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Mega Man 9 Hitting Japan In September

Posted by Damien McFerran

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re getting quite excited about Capcom’s upcoming retro-themed update Mega Man 9. But when is it out, I hear you cry?

While we can’t answer that question as far as a Western release is concerned, thanks to information contained with the pages of Famitsu magazine (pictured below), we know that the game will be available in Japan this September.

Naturally it would be wise to assume the game will hit the rest of the world sometime after that date. I suspect we will get a better idea for the worldwide release plans during E3 later this month.

We actually covered this scan a few days back, but it seems that some clever chap has translated the text to find the actual month of release.

There might be some hope on the horizon for Virtual Console releases of the NES Mega Man games for North America also. To celebrate this momentous occasion Capcom also stated that they will be releasing Rockman 1 in July and Rockman 2 in August on the Virtual Console.

In the meantime, why not check out all the latest Mega Man 9 media on our game page?


Source: Kotaku

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Ray said:

That's good news, hopefully the US and EU get it sometime in October or December at the latest!



Terra said:

I imagine a late autumn, early winter release in the west for both regions, probably the US and then EU



DarkLloyd said:

for canada and and america im going to guess at somepoint in november or the second week of december and for Euro im gonna guess near end of december or second week of january. hope that is not a rude guess lol



Atlantis1982 said:

I'll be waiting, just as I am waiting for another game I think is releasing on September: Animales.



-Regii said:

We all know NoA and NoE, we won't probably get it until 2009, but hopefully we get it as early as possible.



Rockman_90 said:

If they are planning megaman 1 to be released july and megaman 2 in august in USA maybe they follow the same path and release megaman 9 in september or early october just a guess. By the way i am happy that USA finally is getting Megaman 1 and 2. I hope both Europe and USA get this game released not to far from Japans release date and not to far of as in 2009 i CANNOT!!!! wait that long i mean its not to much hard work for translation so it could not take long for it to come out in europe and USA. I also cant wait to E3 to begin so they can reveal the secret things in the menu that they could not talk about in the gamesradar interview.



DarkLloyd said:

does anyone know if i should get the collection game for gamecube or wait for the rest of the series to appear on vc? thanks in advance



Ricardo91 said:

I'd say get the GC Collection, Blackfira. It has updated graphics and MM 1-6. If you want all the games in their original form though, you're probably be waiting a while .



MrPoo6321 said:

wait a minute... Japan doesn't have Rockman 1 and 2, but Australia and EU have them? That's crazy! I thought the Japanese had pretty much everything. Do they have Vectorman then? Why aren't we getting Vectorman? When will Sega re-release it!?!!?!

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