special limb color. This way you can customize the color of each limb on your figure. Reach a certain level of dancing and you get new dance steps or new backgrounds, perhaps new songs. A quick pace mode of each song could be unlocked where the beats are sped up for tougher dancing.

This would be a lot to pack into an already full game but this might stop those people who still insist on using "hardcore" and "casual".

Thank you Ed for coming to speak with us game players, rarely do we get to hear from the other side.



Objection said:

@Snorlax Some very good ideas on adding replay.
I will wait for the reviews, but I'm not ruling it out. it's just that I'm satisfied with my current rhythm games. I do dislike how so many people are bashing on it before it comes out or anyone has really played it, but thats the internet for ya.



GhostfireScott said:

Hey all,

My name is Scott, and I'm the head level designer for Helix. I have a lot of confidence that once the game comes out and people are able to actually experience game play, they will realize how amazing a value this is for a $10 game.

I have personally downloaded and tested many of the games currently being offered on Wiiware and I can say with absolute confidence that our game will rank in the top 3 or so games available.

Additionally, I've known Ed (the CEO of Ghostfire) for many years and he has been making awesome games as long as I have known him. You will not be disappointed with Helix my friends.




Raptor78 said:

Hi Scott, just seen the Development video for Helix and I have to say it is looking good. It may be a good idea to get the video on the "Nintendo Channel" because not everybody knows of this site and it would be a shame if people didnt give the game a chance just because they think its just another dance game.



Kreegs07 said:

Hey Scott, I agree with Raptor78. You guys should try to get a video on the Nintendo Channel ASAP. I know lots of people that look at that channel all the time instead of using these sites. Particularly the younger brothers of my friends. I am very interested in playing this game. It looks very enjoyable and for only $10 it is hard to pass up. Thanks and I hope this game is received well!



Vizion said:

This looks like an interesting game.

It would have been nice if the game had a few hip hop songs. None of the gameplay videos I saw didn't have any.

I think the game should have allowed to use 4 Wiimotes even though most households don't have 4. You could have your friends bring over their wiimotes.

I also think Wii board functionality as an option would have been great as well as use of Miis.

I am curious to know if the MotionPlus would have improved the gameplay. I guess only the developers can answer that question.



GhostfireScott said:


The video will be on the Nintendo channel as soon as Nintendo releases the game. Very soon I hope!


I personally love Hip-hop and will to try to include some songs in the next game. We are also exploring some of those options for Helix 2.




Oneiliodotcom said:

Hey guys,

I'm Oneilio, and three of my trance tracks are included in this game. Being a composer and producer, I am very critical over not just my own music, but others' music, too. From hearing the tracks released thus far, I can tell you that the quality of music in this game is great! Twenty-six of these songs is a steal for the price you pay!



Kreegs07 said:

@ Oneiliodotcom

Awesome! Its nice to hear from someone who contributed tracks to the game think that the other songs are great as well. This game is starting to get noticed by more and more people. Hopefully it does well upon release. Thanks for the post!



Duddydude0 said:

i am sooooo excited about this game. when i fist saw it. i thought it looked dumb. but upon looking at it a little closer. it looks awesome. there is no way it can lose. because you can program in your own moves so it picks it up correctly every time. and for 10 dollars come on, it could look like an 8 bit nintendo game for all i care. I spend 10 dollars in fast food. and i'd much rather spend it on something that will get some exercise out of me and be tons of fun any hints at a release date?



Duddydude0 said:

plussssss. i am super pumped that the game features independent artists for their tunes. i am so sick of having to play songs my sister listens to on rockband. its always the same. i'm excited for some fresh beats.

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