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Big Kahuna Party to Bring Multiplayer Fun to WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

We got a press release about a new game for WiiWare today by the name of Big Kahuna Party. It’s the first we have heard of this game, or indeed the developers Reflexive Entertainment so we really don’t know what to expect from this one yet. It appears to be a multiplayer underwater puzzle game.

See below the fold for the screenshots we currently have and as ever let your thoughts be known!

Lake Forest, CA – July 23rd, 2008 – Reflexive Entertainment has always been a fan of multiplayer gaming and is excited to announce Big Kahuna Party, a special multiplayer focused version of one of its most beloved franchises, coming exclusively to WiiWare™ on the Wii™.

Featuring both cooperative and competitive play for 2-4 players, in addition to single-player mode, Big Kahuna Party takes players on an exciting adventure through underwater reefs, captivating players as they discover new and exotic fish and explore all 99 levels. Each level has been carefully conceived to create an oceanic holiday for players as they match up sea-themed objects, and unlock 26 beautifully rendered and stunningly life-like fish.

With new intuitive Wii-specific controls, players can swap tiles faster and more fluidly than ever before using either just the Wii Remote™, or with both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk™. That speed will come in handy in the multiplayer modes, where the underwater matching madness can get intense.

“When we made the Big Kahuna games on the PC, we added a feature that allowed players to play together using multiple mice, and in the office it was a smash hit,” said Lee Cooper, Producer of Big Kahuna Party. “Unfortunately, as most people don’t have multiple mice connected to their computer, not enough people have gotten to experience the frantic fun of multiplayer Big Kahuna. For WiiWare, we’ve made multiplayer the focus. People can still enjoy the game by themselves, but after playing multiplayer we expect you’ll only use single-player to brush up on your skills for your next competitive game night with friends.”

Big Kahuna Party also features explosives, which have been one of the most popular additions to the Big Kahuna series. Created as players make matches of 5 or more, explosives come in various sizes from little sticks of dynamite to huge nuclear bombs that can be used strategically to clear out large sections or difficult to reach areas of each level. Explosives are especially useful in multiplayer competitive matches where players race to own the most territory on the board by clearing squares before their competitors.

With nearly a hundred levels sure to keep players entertained for hours and friendly casual game play that ensures everyone in the family can join in on the fun, Big Kahuna Party is an unbeatable way to take the family on a tropical holiday from the comfort of your own living room.

Big Kahuna Party is rated “E” for Everyone. A release date will be announced soon.

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SRPirate said:

it looks pretty fun, i might pick this up when it comes out, but have to see the review first



Omega said:

Kahuna is some kind of Board Game, isn't it? Oh dear! Now all mobile and freeware games come to WiiWare. And they are not for free. The next, please... Yawn.



Naturestee said:

So... if we aren't familiar with the PC game, how do you play this? What do you do?

Also, anything with the word "party" added to the title for the Wii scares me.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

"beloved franchises"? I've never heard of Big Kahuna in reference to a video game.....or board game. I'll probably pass on this unless the review is stellar.



Otty_Ott said:

Big Kahuna Reef 1 & 2 are casual games for the PC, and very good ones at that. They are match 3 games like Bejeweled and are known for several things...bombs with massive chain reaction explosions, tricky difficulty, multiplayer called Mouse Party, and 1000's of user created levels.

Mouse Party lets 2 or more players make matches at the same time and compete for a higher score.

Reflexive Entertainment is a casual game developer known mainly for Big Kahuna Reef an the Ricochet family of breakout style games. Their games are very well made and fun. I find it interesting they are expanding onto Wiiware. It will be fun to see if Big Fish Games, Sandbox games, Mumbo Jumbo and others follow suit.



Raptor78 said:

If Reflexive games are coming to the wiiware party, I hope they bring their classic "Wik and the Fable of Souls" Im sure that if they were to do a wii-make / sequel to this game it could be the next lost winds.
As far as Big Kahuna Reef goes, im sure it will sell very well. Afterall the company has been making some great games since 1997 and still going strong.

I love Reflexive games, and are often the place for me to go and get my small downloadable games online for my PC. Im sure like Gameloft that they will be able to cram a lot into such a small space. Good luck Reflexive Games.



DarkLloyd said:

i buy any game that i like regardless of the ratings or what people think of it. but it seems to me some people check reveiws first n stuff cuz if they accidentally bought it and turns out it got bad reveiws they regret getting it cuz no one else got it. what i mean iis they dont want to feel like a loser. if that is some what true then thats stupid no offense



Peznaze said:

Too many puzzlers on WiiWare, if they don't do 500 points, they're doomed.



Raptor78 said:

@BlackFira, I completely agree with you. Usually I make sure I have points available and wait to see what pops up on midnight and if its something I want or even sometimes just curious about (that fishing game for instance) i buy it there and then. I usually read the reviews purely to see how well recieved it is by anybody else.
Its just stupid to buy a game you may not like just because everybody else is raving about it. Sometimes if you take a chance and buy a lump of coal it can actually turn out to be a diamond.



Otty_Ott said:

The PC games are $19.95. but they have 750 levels, not 99. And access to 1000's of user-created levels...



Unimpressed said:

It's a PC game (I believe from popcap. I think. It's a ton of fun and highly addicting. Don't know if I'll download it, since I have it on my computer.

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