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Datel Release Retro Controllers for Virtual Console

Posted by Darren Calvert

The Classic Controller is a lovely one-for-all controller for playing Virtual Console games, but if you’re like me you probably long for a small square edged controller to enjoy NES goodness. Seemingly reading my mind, Datel are releasing some retro style controllers for the Wii. We’d assume these will work on any VC games that support the Wiimote as a controller, but would be best suited for NES, Master System and TG-16 gaming.

You can check out the 4 different colour options at Amazon Japan. There are two Famicom styles in red and gold and also two more contemporary Wii styles in white. They will retail at slightly less than a classic controller at 1,659 Yen which is around $15 USD / €10 / £8.

There is no news on these being sold outside of Japan so importing might be the only option. They will be available from 10th September. If we see these pop up on Play-Asia we’ll let you guys know, otherwise Amazon looks like the place to go!

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StarDust4Ever said:

Quick question - do they have good shoulder pads? I have the Nyko grip installed on my classic controller, and with the grip, it is actually more comfortable to me than my SNES pads; without, it is about the same. However, I use my Madcatz gamecube controlers for N64 titles, and the Classic for everything else...

A good idea, but I've found too many cheap-chinese made controllers (like the ones that come with the new NES-Clones - I threw those in the back of my retro bin and only use my real NES controllers). This kind of looks like it's in the similar class of some of those old cheapies...



Rexy said:

Interesting design - a good throw back to the NES. I doubt they'd make their way ouside Japan though, but I won't be surprised if it somehow does



Bensei said:

Nice, but I prefer the 90° degrees Wiimote control for SMB:LL, it simulates the old times really well, and I don't want to spend 20€ or more for a slightly better experience, I felt the same about the SNES accesoire from nintendo (but just because play-asia dropped it and ebay sells them at collector prices )
But an N64 Pad (I hope Nintendo makes one, since all N64 Games vary in their controls, if they make one they woul make an update) or TG-16 or Sega pads would be cool



Kawaiipikachu said:

Looks ulgy .
Well the classic controller does me very fine .
This is most probably be the most reliable aftermarket controller in a while as there are no analog stick to stuff up on .
The reason for me saying this is because quite often the stick themself will stop before the potentiometers inside could detect the full range of movement & that can be a problem as you would imagine .



Adamant said:

Eh, don't we have enough of these purely cosmetically different controllers by now? Save your money for a Neo Geo stick instead, those not only look better (yes, they do. Fact), but play differently from the regular CC too.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Ugly! I want my retro classic controllers to look exactly like the originals, like that official Super Famicom CC from a while ago. Too bad they cost a fortune.



PHANTOM93 said:

Pretty cool, very ugly. Not cool enough to import when I have a perfectly good CC.



Ski_Deuce said:

Yeah JJ. is the place to go for this stuff. I recently got a SNES to GC adapter there. It works great with everything VC related except the N64 (which the CC stinks for anyway), and I can play Megaman Anniversary Collection without my thumb bumping into the c-stick mid-match against a robot master and switching my powerup! The SNES has a better d-pad for fighting games than the CC one as well, although it isn't the best.



Macfly77 said:

Quick question for those of you who own an adapter from retrousb.
Is it compatible with the super multitap or will I have to buy several adapters to play multiplayer games (I own a super multitap and four SNES controllers)?



Iggy said:

hmmm i like it but i would much
rather use a classic controller



Tides_of_Chaos said:

What's with all the NES & SNES style controllers? We don't need that, an N64 controller is what is truly vacant from the Wii.



Rexy said:

Quick and easy answer: the NES and SNES were market leaders back in the day and most people around here seem to be more nostalgic with those. Meanwhile, the Nintendo 64 - while boasting some great games for its time - was sadly overshadowed by the PlayStation and never really got a chance to make its own.

I'm with you and hoping for some kind of N64 controller for the Wii, but even if it doesn't come, I'm ok with my GameCube one to play them with.



blackknight77 said:

I still wish the US would get that SNES style controller. Overall the Wii has more options for play control than any other sytem



Ski_Deuce said:

@ Macfly77

I'm sorry man, but I have no clue if the super multitap is compatible. You can contact retrousb though. On their homepage, click the link for the faq section, and you'll find contact information there.

To everyone else, yeah, we need an affordable N64 to GC controller adapter. There is one available, but it is very expensive.



JaredJ said:


I'm not sure if the multitap would work either, I don't see why not.

If anyone is interested in a N64 to GC or a genesis/megadrive to GC adapter check out



Ski_Deuce said:

The raphnetshop has the expensive converter, but it is an option. I was pretty disappointed when I found that Sin & Punishment on the VC didn't work efficiently with any control option for both the CC and the GC controller, so I've drooled over the thought of having one of these converters a few times.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I don't see whats this fuss with neading N64 controllers .
Take legend of zelda: OOT for example while the c-pad is button mapped to the right stick but 3 of those 4 buttons are also mapped to 4 of the buttons on the classic controller c-pad left & right= y & x c-pad down= both zl & zr & they work fine for me .
The classic controller may not be perfect but its better than what most people say about it .



hand2097 said:

I love the way the CC feels in the hand but oddly enough, I'm less precise with its d-pad than the d-pad of the wiimote. Like in Star Tropics when the boulder chases you and you have to dodge into alcoves, I die much more often with the CC.



deadly_by_design said:

I dig using the Wiimote sideways for NES emulation. It feels comfortable with or without the Wiimote condom, and that's one less thing to have plugged in. (like the CC or this new thing would) Plus, no offense to the ol' Famicon, but that controller is ugly.



ChocoDK said:

I got an NES so I don't need this but its cool for people who would like the classic feel. It would've been nice though to have an N64 controller.



Corbs said:

I have the Super Famicom classic controller and I love it. I also picked up one of the white Gamecube controllers that match the Wii. I'm wondering when an N64 classic controller will pop up now.



Virus said:

Although I loved the N64 controller back in the day, I don't think I'd enjoy it now even if it was given a slick retro look. I can't help but feel the N64 controller is a Gamecube controller with a Nunchuck controller shoved in the middle (and right there I single-handedly discovered what Nintendo did with all those extra N64 controllers ).

Then again, I don't have much love for these retro controllers. This Datel one ain't much different.



Ricardo91 said:

....Meh. I love novelty stuff, but I'll stick to my good ol' classic controller. I don't do imports anyway.

Now how about an N64 retro controller. Now that I'd get! Sin & Punishment just doesn't play as smoothly on a Gamecube Controller.



megacody said:

The blue-white controller of this, looks less ugly. Although the d-pad does look a little off, doesn't it? I'm still waiting for an SNES version anyway.



JonnyTanna said:

Pardon my ignorance, but what's a CC Pad?

Are you talking about the Classic Controller?

Does anyone know a decent Gamecube Joystick that I can use for Wii Fighting games (especially the upcoming Tatsunoko Vs Capcom).

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