Wii Fit Inspires New YouTube Craze

And it’s one that we most certainly approve of

It may be harder to find than rocking horse shit these days, but Wit Fit is nevertheless causing quite a stir in living rooms all over the world. It seems that the fairer sex simply can’t get enough of it, and as if to illustrate this fact there’s been a flood of clips cropping up on YouTube showing female gamers strutting their stuff atop their balance boards.

The one that started it all – famously titled “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit” – has courted controversy of late, with many people claiming it’s actually part of a nefarious viral marking campaign by Nintendo. The company has of course denied this rumour, but the video – which contains an attractive young lady in underpants playing Wii Fit - is likely to boost the profile of the game nonetheless.

Anyway, here’s the video for those of you that have yet to enjoy it:

That clip has now garnered over 2 million views and relatively it’s easy to see why. Unsurprisingly, imitators have appeared, and the good news for us red-blooded males is that they’re getting even saucier.

Check this example (as long as you’re over 18), classily entitled “Wii Fit Boxing in Bra and Knickers”:

While we’re obviously against the objectification of women, we can’t say that we’d be disappointed if this craze were to continue.

[via balanceboardblog.com]