Defend Your Castle On Its Way To Europe Soon

Defend Your Castle has been out for a while in North America, since the launch of WiiWare, in fact! The game, which is based on the popular online flash game of the same name, is the cheapest WiiWare game, though that doesn't mean it's bad - On the contrary, it's actually rather addictive as our Defend Your Castle review testifies.

Obviously some Europeans were wondering when and if they would be able to download the game as well. If the PEGI ratings group is to be believed, then that should be soon, as they have now rated the game (7+), indicating that it's ready for release in Europe.

There's still some titles left to release which were supposed to be available a while ago, however, such as Pirates: The Key of Dreams, so we suspect Defend Your Castle not to be available next week, but at the earliest, two weeks after that.

UPDATE: Australia's OFLC has rated the game as well now.