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Japanese Mega Man 9 Site Now Live

Posted by Darren Calvert

Some good news today as the official Japanese Mega Man 9 site has gone live. We had a quick flick through the pages and whilst we can’t understand any of the text, there is some cool content there.

We hope Capcom USA launch a translated version of the site. If you click on the third option you can see all the Japanese box art for all the Mega Man (Rockman) games released to date. A little Mega Man character runs along the bottom of the screen as you scroll horizontally which is pretty nifty.

There will be more Mega Man 9 information soon from the E3 exhibition. Whilst we couldn’t make it this year, we’ll be sure to post up a round-up of the Mega Man 9 impressions which we find on our favourite news sites. Watch this space!

Source: Japanese Mega Man 9 site

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Dazza said:

IGN / Gamespot / Eurogamer will be posting their hands-on impressions after they have played the game during E3. We'll do a round-up of those impressions.

Mega Man 9 is gonna be a footnote in the Nintendo conference against the new crazy balance board games!



Terra said:

Oh, i see. I thought you just meant not being able to watch the Press Conference. Okay then. I'll leave that up for those who want to watch it and yes, Mega Man 9 is gonna be tiny compared to everything else.



Dazza said:

LOL no worries. We'll be watching the conference with interest and reporting on anything WiiWare related of course.

For everything else just check out our pals at NintendoLife who will do a large news post to keep you up to date if you don't want to watch one of the streams for yourself.



Terra said:

I Will. Just got an account on there using the same name. I'm also looking at IGN for what they have to say, as well as NintendoLife

P.S. On an unrelated note, Microsoft are so ripping off Nintendo's Mii idea with there avatar system (Interesting to not that Rare developed the avatars and there's DLC for them). There trying to get the best of both worlds, with Casual and Hardcore gamers. For shame on them. Trying this won't end too well hopefully.



ChocoDK said:

I am going to do what I did yesterday and watch it on IGN's Livewire. So I am going to watch the Nintendo and Sony Press Confrences today. Its cool that the Mega Man 9 site is up but I'll wait for the English site to be posted up.

@Terranigma: In business people rip off of each others ideas. And to be unbiased I think that Microsofts avatar ideas with the clothes is really cool. However, a guess would be that you need to pay for the extra new clothes.



Knux said:

@Terrangima:Not only are they doing that,but they are porting Banjo Kazooie to XBLA instead of the Virtual Console. Just thought everybody should know.



deadly_by_design said:

Question about the Megaman Anniversary compliation for the 'Cube - Are the fire/jump buttons reversed? Some guy on an review was complaining about that. Honestly, it's enough to keep me from buying it if the original B&A functions are reversed.



Terra said:

That sucked massively, E3.No Kid Icarus, No Punch Out!!, Not even Wario Land, Kirby or Super Sluggers. What the hell Nintendo



CanisWolfred said:

Thank you Terranigma, thanks to your link, I saw the information I've been waiting for years to hear. Sure, there was no Mega Man(yet, I not done watching), but G-D do I love Animal Crossing!



Corbs said:

This E3 felt very bland in comparison to E3s past. They really need to make this thing the circus it used to be. At least then it was fun.



Wizpig said:

Good [i'm obviously talking about MegaMan, not about Nintendo and this awful E3]



andy836 said:

Did you guys know that megaman starforce 3 is coming out lol
anyways i actually like games that are very hard i haven't had a real challenge in quite awhile.

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