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Bomberman Looks Like A Blast

Posted by Darren Calvert

The German ratings board, the USK have revealed that the upcoming Bomberman game will in fact be called Bomberman Blast. It seems like a pretty good name to us assuming that the game is a blast to play!

The official Japanese Bomberman Blast website is available now also. Check it out, there are loads of goodies like screenshots, game modes and artwork for you to look at. That is if you can understand how to navigate it, we recommend just clicking random Japanese words and hoping for the best!

As if all this wasn't enough Cubed3 did an interview with Hudson recently and amongst other things the following came up about Bomberman Blast:

Cubed: It was reported that both Bomberman games for Wii and WiiWare have been delayed somewhat. What is the reason behind the delays and can you reveal when they will be released now?

Hudson: In Bomberman a maximum of 8 players can battle via Wi-Fi. In order to make this work as smoothly as possible, we’ve had to take some time to tweak some minor points of the game. We believe that our efforts have paid off, and that the finished product is the title to fully experience the Hudson Battle, so please be on the lookout for it. (*Please note only Bomberman for WiiWare version will be released in EU, not Wii version.)

Cubed: Will Nintendo allow Hudson to use Mii characters instead of traditional Bomberman characters in the Battle Mode? This would definitely add to the immersion for gamers and has been a highly requested inclusion from our readers.

Hudson: Yes, Miis will be available once a certain condition is met.

The Wi-Fi mode sounds like it is going to be quite good. The use of Miis was a no-brainer also so we’re glad to hear that is going to be included. It seems a bit of a strange choice to not release the retail version of the game in Europe, but we’ll obviously be rooting for the WiiWare version anyway.

You can check out the interview which we did with Hudson in May here. What are your thoughts on all this Bomberman related news?

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AlexSays said:

This is my most anticipated WiiWare title.
I can see myself losing many hours of my life to this game.
Do we have an estimate on when this game might possibly come out?

Note: WWW has been able to cover Mega Man, and Bomberman, in the same day.



Atlantis1982 said:

One of my first anticipated WiiWare titles, and glad it is going to have WiFi capabilities.



Raptor78 said:

im a bit sad that there will be no retail version available ad I was planning to first get the wiiware version and then the retail (best of both worlds) for the extra content, also I would have been able to let my friends borrow my retail version so I could kick their ass online.

...still at least they are tweeking it so the online will run smoothly, thats better than rushing it and releasing a half assed job like some companies do.



Terra said:

DAMM IT! No retail version for EU. This Sucks big time. Why are they doing this? i really wanted to get that version. It's like what happened with World of Goo, except we only get the WiiWare version and i don't want that game.



CanisWolfred said:

Yes! I support any game that sports Mii Support! ...not really, but either way, it makes this game a heck of a lot more fun. I can't wait to blow up Dr. Adams, "That's for not being a real Doctor!" Hah yes, gonna have a grand old time! Also, while I think 8 player WiFi might be overdoing it(obviously, they had to delay the whole game just to make it work), I still can't wait to try it out. I really haven't played Bomberman that much, but what little I did play was a ton of fun.

No word on a release date? Oh well, it'll come when it comes.



dark_moogle said:

Well now if I encounter ANY problems online when i play an 8 player match, Hudson will have no excuses and I will have every right to dig into them about it!



Ray said:

This game will be awesome. I loved Bomberman '93 and 64, but every Bomberman since then has sucked somewhat IMO.



Draygone said:

I'm sure Europe will get a retail release. Other regions will just get it earlier.



supermario2 said:

I might not get it since I can download bomberman '93 from VC so I couldn't really be bothered besides I've found games on the net exactly like it (except 4 the WI-FI and MII support).



Phantom5800 said:

I still want to know more about the retail version until then I am still unsure which version I will get.



Luigi said:

I want this game! I don't have any friends to play with at home, but Wi-Fi will fix that.



classicmike said:

This is also another highly wanted wii ware game that is coming out. There is only two things I am worried about for this game:
A. how much space this will take up, and
B. how much this will cost.
Anyway, this and Mega Man 9 coming out will be just great, can't wait for this one too!



Mario64DStyle said:

This is going to be a great game! Can't wait to buy it instantly.
Everyone here loves the classic version on VC and have put many hours into it, so this one will be great =)



CanisWolfred said:

Does anybody know if you can send demos to people, that would make this game that much more awesome. And just so people know, especially people trying to figure out which version to get, this game is basically the Multiplayer mode of the retail version, with a few minor additions. In my opinion, multiplayer is the best part of Bomberman, but if you're looking to play Bomberman Singleplayer, you're going to have to wait for the retail version.



Ricardo91 said:

Alright, online play and mii support! I should make a bunch of Miis that look like celebrities and blow 'em to smithereens! XD

Wait, you have to buy the single player game separately? That sucks! Is it because of memory space issues?



SRPirate said:

this looks really good, online with 8 players will be great and mii support, when is it coming out?



DarkLloyd said:

retail version and a wiiware version im totally confuse is this the same thing or different



CanisWolfred said:


Yes and No: The "retail version" is the Bomberman game coming out in stores(on a disc), which has most of what the Wiiware version has plus the Singleplayer. The Wiiware version has the Retail version's Multiplayer, and I believe a few extra items and modes(don't quote me on that one). Just so you know, you can play multiplayer against people who have the retail version.

Speaking of the retail version, the Site linked up above seems to only talk about the disc version, I don't even see Wiiware mentioned no matter what I click.

Edit: Nevermind, it mentions it. I don't actually know japanese, so it's hard for me to figure this stuff out.

Edit again: Does anybody know where I can find a translator that won't infect my computer? It even produced a pop-up of a supposed solution to my malware problem, however, previous experience prohibited me from falling for such a charade once again.

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