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Will MadStone Make The Earth Move For WiiWare?

Posted by Darren Calvert

RiverMan Media are quietly working on a falling block style puzzle game called MadStone which is headed to WiiWare.

Have a look at the screenshots on our Madstone game page or watch the video below.

Here is a bit of blurb about the game from the developers which explains what to expect in more detail:

RiverMan Media is thrilled to announce the development of our first WiiWare project, MadStone. MadStone is the most intense, dynamic, and relentless puzzle game ever created.

MadStone is a dynamic, tension-filled puzzle game with an earth-shaking twist! In a landscape filled with crumbling ruins, you use the Wii Remote to smash through rubble and release the power of ancient magical spirits. As you gain in power, you can literally shake the earth itself, unleashing vast amounts of energy and leaving your opponent in ruins.

In MadStone, you clear through towers of stone in order to collect the magical elements, called SkySigns, that are trapped within. The goal is to get your SkySigns (moons in the screenshots) to the bottom of the screen, where they are collected in your mana pool. Collect enough, and you can execute a super move that causes an avalanche of destruction!

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Quimby said:

I just got Pokemon Puzzle League, so I'll give this a miss.
Looks ok, but I'm just not a big enough puzzle fan to want both.



AlexSays said:

@ Kevin- i agree.
i have no idea whats going on in the video.

and how many puzzle games before we get a decent RPG on WiiWare?



pdrydia said:

@ x.SuperMario.x
Probably a lot. I imagine it's quicker to bring a puzzle game to market than an RPG. There's also the nature of WiiWare to discourage developers from making RPGs--y'know, the idea that WW is for small, cheap, short games and all.



Draygone said:

I can't really tell what's going on. It kinda looks like you can bust blocks in any way you want to me. But there's gotta be some logic to busting them somewhere.



Kenji510 said:

This game looks pretty damn cool... hope this one comes out soon to the wiiware!!.. i like these type of games as well.



Cowmansr said:

@ lockelocke
Why don't you get Pokemon Puzzle League? It doesn't have the nifty Yoshi's Island characters, sure, but it's the same gameplay.



SmaMan said:

That "bit of blurb" just sounds like what the description of it is going to be on the Shop Channel when it hits WiiWare. They make it sound awesome to get you to buy it...and then it reaks of crap.

I can barely even see what is going on in this in-game clip, much less tell.



Chris_Davis said:

WTF? Why do I want this game?
Why would I ever want a game like this, smash the rocks and get the moon shapes. Rathr get Dr. Mario or Tetris.



Fryguy64 said:

This is the worst videogame press release I have seen for about 15 years. Paragraphs 2 and 3 just say the exact same thing, and paragraph 1 is mostly filler words that mean nothing at all. There are no more than 4 points here:

  • MadStone is Riverman Media's first WiiWare project.
  • MadStone is a puzzle game.
  • Clear stone towers to collect magical elements (SkySigns) in your mana pool at the bottom of the screen.
  • Collect enough SkySigns in your mana pool to execute a destructive attack.


Riverman_Jacob said:

Hi everyone,
This is Jacob Stevens, I'm a developer for MadStone. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our game!

Everyone's observations are true. MadStone is a falling block puzzler designed for hardcore puzzle fans. Personally, I love games like Lumines, Meteos, and Tetris Attack, and we wanted to bring this frantic, easy-to-play but tough-to-master style of play to WiiWare. It's addictive, fun to watch, and there will be plenty of play-time in both single and multi-player modes.

As far as the cost, we aren't allowed to officially comment, but I'm hoping it's not much more than a gallon of gas

Jacob A. Stevens
RiverMan Media



Dazza said:

Hi Jacob, Welcome to WiiWare World! If MadStone is anything like Lumines and Meteos then this is going to be a winner.



AlexSays said:

if its more than a gallon of gas,
then it might be the most expensive WiiWare title whenever it arrives.



Kenji510 said:

@riverman_jacob- I think this game looks pretty cool and i wanna try it out and play it... hope it comes out soon to the wiiware and let us know for this release as well... i love these type of games.

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