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Mega Man 9 Will Cost 1000 Wii Points

Posted by Darren Calvert

Way back in the days gamers would shell out $40 or more for a new NES game. Imagine the uproar if Capcom tried to ask for the same price nowadays with the upcoming Mega Man 9 game for WiiWare. There would be rioting on the streets outside Capcom’s offices across the world as otaku and geeks dressed like the blue bomber expressed their outrage!

The good news is that Japanese Famitsu magazine have now revealed the price will be 1000 Wii Points or $10 to our American readers. Check out the Google translation for yourselves. In the translation you will see this interesting line:

Also, Wii software as a unique element, adding downloadable content delivery will also be included.

Extra downloadable content for Mega Man 9 sounds like a great thing to help maintain interest in the game once it is completed. The question is, what could it be? New weapons, bosses, playable characters or something even cooler?

There will be the usual crowd who complain that this should cost 500 Wii points like an NES game on the Virtual Console, but remember those games have already paid off their development costs when they were originally launched. In that light 1000 Wii points is looking pretty fair for one of the most anticipated WiiWare games to date.

Japan is getting Mega Man 9 in September. We expect to know more about the North American release dates during E3 next week. Watch this space!

Source: Famitsu

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Ray said:

1000 is great, considering how awesome this game will be.



SmaMan said:

I'll definitely buy this once I get through 1-8 on Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Now if only they'd release SSFIIHDR on Wii Ware...



Peznaze said:

Default WiiWare pricing... No reason to lower it, the demand is high enough. No reason to raise it, it's got no extras over a 500 point Megaman NES VC title. Still, this is worth 1000, unlike most other WiiWare games that come in at that price.



Link79 said:

A perfect price for what will no doubt be a perfect game. If you can't afford ten bucks then you've got problems and should consider a different hobby. I would have been willing to pay more actually.



Raptor78 said:

I imagined it would have been cheaper just because it was a NES style game, but im sure it will sell very well and even at £7.50 / 1000 points it still remains good value for money.



dark_moogle said:

But last time I checked, there are newer games that are being built from the ground up that will cost less than 1000 Wii Points (points to Pop and Eternity's Child) while Capcom are recycling 8-bit stuff from 20 years ago. Sure there are new level layouts and music, but anyone who defends this price and calls it a bargain is just fooling themselves.

Then again, this is probably my number #2 most wanted WiiWare game, just behind Strongbad. Maybe if Nintendo gives me a viable storage solution for my Wii I will download MM9 as soon as its released (I've deleted all the accessory channels already and I dont want to delete save files/downloaded games)



calculon said:

I'd have guess 800 points, but then 1,000 doesn't sound too bad considering the new levels,etc

Shame it looks like an 8-bit game though - I know people want nostalgic platforming but tthat's no reason to make it look like crap. Hope they're addressing the crappy collision detection routines of the originals NES games too.



aceattorney said:

1,000 wii points is a very fair price. There are rumors that it will have downloadable content as well.



Dazza said:

Yeah Famitsu briefly mentioned the DLC, but I don't think anyone knows what its intended for just yet.



Jockolantern said:

I'm more than willing to shell out ten bones for what looks to be a stellar return-to-form for the Mega Man series. Sure beats the pants off paying $35 for yet another iteration of the been-here, done-that, increasingly lame-brained Network series. Besides, as Darren already pointed out, I can fondly remember the days of shelling out forty bucks A POP for the first six Mega Man games. Giving Capcom their due for listening to their fans and giving us what we want with this 8-bit retro revisit is more than justifiable. The downloadable content is a very powerful incentive to not scoff at the pricing either... sounds like like icing on an already scrumptuous cake.

If this new title gets as much replay value from me as the first six games still do... it'll be worth its sweet weight in a measly ten buckaroos. And THEN some.



Deep4t said:

If the game lives up to the Megaman name, 1000 points isnt a problem at all.
It's like I'd rather pay a high amount of points on a quality product, than keep buying crappy games and the points building up over time.



Terra said:

i ain't complaining at the 1000 point price tag and DLC is welcome here to me



DarkLloyd said:

this just keep getting more exciting definitely getting this. i had assumed the price would be like that for the gameplay would be longer then the nes system can handle. cant wait for wat the dlc will offer. now if only they can release megaman64 sometimes soon while we wait for this now that would be cool dont ya think.



Mike1 said:

That's a pretty good price. I'd pay the $40 for it. Hey guys, how many blocks do you think this game will take up?



thewiirocks said:

1000 points is pretty much what I expected. It's not great, but it's not bad. The game should do fine.



MrPoo6321 said:

not bad at all, considering we have no other mega man games available for download... maybe that's why they never gaveus Mega Man 1 & 2? because they were waiting for 9?



Rapadash6 said:

$10 sounds more than fair to me. It's actually right about what I expected it to be. Not sure what that downloadable content could be, though. Hopefully it's not required to get the most out of the game.



Charco said:

I would have preferred it to be a bit lower, but I will get over it if it is a quality title.



Virus said:

I'm a bit turned off by the price, especially since it might have DLC. Although I love the concept of DLC, I rather the actual game be cheap if it is going to offer features that we have to pay extra for.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

$10 seems fair enough, but I hope the DLC won't be overpriced like $5 for a new boss. If it costs $10 for the game and there are 8 bosses (not counting the final level) then that would just be a little over a dollar per boss! Let's hope Capcom makes wise decisions about the DLC.



Ricardo91 said:

Good enough for me. I shouldnt have expected this game to be at the same price as a NES game anyway. And no, you would not want to make that cosplayer angry. He's got sawblades!



Bensei said:

Games like EC and Pop are lower because hardly anybody knows their games and so they have to provide lower prices to make sceptical gamers buy them, but any gamer heard about Megaman, so Capcom just have to put a price that isn't mean.
I'll buy it anyways, even if wiiwareworld would rate it 1 lol
I hope the DLC isn't too expensive though.



Vortex99 said:

WiiWare World: The price will be 1000 Wii Points or $10 to our American readers or £7.00 to our UK readers.




Objection said:

You guys are good. i found the info on the price point and the DLC on go-nintendo today and was gonna letcha know, but you already had it up!
As for Megaman IX, 1000 pts is great for people who already love the series and would pay anything for it (and have said something to that effect) but for newbies like me, AKA people who started playing games in the mid 1990s, $10 is a rip-off when you compare to other 1000 points games like LostWinds (Since it is probably of similar length) or Toki Tori (Oh I forgot, no one besides me and like 10 others have bought that.)



megacody said:

I thought that was BS, but I'm willing enough to pay $10 for this game.
I just want to play a new adventure with the blue bomber.



CanisWolfred said:

Dang, I was hoping to get a Nes game or three along with it, but oh well, so much for getting all my shopping done in one trip. I'll be getting a job soon, so I'll probably will be able to afford it, if my previously intended shopping sprees don't get out of hand. I just hope they don't make us pay for DLC like in MLAAK, and if they do, they better make it worth it.

Oh and just like to mention, I think 8-bit graphics look pretty cool, so I'm not going to complain about that, and don't even get me started about the music! This game is going to be a nostalgia trip for sure!



supermario2 said:

What a 1,000 points that you'll probably complete in 2 days I say that's a rip off but really I wasn't that interested in it anyway unless any of u can change my viewpoint?



lockelocke said:

No complaints here. The DLC has me thinking about PROTO MAN.
Didn't someone say something about different playable characters?



Draygone said:

Sounds like a fair enough price. Sure, it's 8-bit, but it still required a fair amount of development time. Plus, it's not like they're using the NES engine itself; I assume they're emulating it, which means they are using some tool that isn't made for 8-bit graphics and sound. I mean, it'll still be cheaper than what they might've released back in the NES days, and it's probably close to what pricepoint they go for at a used game store. Better yet, this'll probably be the smallest-sized WiiWare game to date. Though I'm sure if you're really low on memory, something would still have to be deleted.

Now, downloadable content, wondering what that is. If there's a state editor, I'd be willing to pay a couple extra bucks for that. Though I still wish they'd just include all their stuff in the main package. Then it'd really be worth the $10.



CanisWolfred said:


Someone did mention on another article that there are more colors than the NES would permit, so I think your right. Also, it's good to hear that it'll take up only a small amout of space, because, I only have somewhere around 17 blocks left, so while I'll have to delete something, it only has to be a NES game, and I'm thinking Ice Climbers. I never liked that game, my brother did but he's too busy playing the PSP, so he won't miss it for a long while.



Phantom5800 said:

$10 seems fair to me, but then if I have to pay more for DLC ... doesn't mean I won't, but it will be painful to push the button



bosshog said:

i was never able to play the original mm games on nes but im a big fan of mmx through x4 so hopefully this will reveal the storyline between the original megaman and x.



Dokenzz said:

I'm not much of a Mega Man fan, I didn't mind of the NES titles, but they're not that special. The idea of a DLC game that isn't Final Fantasy is great, it'll be a debate whether I get this or Lost Winds. Might get both, but I still want Castlevania IV.



AlexSays said:

@ ColorblindMonk-
The game won't be out for several months.
Surely you can stop buy the store and pickup a points card by then, eh?

@ supermario2-
This site isn't intended to convince you to buy certain games.
If you don't like it, fine.
But you'll be missing out on one of the more enjoyable games WiiWare will ever offer.



ChocoDK said:

$10 isn't bad considering that Square-Enix's My Life as a King costs $15.



CanisWolfred said:

I do hope we get to use Protoman and/or Bass, I always liked them more than Mega Man, to be honest with you. Plus, I'd like to see what Bass looks like in 8-bit! My money says he looks like a cross between a lamp and cucuber-squash!

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