Yudo Announces Aero Guitar For WiiWare

A Japanese games company called Yudo recently announced that they're planning on releasing a music rhythm game for WiiWare. Aero Guitar will be similar to games such as Guitar Hero and Dancing Stage/Dance Dance Revolution, making you try to hit beat markers at the correct times using the Wiimote as a virtual instrument.

For now, it's unknown if there will be multiplayer, but we think it would be a safe bet to say there will be. The game will cost 800 Wii Points.

Yudo is also looking to make use of Nintendo's Pay to Play service, and offer additional songs and other content for a price.

The game is planned for a summer release in Japan, with no date for other regions. Yudo is thought to be planning to release the game in Europe and North America as well, however.

Check out our Aero Guitar game page for screenshots from this upcoming game.