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Defend Your Castle Coming To Europe Next Week

Posted by Darren Calvert

Here’s a spot of good news before the weekend. From next Friday, 1st August, European and Australian gamers will finally be able to download the rather excellent Defend Your Castle from their Wii Shop. The price will remain at a handsome 500 Wii points too! For those who are interested to know more you can check out our Defend Your Castle review to find out what the buzz is all about.

XGen Studios also told us that they are pursuing a couple partnership options to bring Defend Your Castle to the Japanese market. Even better news is they are also currently working on a second WiiWare title based on a completely new IP. Hopefully we’ll hear more about that in upcoming weeks.

XGen also had a message for our readers:

The XGen team would also like to add once again that we're all thrilled with the response we've received in the Americas. We had never imagined that our little game would hold a top spot in the WiiWare rankings against other fantastic titles for so long, and for that we really must thank all our fans.

As anyone who watches our charts will know DYC has firmly held the #3 spot in America for well over a month now. Impressive work considering that the top spots are dominated by Pokémon and Dr. Mario. Who can argue with a decent game at a reasonable price? Other WiiWare publishers, TAKE NOTE!

XGen also reminded us to mention that there are some Easter Eggs hidden away in DYC which are worth checking out for a laugh:

There are three "names" in the credits you can select with the pointer to activate some unorthodox gameplay twists. (Though to preserve the "prestige" of making huge progress in the game legitimately, we don't allow players to save when these easter eggs are active.) The modes are as follows:

Texas Ranger Mode
Crediting Chuck Norris in the game was an obvious choice for us, as we clearly couldn't have done it without the inspiration provided by his rugged beard and general kickassery. Clicking 'Chuck Norris' in the credits activates a much more difficult twist on Defend Your Castle gameplay. When Chuck Norris sits down to enjoy an intense game of Defend Your Castle, we suspect that this is the only way he plays. Try playing with a Wii Remote in each hand (we call it "Justice Mode"), for even more challenge.

SMB3W4 Mode
A bit of a throwback to retro gaming for which not everyone will make the connection, selecting 'SMB3W4' in the credits pays a little homage to one of the early classics.

LOLcatz Mode
Those fanatical felines have launched their army of catapults (Aha! See what we did there?) in an effort to destroy your castle, freeing them to spread their grammatical nuances to the farthest reaches of your kingdom. Patience is rewarded -- by waiting until the very end of the credits roll (and then some...) selecting the cryptic message that follows activates this mode.

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thewiirocks said:

Bully for XGen and all you folks from Europe and the UK! I hope you enjoy this title as much as we have here in America.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Yay, I knew it'd be out on the 1st.

Plattchen will probably be released the same day as DYCs low price will balance against Plattchens high price nicely.



Objection said:

Congrats guys. its a great way to spend 500 points. I'm also very excited to hear about XGEN working on their next project.



Terra said:

Excellent stuff. It was about time we got this. Any Other news towards Next weeks releases?



Bensei said:

I'll only nelieve it when it's here, since it was promised to be released last week from the Nintendo Channel
Are there any vids of the Easter eggs.



DEMON212 said:


Cheap week next week

Unless we get Gyro too

But I doubt it, we'll get Blackjack.



Terra said:

I Hope they redo Pillage the Village for WiiWare as well but what i really want is some original games for WiiWare by Xgen



thewiirocks said:

@DEMON212 - I dare you to do a video review of DYC. After having some time to play it, go ahead and tell your audience that it's not worth 500 points.

<biff>What's wrong McFly? Chicken?</biff>



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I agree with thewiirocks, don't knock it 'till you try it. It's far superior to the Flash version IMO. Well worth 500 points. Now I just need to try out those cool Easter eggs....



DEMON212 said:

Fine, buy a U.K Wii and gift me it then, because chucking things with the Wiimote for free is so damn boring, there's no way I'd pay for that privelage.

It may be good, haven't tryed it so I don't know. But in playing the flash version, watching tons of WW footage & reading a load of reviews, both games seem almost identacle.

What does DYC Cost have that DYC Free doesn't?

4p? Well my mates thinks it looks as bad as Carmageddon, so that's useless.

Chuck Norris mode? So in otherwords, it has something almost all games come with as standard, a difficulty setting?

"Varying" enemies that seem as identacle as Ken & Ryu?

Castle upgrades? Mega Lo Mania done it better. As did PixelJunk Monsters, which also done the whole swarm of attacking enemies better.

So have I missed anything? Because it was a while ago when I done my research, so I may have forgotten stuff.



Omega said:

That would interest me too. What are the specific differences between the flash and the Wii version? Can someone explain exactly? BTW: I know neither, I'm just curious.



Vortex99 said:

@ DEMON212

You do realise that you actually get more value with the WiiWare version, right? Okay, so it might cost 500 points, but remember that the Internet Channel costs 500 points aswell (which is what you would use to play the flash game on Wii) and the WiiWare version has more features. So you're actually getting more value...



DEMON212 said:

I got the IC for free as I downloaded it on day 1.

And the IC can do a lot of things that DYC can't. Can DYC help me Moderate? Can I buy things from e-Bay, or GAME or Play etc...? Can I check my mail? Can I manage my Youtube channel? Can I watch
por... I mean read quotes from the bible, lol.

Sorry, I just had to do the obvious joke

Back to serious mode now.

IC = 500 points and you get DYC alongside a ton of other flash games, plus all of the above & more.

DYC = 500 and you get DYC.

Anyway, for myself Omega & I'm betting a ton of others, anyone wanna post the differences?

Dazza, since you talk to XGEN tell them to get there butts over here and Defend There Castle BOOM-BOOM!

Apologies, I'll get me coat.



Dazza said:

The WiiWare version of DYC is graphically much better than the Flash version and Wii remote controls. In addition to this it supports up to 4 players in multiplayer.

Seriously Demon212, you buy every Commodore 64 game on the Virtual Console and don't seem to feel ripped off. Yet you begrudge it in the case of a game which any idiot can see is a improvement over the free Flash version. Are you just being contentious for the sake of it or something?

For £3.75 or $5 I don't see how anyone could think this game was unreasonable really. Anyway I know you'll be lapping this up on Friday in your video review! You always come around eventually



DEMON212 said:

Graphics don't mean jack to me, fun does. Some C64 games are much better than NES games, and they're 500 points. And C64 games average 50 blocks, I've got some NES games that are 20.

And the flash version has Wii controls.

But you've got that right, I'm gonna have a lot of fun reviewing on Friday. Been waiting months to do this



DEMON212 said:

This really isn't making sense to me. Hugely popular flash game played by millions. Now ported to WW, and is the 3rd best seller.

Yet NO ONE! Seems to either know or want to post, the differences.

So far we've got graphics, the 3 easters above, and that you can capture stick men to man your defences. Unless you count the Wiimote, which makes 6. But as the flash game is 'mote compatible, I don't (It's the same action).

So is this what we're paying 500 points for? 5 things? 100 per thing?


In reading a few comments on the review, this is easier than the flash, so Chuck mode can't be counted, as that's just standard flash difficulty from the sounds of things.

And there's LESS items to buy on WW, than the flash has.



thewiirocks said:

Geez Demon, give a guy a chance to get out of bed and respond! You seem to forget the US is several hours behind you guys.


  • Graphical changes improve playability by making it easier to see characters in a crowded game.
  • Four player support allows for massive party gaming
  • Smooth framerate even when the action gets insane. This allowed the developers to revamp how the difficulty system works. They can have more enemies on the screen at a time.
  • Additional enemies like catapults
  • Ability to save your progress.
  • Simplified and smoothed out upgrades system
  • Better controls. (In the Flash game you had to pretty much had to smash the enemies against the ground because the mouse was unreliable. The Wii Remote works much better for flipping guys into oblivion)
  • Better audio

Here are some subjective differences as well:

  • The flash game is simply not fun, IMHO. The Wii version is.
  • The humor is better in the Wii version. From lolcat references to graffiti, the Wii version is guaranteed to amuse.

The question is DEMON212, who WOULD you listen to about this? Who, in your opinion, would be enough of an expert on both the Wii and Flash games to make a good judgement in your opinion?



DEMON212 said:

Well you hate the flash but love the WW one. And while those differences seem minor, they obviously work.

And I know the U.S is behind, but I know several have imported U.S Wii's.

BTW you mentioned the save twice.

Thanks all the same though

Still don't think I want it, but Panda is on my back about it all the time because he knows it'll get me views/subs.



thewiirocks said:

BTW you mentioned the save twice.

Whoops! Fixed that. I was typing rather quickly before having to nip off to Church.

Really, you should review the game. I'm willing to bet you'll end up liking it. I didn't originally want it either (having played the flash game), but ended up purchasing it on a lark because it was so cheap. Best $5 I ever spent on a video game.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Ahh its so fun reading this . I have purchased this game, and it is fun, but when i got to level 100 i stopped. So its a good time waster, i spent 4-5 hours on it, and that seems pretty good for a 5 dollar game. But i can't wait for demons video review, its going to be epic.



Dazza said:

Demons video review script:

Whey aye man its another demon212 video review. Hoo ye gannin? Hadaway man, this time we're looking at Defend Your Castle like. Now I've actually played it like I can see I was tarkin sh*te. It's champion! Tara now, pet. Cya next week like. Byker Grove!



calculon said:

Wow, I am like so stoked for this game. Wait. No I'm not. Flash game ports suck ass and paying for them sucks ass too. Period.



DEMON212 said:

Firstly, you broke censor

Secondly... I'M A MACKEM!

But still funny though

However, that's not what I've got planned at all



XGen said:

Hey Guys,

Glad to hear that many of you are looking forward to the release next week - we're pretty pumped to finally be able to deliver the game to all of you in Europe & Australia, and we hope you enjoy it.

We really made an effort to deliver a lot of game for 500 points, and to go significantly above and beyond what we did with Defend Your Castle on the web those many years ago.

To answer your question above regarding what's changed, most of this has already been mentioned, but:

4-player jump-in co-op - This is by far the most significant enhancement, and really takes the game to the next level. Not only are you co-operatively advancing through levels with your friends, but you can also compete with them each round in heated battles for kingship.

(We're particularly proud of the fact that you could be in the middle of a single-player game, and have your friends jump in or out at any time without interrupting gameplay. The game automagically dials the difficulty up or down as necessary.)

Completely new visiuals - Love it or hate it, the game features a completely new & unique art style which some find very charming. We've also added some simple physics, particle effects, season changes, weather effects, spell effects etc. which don't exist in the web-based version.

Re-tooled Gameplay & Difficulty curve - We took all the feedback we'd received regarding the web-based version of Defend Your Castle over the years and applied it to everything from the # of invaders on-screen at once, to the rate & speed at which they approach, as well as completely re-working the balance between archers, masons, mages, demolitions units and the upgrades. The game really plays better than ever.

As far as difficulty modes, the game features "Normal" (which gets quite challenging as you level-up), as well as "Heroic". We threw in Chuck Norris difficulty just for Chuck.

Not to mention, using the Wii Remote and playing from your couch in full 480p is really the ultimate way to enjoy DyC.

(Oh, and the all-new Catapult unit that was mentioned above!)



Omega said:

Thanks for explaining. Now I can better imagine what the differences between the two versions are. I think the Wii version is not bad for 500 points.



DEMON212 said:

Yeah, thanks Xgen. That's cool of you to do.

Considering what a lot of WW games have been like so far, yours seems to have had a lot more work done to it, and for 500 points, that's cool.

My brother's getting it for sure, so I'll try it out and see if I like it. Because it's sounding a lot better than the flash version.



XGen said:

Sounds good -- let us know what you think. The team is looking forward to checking out your video review.

The early levels are geared toward more casual players, but once you get up to levels 15-20 and beyond, it really starts to get crazy.



Vortex99 said:

To Demon212:

Reasons why you'll like this version:

4 Player Defend Your Castle!
Better Frame Rate
Themed Graphics
Foes easier to pick up with the Wii Remote
More organized managing of upgrades

Oh, and if you play the flash game on the internet channel the frame rate really sucks...

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