Mega Man 9 Will Cost 1000 Wii Points

Way back in the days gamers would shell out $40 or more for a new NES game. Imagine the uproar if Capcom tried to ask for the same price nowadays with the upcoming Mega Man 9 game for WiiWare. There would be rioting on the streets outside Capcom’s offices across the world as otaku and geeks dressed like the blue bomber expressed their outrage!

The good news is that Japanese Famitsu magazine have now revealed the price will be 1000 Wii Points or $10 to our American readers. Check out the Google translation for yourselves. In the translation you will see this interesting line:

Also, Wii software as a unique element, adding downloadable content delivery will also be included.

Extra downloadable content for Mega Man 9 sounds like a great thing to help maintain interest in the game once it is completed. The question is, what could it be? New weapons, bosses, playable characters or something even cooler?

There will be the usual crowd who complain that this should cost 500 Wii points like an NES game on the Virtual Console, but remember those games have already paid off their development costs when they were originally launched. In that light 1000 Wii points is looking pretty fair for one of the most anticipated WiiWare games to date.

Japan is getting Mega Man 9 in September. We expect to know more about the North American release dates during E3 next week. Watch this space!

Source: Famitsu