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Mega Man 9 T-shirts To Go On Sale Soon!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Do you remember a few days ago when we posted about the retro themed Mega Man 9 box art as featured on a T-shirt which a lucky 1up staffer won at E3? Well the good news is now you too could own one of these fashionable garments!

Check out Kramez’s blog at Capcom for more info:

It was quickly decided by the marketing group that if we were going to release a game that looked like it came from 1987 that we should run the whole marketing campaign as if we were working in the games industry in 1987. From there, it was a very easy leap to putting in a call to I Am 8-bit artist Gerald de Jesus, who we comissioned to create the beautiful/horrible homage to past packaging Mega Man mindcrimes that you see above.

And the best bit...

...and I promise you that we'll have some t-shirts of this beauty available for purchase soon!

Oh yeah boy! I wants me one of those!!

Check out the awesomely-hideous Mega Man 9 faux-boxart one more time:


Source: Capcom Unity blog via GoNintendo

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That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

No kidding I´d like one of those Hope they won´t be impossible to ship to Sweden. Looks like Mega Man 9 will be just as expensive for me as the NES carts were back in 1987... sweet nostalgia



CanisWolfred said:

Yes, I can't wait to get it! Too bad people won't get to see it though, since I always wear a jacket when I'm in public.



Dazza said:

The simple answer is Mickeymac needs a Mega Man jacket! Capcom, are you listening?



Corbs said:

I've got tons of these classic game t-shirts, so I'll have to get one of these as well.



Omega said:

I thought Mega Man is a little android-boy at the age of 10-12(?) years. Why does he look like an old geezer? I think he is not cute on that T-Shirt.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Haha, I might get this although I'll probably be called a dork if I do. Sometimes people don't appreciate bad art for how good it is.



Kawaiipikachu said:

While i admit that i never played any Megaman games but i do believe there are a few different sorts of megaman storylines depending which megaman series you talking about .
Besides this os more of a joke of the old Megaman coverart in fact overall americanised coverarts in all .
Back in the 80's while there are a number of boxarts that are cutsie or anime styled but the american or european publishers didn't think those cover would appeal to games .
So they hired artist to create new boxarts which they only got the faintest idea or even no idea of the game they are trying to portray so the end result is a cover that is the opposite of what the game is really about .

If you look mup about boxarts on the web of those games you will see what i mean .



PHANTOM93 said:

That's awesome!! But i'm confused, is Mega Man a lefty or a righty? Cuz he's got a pistol in his right hand but his arm cannon in his left hand.



Phantom5800 said:

I always thought the arm cannon was on his right arm? Lol, I might just have to get one of these



PHANTOM93 said:

@ Phantom5800

In some of the Mega Man pics that Wiiware world used for Mega Man 9 articles the arm cannon IS on his right arm, and on others the arm cannon is on his left arm. Weird, maybe he's ambodextrious?



Link79 said:

Where can I get one of those? Do you have to buy them exclusively at a certain store or order them online or what?



Omega said:

@Kawaiipikachu: Thanks for explaining. I now noticed that the Japanese packaging (of at least "Mega Man 2") looks very different than the US/European one. And the game is also named "Rockman 2" instead of "Mega Man 2".

The Japanese cover artwork of "Rockman 2" looks exactly like a Mega Man TV-series I have once seen. In this anime-series Mega Man is a boy and he has a dog "Rush" and a girlfriend (or sister?) who is called "Roll" or something. They are so cuddly.

I wonder why Capcom replaced the cute boy by an old fart for US/Europe cover-artwork. Maybe they wanted to attract adult players to the game? Very astute.



DarkLloyd said:

the guy behind him kinda looks like a sith lord from star wars lol still prefer darthvader



Bass_X0 said:

"The simple answer is Mickeymac needs a Mega Man jacket! Capcom, are you listening? "

A Blue Bomber Jacket?



vherub said:

I would like a plain tshirt that says ultrasound graphics synthesis and 8-bit fidelity engine



Bensei said:

There's already one out, but only saying Rockman for the Rockman Anniv and it's not that cheap... available at play-asia



Kreegs07 said:

My mom made the most awesome mega man sweatshirt when I was like 5. She hand drew mega man in different power suits. It is quite possible the most amazing thing ever. I will put a picture up on the forum if people want.



Rockman_90 said:

Do these megaman t shirts get shipped out to local stores or do these get ordered thrue the internet from a spesefic site. man is this t shirt cool or what . If anyone whant to hear a cool band from sweden that plays megaman songs go thrue this link
ps: i watched them live yesterday it was so cool

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