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Yudo Announces Aero Guitar For WiiWare

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A Japanese games company called Yudo recently announced that they're planning on releasing a music rhythm game for WiiWare. Aero Guitar will be similar to games such as Guitar Hero and Dancing Stage/Dance Dance Revolution, making you try to hit beat markers at the correct times using the Wiimote as a virtual instrument.

For now, it's unknown if there will be multiplayer, but we think it would be a safe bet to say there will be. The game will cost 800 Wii Points.

Yudo is also looking to make use of Nintendo's Pay to Play service, and offer additional songs and other content for a price.

The game is planned for a summer release in Japan, with no date for other regions. Yudo is thought to be planning to release the game in Europe and North America as well, however.

Check out our Aero Guitar game page for screenshots from this upcoming game.

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ZIMlord said:

looks weard......... Dosent look that good, won't be getting this when it comes out!



Boringman54 said:

I'll probably buy this since I can't get my hands on Guitar Hero 3 and probably Rock Band when it comes out for Wii soon.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I rather Guitar Hero .
I be waiting for Guitar Hero: On Tour & Guitar Hero:Would Tour .
This looks boring to me .



MisterSmith said:

Much cheaper than the alternatives, so I'll probably jump in.

I'm refusing to buy any Guitar Hero/Rock Band/etc. type game until they all decide to play nice with their controllers. I have no need to spend hundreds of dollars on several fake guitars, drums, and mics.



thewiirocks said:

@MisterSmith - No worries! Harmonix has decided to commit seppuku on the Wii with a really crappy PS2 port of Rock Band, and Activision appears to be supporting the GHIII controller in GHIV. So just stick to the Guitar Hero franchise and everything will remain hunky dory.

(Besides, Harmonix was just throwing a fit when it came to the Wii's GHIII controller. I mean, if the average person can activate the controller with a copy of GlovePIE and a few minutes of writing a script, what's Harmonix's excuse? The guitar is just a classic controller in a new case.)



strade32 said:

i am not really into to games like this, but i have heard they are good though.



The_shoemaker said:

if the tracks and wii remote controls are good, 800 points would be a steal. But I'm thinking of getting Guitar Hero World Tour on DS instead.



Tim said:

LMAO! This idea is so wrong in so many different ways.

The average 128KB MP3 is about a 1MB per minute. Think about how big 1 song will end up being after extra MBs are added to store the song's note data and any layers of separate instrument tracks. Now imagine being able to only hold one or two songs on your Wii and then having to do Nintendo's redownload or SD swap solution when ever you feel like playing a different song. It sounds good so far doesn't it?

They could always skip the vocals and use a midi type FM synthesizer for all the instrument tracks. Midi files are very very small. Of course they don't sound nearly as good as a 128KB MP3 and 128KB MP3s don't sound very good to begin with either. Does the Wii sound chip even have FM synthesis?

Last but probably not least they could stream the music over the net but this will also mean you'll have to wait for the song to buffer and put up with the possibility of lag. Technically, you also won't own the songs when the online service becomes obsolete, but it could be worse, right?

The best reason why this game is so wrong is related to gameplay fundamentals. Music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are fun because of the instrument controllers. Who do you know that likes to play either of those games with a standard controller?

Well, its time to fill up all that extra space Nintendo says everyone has on their Wii with song downloads



strade32 said:

the downloadable songs are extra content and that is not for sure. also, this game was not meant for instrument as it is a DANCING game. 26 songs come with the game so it equals the same amount of blocks with all that music plus the dancing robot and game.



thewiirocks said:

Tim sez... The average 128KB MP3 is about a 1MB per minute.

The Wii supports AAC, which is the next generation after MP3s. Smaller, higher quality, and generally superior in every way. In addition, you can encode at lower bit rates with better quality when you have access to master tracks.

Does the Wii sound chip even have FM synthesis?

It doesn't need it. The Wii has an ARM-based sound processor capable of being programmed to simulate FM synthesis if so desired. Personally, I don't see why they'd bother when better technology already exists. With a custom tracker file and some fancy sound programming on the ARM, they could reproduce just about any piece in a very small amount of space.

Even if we go by your original figures, though, WiiWare titles still target ~40MB download size. If we give about 5MB to the game (which doesn't look like much anyway), that's still 35 tracks.

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