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Defend Your Castle On Its Way To Europe Soon

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Defend Your Castle has been out for a while in North America, since the launch of WiiWare, in fact! The game, which is based on the popular online flash game of the same name, is the cheapest WiiWare game, though that doesn't mean it's bad - On the contrary, it's actually rather addictive as our Defend Your Castle review testifies.

Obviously some Europeans were wondering when and if they would be able to download the game as well. If the PEGI ratings group is to be believed, then that should be soon, as they have now rated the game (7+), indicating that it's ready for release in Europe.

There's still some titles left to release which were supposed to be available a while ago, however, such as Pirates: The Key of Dreams, so we suspect Defend Your Castle not to be available next week, but at the earliest, two weeks after that.

UPDATE: Australia's OFLC has rated the game as well now.

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Terra said:

I have played it. I'm just waiting for this version now, or i could play it through the internet channel and use the Wii remote. Good alternative



BDPatVCR said:


I've been waiting for this ... it's gonna be a good summer



PALgamer said:

Went to the PEGI link in the news and saw some other WW titles already rated like Critter Round-Up, Helix, Home Sweet Home, SBCG4AP Homestar Ruiner, Midnight Bowling and Plättchen Twist 'n' Paint. But only Critter Round-Up, Defend Your Castle, Helix and Midnight Bowling have all the countries rated.

See you next week DYC



Objection said:

DYC really is a great game. I'm glad you guys are that much closer to getting it. Then you really have nothing to complain about, since the other wiiware we have over you is lame/crap, and you'll have more VC than N.A. as of your next update!



blackknight77 said:

This game seems to really popular among Wii users. It would not be a smart thing to ignore the game



DEMON212 said:

DYC and Pirates next week me thinks. Then again, Pirates DS has been pushed back.

Eithey way, DYC is the biggest rip off on WW yet. Wii + Browser = DYC online for free.



supermario2 said:

I see where ya coming from DEMON212 but 500 points is only £3.75p and the controls r much easier to understand but yet with all that said I might not get it I've already got a boredom destroyer in the name of pOp so?



WarioFan63 said:

But DYC WiiWare has a few upgrades compared to the original version, like 4 player co-op and the neat graphics, so its not like theyre taking the exact same thing and putting it on WiiWare



SmaMan said:

My brother has DYC on his Wii. I've played it with him. It's fun...but it actually does the opposite of being a boredom destroyer. As you go on the levels get longer and longer and their isn't much variation after a while...making it more of a boredom producer. But hey, at 500 points it's fun while it lasts.



DEMON212 said:

Isn't 500 £3.50?

Or are you converting card prices? Because the Wii shop is slightly cheaper.



NathanLangridge said:

Ah! Thank Christ! I've been waiting for this for, well, it'll be 2 months when it finally comes out! The multiplayer should be great fun!



thewiirocks said:

@DEMON212 - The WiiWare revision of the game is vastly superior to the Flash version of the game. It has better graphics, smoothed out gameplay, different enemies, four player support, the save slots, and many more features not found in the Flash game.

In result, calling a 500 point version of the game "a ripoff" is misinformed at best, disingenuous at worst.

And trust me, I know a thing or two about the Wii Browser and what it is capable of. WiiWare is a still a superior solution. Thus it's not surprising that the WiiWare revision of DYC is a superior game.



Gavin_Rozee said:

WAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally. I'm aware it's a basic game, and I'm aware it's available as a free flash game, but I've been waiting ages for this. Again, finally.



Yatesy said:

The only thing that slightly irks me is that Europe usually gets games that've been out for a while in the states. I wish they just released the same games at the same time world-wide.



XGen said:

Sorry that it's taken so long to get the game ready for you fans in Europe. There is a fair bit of work involved in securing all the software ratings, localization, etc. but thanks to all for being patient.

We're on the home stretch now.



XGen said:

We're not really allowed to speculate on release dates, however we're not quite that close.



AlexSays said:

@ XGen
If it's within a month, wink twice.
But I don't care, I live in America.



Gavin_Rozee said:

@ XGen, August 1st is my guess then. I'm pretty sure we'll be getting Pirates and Plattchën next Friday anyway.

PS - Thanks for releasing it here, I was starting to think it'd been canned in Europe.



CanisWolfred said:

Finally! You European boys have been missing out for far too long! Soon, my friends, soon you will get to experience the joy that is Defend Your Castle! ...okay that's stretching it a little, but I needed to end that sentence dramatically, otherwise a bad man would have done some bad things a thousand good little kitties. You would've done the same thing in my position, right! Right. Ta-ta!

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