Mega Man 9 Screenshot Blowout

As the news of Mega Man 9 has now hit the streets, Capcom has seen fit to supply gaming sites with the same images they gave to the various magazines that reported on the game. While this means there aren't new screens, it does mean you can now view them at a larger size, and devoid of lighting problems due to whatever device people scanned the magazines with.

The screens have been added to the Mega Man 9 game page.

According to an interview GamesRadar had with the series producer, Keiji Inafune, the game will be very similar to Mega Man 2, not heavily featuring things such as charge shots, Rush, and sliding. However, they are not confirmed not to be in the game, so they can be expected, they just won't be very important. The game is also apparently harder than the hardest game in the original Mega Man series (If you ask us, that's 3), so you have some challenge to look forward to!

Source: GamesRadar