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My Pokémon Ranch Due This Friday For Europe

Posted by Darren Calvert

We’ve all complained that NoE never tell us what’s coming to WiiWare ahead of time. Not so this week, they’ve confirmed that you’ll be able to download My Pokémon Ranch this Friday, 4th July.

We have to admit to not being all that impressed with this game at WiiWare World, but of course there will be some amongst our readers who will want to investigate this for themselves. For the undecided you can read our My Pokémon Ranch review here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

More from Nintendo’s news story:

Watch your Pokémon at play in My Pokémon Ranch

Discover the joys of a carefree life in the countryside with My Pokémon Ranch. Available for download via WiiWare from July 4, My Pokémon Ranch places you in charge of a green and pleasant patch of land that doubles as a playground for hundreds of Pokémon.
Click here to visit our official gamepage and find out the straight story about life on My Pokémon Ranch!

My Pokémon Ranch is available for download on WiiWare from 4 July, only on Wii.

Source: Nintendo of Europe

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Ark said:

Yup, I saw an article on Serebii that said pretty much the same thing. This will be good for those that need extra storage space or want the elusive Mew.



Starwolf_UK said:

They like to tell us about Pokemon coming early for some weird reason...

Anyway the question is now, what else do we get on Friday?



PALgamer said:

Isn't one game good enough Starwolf?

Already guessed this on Monday before the leaks began pooping up at the US Magnetica Twist News. Going to LOL hard if we only get this WiiWare title, hahaha




Rapadash6 said:

As much as I've been slamming you guys in Europe because of the gross favortism you've been recieving in your VC releases lately, I still hope you'll get more than just this come Friday.



AlexSays said:

@ Bensei- I'm pretty sure its the same exact game we got...
But on a happy note, the game got a score of 4, and it's being released on the 4th.
Ironic much?



Starwolf_UK said:

Isn't one game good enough Starwolf?
To be honest i'm on Holiday so I'm not bothered but I can understand how some people are fed up of waiting for Pirates: Key of Dreams and Pop both launch window titles...

Also if it is going to be one game it shouldn't be the equivilent of a microwave dinner done wrong* (seriously, Q: how do you mess up a concept as simple of Pokemon Box?. A: Get Ambrella to develop it)
*-Its still edable but it tastes wrong...very wrong...and the worst part is cleani...

Either way its going to sell like a landslide especilly now that NOE announced it in advance. This moment I'm sure there are people wondering why it isn't up yet



Peznaze said:

It can't just be Pokemon, EU only gets WiiWare every other week, so one would assume a minimum of two titles. But then, expecting sense from a board room isn't very sensible.

Interesting to note, their "simultaneous (or as near as makes sense to us)" thing seems to trump their "one title per publisher per month" thing.



Terra said:

Europe are slipping badly WiiWareWise. Sure, we're getting Pokemon Ranch, which is a big (but not neccesarily better) title and since the US have got all games currently available in both western regions, they will get even further ahead.

I reckon NOE should bring out alongside Ranch, realistically either DYC, Pop, Family Table Tennis or (These are really titles i want) Protothea and Gyrostarr. I Love SHMUPS



WarioFan63 said:

But on a happy note, the game got a score of 4, and it's being released on the 4th. Ironic much?

Just because the site gave it a 4 doesnt mean EVERYONE thinks its a 4....



kitroplious said:

Not a surprise at all that Europe is getting MPR this Friday since we got Magnetica Twist on Monday.



y2josh said:

Anyone ever thought about a boycot? But if we boycot then Nintendo will just think of it as a failure and do away with the service lol. It really grinds my gears that they have 100s if not 1000s of titles to release out of all the systems they can use and they release one or two games a week in american and 5 or 6 a week over there. Now don't get me wrong, sure they aren't going to have the rights to all the games (I dont think), but out of all the games from the NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Genesis, and Nintendo 64 you know they could release at least 3 a week everywhere. I mean how long do they think the Wii will last, surely they are already planning for the next console. I love you Nintendo, but you are being a bad bad girl right now



ChocoDK said:

Congratulations Europe as you get Pokemon Ranch this Friday =) /sacrasm. I hope you guys get another title though on Friday as well.



calculon said:

For some unbeknown reason, I am not disappointed by this announcement - rather I'm.LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at the constant ineptitude of NoE to provide any reasonable input into the WiiWare service. Like I've said before, the Wii is THE console for the eternally hopeful and I hope you guys get to see at least some good games on the service outside of the famous four (Star Solider R, FFCC:MLaaK, LostWinds and Toki Tori) Me? I've decided to forgo the whole service and write to Nintendo asking for weekly VC releases again.

NoE really ought to rename the service to WeepWare or WeakWare or even Why?Ware. Then again, WiiWare seems more appropriate than ever considering that outside of launch day the service has really taken the piss in Europe.



witchfinder said:

Jerichoholic Josh said "how long do they think the Wii will last, surely they are already planning for the next console"

Look at Nintendo's history and you'll see that they milk each console release for all it's worth. They only released the SNES when they did because of competition from Sega and NEC... Even the Cube lasted for around 5 years and that was probably their least successful system to date. The Wii is a monster sales-wise and will be around for a LONG time yet! So while they have 1000s of titles available to release on VC and eventually WiiWare, they will be planning to put new releases out every week for the next 2-3 years minimum I'd say.

As for this WiiWare release I will quote Catherine Tate and say "Am I bovvered?" Hopefully there may be something else released alongside it but I have my doubts. Language translation is really impacting European WiiWare...



neuzd said:

Finally, but heck, it's my round for rants: I do love surprises, why they announced this one that's one of the few titles I was waiting for?
Not fair, I could have come home tonight (after dinner at a friend's) and discover it by myself and proceed to dance and hug my mudkip (....stuffed doll; ok, ok...).

Anyway I have a feeling some surprise is due for tonight.....



Kevin said:

The only reason to get this game is if you want to get Mew for Diamond/Pearl.. After depositing 999 pokemon and an egg the next day hayley is supposed to give you Mew.



Terra said:

That Reason alone just won't seal the deal for me. The offer of Mew will probably appeal mainly to major fans, collectors and completionists. This game is really just for people who own Diamond, Pearl or will buy any future DS pokemon games (Platinum edition anyone or the long rumoured Johto remakes?). My brother has a copy of Diamond. If he wants this game, then maybe i will get it, for him. otherwise, i'll pass



Mendez said:

Meh, hope they don't release this alone because it's Pokémon.
I'll finally get paid again next week so I was hoping to be able to get Pop or Defend Your Castle with Puzzle League.



Bensei said:

Maybe we'll get Pirates since it was due for end june and was delayed again



DEMON212 said:

Yay, cheap week this week

I just hope we get the FFCCMLAAK content. But if not, doesn't really matter, I'll just play someat else

Ben, if we don't get Pirates I'd be amazed, because it's out on the DS soon, so you'd think that they'd want to put the Wii Ware prequel out a few weeks before the DS one.

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