Marvelous Entertainment Working on WiiWare Title

Legendary Japanese game developer Marvelous Entertainment have recently announced a co-publishing deal with XSEED Games to distribute their titles in both the US and Europe. Marvelous are best known for their association with the long-running Harvest Moon series of games.

In a recent interview with Siliconera , Marvelous confirmed that they are in fact currently working on a downloadable title for the WiiWare platform. They were also quick to say that this upcoming WiiWare title was not a Harvest Moon game, but rather a brand new and original title.

While a new Harvest Moon game would have been an exciting announcement for WiiWare, Marvelous has long been a part of some amazing game releases over the years, so any news of an original title from them should be viewed as good news. We'll have more on this new WiiWare development project when the information becomes available.