Wii Move To Bring Balance Board Fun To WiiWare

A mysterious video entitled "Wii Move - Balance Board Innovation" appeared on YouTube recently. The video shows nothing more than a computerised woman running with a clock frantically ticking in the background. The visuals seem to be a rather similar style to the trainers in Wii Fit. Could this trailer just be trying to raise enthusiasm for another workout game, or is it something more?

The mystery of who was responsible for this video was soon cleared up by Balance Board Blog (they really do have a website for everything now huh?) who contacted the guy who posted the YouTube video. It turns out that Wii Move is a game being developed by Pherosoft. Here’s what they told them:

Wii Move is the first Project from PheroseSoft, a small 7 man team, made up from past members of EA Canada Burnaby and Rockstar North. The game looks to but an unexpected slant on the Wii Balance Board. Look for Wii Move to hit the download service in quarter four 08

You can check out the video here:

This is now thought to be a fake!

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This is now thought to be a fake!

It sounds like it could be a pretty neat idea for a WiiWare game, of course it remains to be seen how it will turn out. Let's face it this video doesn't tell us anything, but I am guessing it will be some type of exercise based game.

What are our readers thoughts on this video?

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