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Most Popular WiiWare Games in America (2nd July)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 2nd July:

1 (1) - My Pokémon Ranch
2 (2) - Dr Mario Online Rx
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (10) - Gyrostarr
5 (4) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
6 (8) - Cocoto Fishing Master
7 (5) - TV Show King
8 (7) - Block Breaker Deluxe
9 (6) - LostWinds
10 (9) - Family Table Tennis
11 (13) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
12 (11) - Pop
13 (12) - Toki Tori
14 (14) - Protöthea
15 (N) - Magnetica Twist
16 (15) - Critter Round-Up
17 (16) - Star Soldier R

N denotes a new entry

Gyrostarr seems to have been a big hit shooting up to an impressive 4th place, after debuting at #10 just two days after release. Compare this to Magnetica Twist which has only managed to make it to #15 in two days. It’ll be interesting to see what position this Nintendo published title makes it to this time next week.

I can’t believe that Cocoto Fishing has actually gone up this week, bizarre! Again no change with the top three showing that Nintendo games always reign supreme on WiiWare and Defend Your Castle is still popular at its low selling point.

Poor old LostWinds is starting to fall now, from #6 to #9. Could it be beginning its decline out of the charts? It doesn’t look like Star Soldier R is going to be around for much longer, another few more games and it’ll be pushed from the top 20 forever it seems!

As ever, what are your thoughts on this week’s charts?

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Ricardo91 said:

Yea gyrostarr's not doing too bad at all. Too bad I can't say the same thing about Toki Tori and Star Soldier R . And as for pokemon ranch, I still hate you. With a passion.



thewiirocks said:

I honestly wish I understood the logic behind Blackjack being more popular than Toki Tori. In fact, there seems to be a general trend of garbage floating to the top. (The exception that proves the rule being DYC.)



Kazi777 said:

I don't know why people are surprised to see junk games selling good, casuals are the Wii's/every other system's/everything in the world's biggest fanbase.



Ark said:

What's wrong with Pokemon Ranch? It's a storage solution and an opportunity to obtain Mew and Phione, both of which are rare(and Mew normally requires you to go to a real-life Nintendo event). The thing is a storage solution, not a true game. Everything else is just extra, but people seem to take the extras as the actual game. This game is truly for avid Pokemon players.




For Mew, all you have to do find someone online to give it to you. As for Phione, it has to be one of the most useless Pokemon ever as you can get a Manaphy from someone (or had gone to an event) and have it breed.

Anyway, on topic, I can't understand why My Pokemon Ranch is at the top. I still love Pokemon and play the games to this day, but really, it's a waste of $10 that you can easily spend on better WiiWare games like Dr. Mario or Toki Tori. Oh well.



jordanr said:

EU current ranks:
1. TV Show King
2. LostWinds
3. Cocoto Fishing Master
5. Block Breaker Deluxe
6. Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
7. Star Soldier R
8. Toki Tori
9. Actionloop Twist



Ark said:

Yes that is a fine option, but chances are its fake(the Mew anyway ). My main point is that the game is a storage system. Ever heard of Pokemon Box? Think of that but as a downloable title with several bonuses such as the ability to snap photos of your Pokemon. My Pokemon Ranch deserves its spot since there are so many Pokemon fans out there. If you've got Diamond or Pearl, it makes perfect sense to get. If not, then don't get the game unless you want to take pics of origami Pokemon for $10. XD

Glad to see that Gyrostarr is up at fourth, disappointed at how Toki Tori is number 12.V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack seems a little high, but that's just me.



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

Go Gyrostarr!
Drive Fast,
in a futuristic Car

Go Gyrostarr!
Blast other guys,
With 4 different weapons

Or Maaaaybe five!
I can't remember,
but it's awesome anyway!

Go Gyrostarr!
Lightning Fast,
But only on the later levels you are

Go Gyrostarr!
Pokemon Ranch is garbage
You are the head honcho

Las Palabras de mi madre
Tu es muy bonita
y facil en el gato!



thewiirocks said:

I will never understand this infatuation with Gyrostarr. IMHO it is dull, repetitive, and annoyingly buggy. Which probably has a lot to do with it moving to the top of the list. (Burn! ) To each their own, I guess.



thewiirocks said:

@AtTheDriveIn92 - DYC is #1 on my list, followed by Toki Tori, Star Soldier R, and Lost Winds. It's a bit difficult to position those last two, but Star Soldier wins out due to more time spent on it despite the claustrophobic two levels.



TokiToku said:

my favorites are
1. My Life as a King
2. Lost Winds
3. Star Soldier R (buy it)
4. DYC
5. Magnetica Twist
6. Dr. Mario
7. TV Show King
8. Toki Tori
9. Gyrostarr
10. Block Breaker Deluxe
11. My Pokemon Ranch
12. Pop
13. V.I.P. Casino Blackjack
14. Family Table Tennis
15. Critter Round-Up
16. Protothea
17. Cocoto Fishing Master



ChocoDK said:

Hmm well My Pokemon Ranch I predict will be at #1 for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME! And Dr. Mario RX will probably stick at #2. I think though that Toki Tori should be higher up there.



Peznaze said:

Cocoto Fishing Master... knocking at MLaaK's door... Just goes to show, the premise of the game is far, FAR more important than the quality of the game. Or maybe Cocoto's built up a following with their games. A good fishing WiiWare game, I can see doing well, but this one is nothing like a good fishing game. But most don't know that when downloading it, I suspect.

I wonder if the new DLC will give a booster shot to MLaaK downloads... though that high on the list, it'd be hard to discern.

Gyrostarr cracked the top five in one week? Wow, impressive for a non-branded title.

If that EU list is any measure, I suspect Magnetica will stagnate at the bottom of the NA list, probably for the same reason I can't justify buying it... I already have Dr. Mario.




Yeah, Pokemon Box was equally as pointless. But oh well, to each his or her own. $10 does sound awfully tempting so I can take a picture with my Mii and a deformed Snorlax, but I'll pass.



Terra said:

The Cocoto Series is pretty average to me. I can't believe that it's still going as i thought after seeing one of them in a shop years ago, the Platform Jumper and i thought that the idea would have died by now but it's still going strong with a DS Game out Soon, a Kart Racer. Come on People, don't download this rubbish. Download Toki Tori. Or Star Soldier R as if the sales aren't good enough they might not make a proper one with a Campaign Mode. Stop Going for My Pokemon Ranch as it doesn't deserve No.1 spot



XCWarrior said:

The list basically shows how people do not bother to look up reviews for games, and buy things simply because it says "Pokemon." That game should not be #1, that is awful. Awful. Good job Gyrostarr, my first WiiWare/VC title ever, and well worth it.



slambert215 said:

Woot DYC and Gyrostarr! Both are great games and deserve to be up there. With Plattchen coming on Monday I doubt it will be high because people are going to be turned off by the high price (1500). And finally, Cocoto moved up?!? That's really bad.



AchubaNanoia said:

This may seem a bit stupid, but does the "most popular" list means the number of downloads over a given period of time, or ever since it was released?



Dazza said:

I don't think anyone knows for sure, but it certainly isn't a measure of sales of all time as we see things shift up and down too much for that.

It is most likely some measure of weekly sales.



pdrydia said:

Wait, what? Other people like games that I do not? This is terrible! Rest assured, I'm writing to my Congressperson right away.



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

DYC is superb! I've clocked wayyy more hours into that game than i thought I would (I bought it with left over wii points)

I'd also like to say that Block Breaker Deluxe is a very good deal at 800 points, there's a lot of content and it gets hard!



DEMON212 said:

Ninty titles dominate again, what a surprise, didn't see that one coming.

Pretty sure the highest Ninty game we've got is Dr. M at 6. Top 3's T.V, Lost and Cocoto.



Shiryu said:

I hav eno clue why Star Soldier R is on the bottom, game is really good with some hidden depth. Easy to play, a lifetime to master. Ok, so it only has two levels, but theyre really good ones. I can only hope this doesnt make Hudson change it's mind about a new, proper Star Soldier for the Wii.



Peznaze said:

We don't know for certain that it's all-time downloads, but it's unlikely to be just this week - looking at the VC charts, new games tend to take a week or two to bust into the top 20. But since they do, it could very well be a monthly affair, if not all-time.



KazMx said:

I think the reason of Gyrostarr climbing so fast has to due with the fact the engine and developer is the same one as the most promising game for the Wii



Objection said:

That could be it, I know I'm not the only one curious to see how The Conduit turns out. Also, good graphics really help sales. Somewhat sad but true. PS, MPR is an exception. it has PKMN in the title rather than good graphics so it's a balance.



CanisWolfred said:


Nice song man! I didn't understand the last part(easy on the cat?), but I'm guessing it was meant to be a comedy anyways.

Gyrostarr is my #4 favorite Wiiware game though, considering I only have 4 Wiiware games, but I'm really starting to like it! I'll try to put in more hours tomorrow, and try to play Multiplayer with more than just two people(it will probaby be better with 3). I'll phone in if it moves up the ranks.



TKS144 said:

It's shameful to see Toki Tori so low. I just bought it and I'm addicted to it. 0_o



CanisWolfred said:


DYC, Star Soldier R, and Lostwinds. I'm planning on getting Toki Tori next, also thinking about Pop and Magnetica Twist(went with the "actiony" ones first).



SRPirate said:

man, gyrostarr is doing really well, and cocoto fishing?! thats just crazy. toki tori should be more in the top, and DYC is doing great.AND FAMILY TABLE TENNIS IN 10th?! THATS REALLY CRAZY!
i only have five wiiware games so far(Dr.Mario, Toki Tori, Pop, DYC, and Magnetica Twist) and they are all really good. I'll probably get lostwinds and gyrostarr next for sure!



Peznaze said:

A slight "improvement" this week...

Up - Magnetica Twist, Lostwinds
Down - Cocoto Fishing, Block Breaker Deluxe

SPOGS is doing better than it should, but word of it's lack of quality has yet to spread enough, I'd wager.

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