Mega Man 9 Official Box Art

Jeremy Parish from 1up really is the coolest kid on the block today as he walks the streets looking retrotastic in the Mega Man 9 t-shirt he blagged off a Capcom rep at E3 for completing both stages on the Mega Man 9 demo.

Sporting phrases like "ultrasound graphics synthesis" and "8-bit fidelity engine" you can tell straightaway that this creation has its tongue firmly in its cheek! Compared to the original Mega Man and Mega Man 2 box art by Capcom USA at least this is an evolution in art style.

This artwork has got it all, a badly airbrushed Mega Man, a cyborg Dr. Wily and even the classic early NES grid background.

We’re nice guys here at WiiWare World so we cleaned up the photo of the T-Shirt a bit for you to marvel at in all its retro kitsch glory. BEHOLD!