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New Wii Channel for Japan - Print Your Photos!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Japan gets a new Wii channel out of the blue today - What seems to translate as the "Digital Camera Print Channel" allows you to insert the SD card of your digital camera and select photos to print out!

From what we can make out from the Japanese press release (Or the badly translated Babelfish version), there's three things you can order:

  • A print of a single photo
  • An entire album full of photos (The album comes in two designs - Either standard black or white, or a version decorated with Mario characters!)
  • Business cards featuring your Mii

Once you make an order you will have to pay with your credit card, it appears to be impossible to use Wii Points. Once you've paid, Nintendo will receive the order and work together with Fuji Film to print the photos, which they will then ship to you.

No word on a release of this channel outside Japan, but it certainly sounds pretty nifty.

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Omega said:

Sounds quite good. But I do not know if I would make much use of it. It depends on the reliability and delivery time.



nmhbm said:

All depending on the price and how high service they will have, but yeah, might be good.

Btw, since it's out the price should be knowned as well?



Ben__Harlan said:

Interesting... but someone eho has a good printer in his home or a photo studio near might noy use it very much.



BDPatVCR said:

those mii business cards could be a cool present for a birthday or sth like that ... if the price is right (like 5€ for 20 cards)



Bensei said:

If delivering isn't too expensive (and if they deliver to Austria when it's in Europe, since Austrian Adresses aren't allowed to recieve items from NoE's Stars Shop ) I'll definitely oreder some goodies



Kawaiipikachu said:

Gee no Wii points as my family doesn't use credit cards .
I would be rather print them at home instead .
Im also guessing this be a Japanese only thing .



Loooca said:

Quite nifty.

It's probably just a Japan-only feature, because it'll be impossible to apply it elsewhere.



nmhbm said:

30 Yen for 1 picture.
And can you buy albums of different size, dunno how many photos but it seems to have 2 different size with this price: Small 1571 Yen, Medium 2480 and you can also get 30 business cards for 500 Yen.



Virus said:

Sounds kind of stupid to me...the word "gimmicky" comes to mind really quick. And this gimmick you have to pay for.



Deep4t said:

whats so bad about... just printing them normally.
>.> like get some of the photo paper.. put it in a printer and huzzah.

Also, this really didn't need to be it's own channel, coulda just been a update for the photo channel.



deadly_by_design said:

Uh, pass. I see absolutely no reason to do this on the Wii. I thought Nintendo was against turning their console into a multimedia device? Hello, no DVD playback.



Objection said:

Yah this channel is a pass if it comes over. It's sad because the last 4 channels (this, Nintendo, Check Mii Out, and Photo 1.1) have all been passes. I'd love for new channels that weren't a waste of space.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

@ Deep4t
Well, I know I don't have a photo printer, Deep4t and my dad is a semi-professional photographer. I think you have to pay a lot of money to have a decent photo printer and besides, this is "casual-friendly" isn't it?
(although I would never use this function if it came to the US. Why would you do it like this when the internet is so much better?)



Raptor78 said:

This could be possible in Europe, afterall Nintendo has partnered up with Fujifilm which I definately know already do an online service in the UK -

My Girlfriend sometimes uses such services for christmas presents and suchlike so I think as a new channel aimed towards familys then It would be a win. Overall I think it would all be down to how much the service would be and how competative they would be as other online services offer fantastic deals such as christmas cards and things.

I agree with Deep4t that this doesnt really need a new channel though, it could easily be added to our exstisting photo channel... oh and Nintendo could at least allow us to email our pictures from our wii to PC as at the moment there is no way to transfer my ingame wii pictures to anywhere else but my friends wiis.



Phantom5800 said:

This is interesting, but couldn't it have been a new Photo Channel update instead? It would have been a major overhaul, but adding these features in there would have made perfect sense to me.



Negative_Zero said:

God why dont they do the same thing they did to the Gameboy, make a printer for the Wii sell it for 50 bucks and make the people buy the ink and custom paper



AbbyVampire said:

I'll make a video of it soon. (i have JP and NA Wii)

NOA Better release this in NA or ELSE.



Peznaze said:

Nifty concept, but I thought the Photo Channel had limited resolution or something... I prefer digital picture frames, myself.



Roboto said:

mmmm maybe if we can conect a USB printer would be more easy
dont you think?



alxtlvra said:

Wouldnt it've been easier to hook an USB printer? ... Yep, I know, not a bussiness



Terra said:

Does the channel cost anything to download? Everywhere i look it doesn't say

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