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Final Fantasy: My Life as a King Downloadable Content

Posted by Damien McFerran

Here’s some good news for those of you that are fond of pretending to be a monarch in a lush fantasy environment: lucky US Wii owners will be able to access additional content for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King this week.

Interested? Of course you are! The new content is as follows:

• The Infinity Spire pack for 300 points, which contains two dungeons
• Castle Renovation for 100 points, a dungeon that allows you to rename your adventurers and listen to the game's music
• The Library for 200 points, a dungeon that adds libraries to the game and lets you educate your adventurers
• New outfits for the King and Chime, at 100 points each

That’s right, all of the above is gonna cost ya, so stock up on those Wii points. Chime’s bikini outfit has to be seen to believed!

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Objection said:

Nothing too exciting...i want a bunch of more dungeons for my points not 1-2 or some kind of sizeable gameplay difference addition. But I appreciate S-E continuing to support this game with DLC.



Mqblank said:

Any news on UK release for this additional content. It's getting close to a full price game with all this additional content.



Kawaiipikachu said:

At least its still a bit of distance to a regualer Australian released full priced game .
While im used to paying $100 au for a game but i recently found out that the very sme game could be sold for $20 au in the usa or canada .

At lease the additional pay'n'play content doesn't cost that much & take pity on us Australians forced to pay a fortune for games .



Peznaze said:

The Infinity Spire is supposed to be a loooong dungeon, not sure on teh details, they seem to have vanished. The Library gives your adventurers race-specific abilities, (and the dungeon you need to clear to get it is level 100 on Hard with a lifebar boss, or so they say...) All in all, it's a good addition to MLaaK.



J_K said:

Ahh regardless of these nice things, it's great to know honestly you're losing nothing sticking to the original purchase.

I stick to my guns on the fact this game and a handful of others I think really do deserve a disc release. I'd even add MM9 to that given it was a little more than a modern NES rom as that would be hard to swallow for most but would be nice though.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

When does this stuff go live? This adventurer-renaming thing could make me buy the game. Does anyone who already owns the game know how this will work? Will you have to do a lot of work / get far in the game to access this "dungeon" and rename your adventurers?



The_shoemaker said:


. Oh yeah. I'm thinking to beat the dungeon you'll have to be around level 80-120 :0. I bought the first dungeon pack and i have to be at least level 60 :0. I'm level 25 :0. But it comes with a few extra dungeons as well (level 15, 20, 30)



DarkLloyd said:

Whoa hubba hubba is right i'm getting chime costume first lol then the rest of the stuff later when i set aside a wii point card entirely for this game dlc



Starwolf_UK said:

Castle Renovation for 100 points, a dungeon that allows you to rename your adventurers and listen to the game's music
Shame there are only about 5 tracks of music...but renaming adventurers...oh yeah I can see people loving this...until they realkise that when every adventurer is called retard its hard to tell the difference...



dark_moogle said:

So, now with all the existing DLC this game will cost a total of 3800 Wii points. Thats almost AU$60 (which for our US viewers playing at home is the price we pay for brand new DS games)

Maybe Square Enix should have just spent 2-3 years more on this game and released it at retail. I'd much rather one quick thrust into my heart- I mean, wallet instead of slowly dripping my funds away.



Draygone said:

You want to buy all the download content if you want to experience the whole game. And at this point, I'd start complaining about payed download content and how the developers should just release the entire package, but unfortunately, it seems it's here to stay.

At least I can understand the reasoning for this here. Nintendo's 40MB download limit (or whatever amount it is) likely prevented this content from being in the main download. And it probably costs them money to have this extra content on the shopping channel. Not that they really need the money. And, if you're the sort of person who doesn't have to have the whole the complete package, it is better for them to have the content separate, so that you can pick and choose which parts you'd be willing to pay for.



Ark said:

Apparently DLC can be transferred onto another Wii via an SD card. Using that, people could eventually have all the DLC without having to pay the full price. Will this anger Square/Nintendo...?

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