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We Move: Pain Vs Pleasure - New Video And Information

Posted by Darren Calvert

You may remember a few days ago we revealed a mysterious video for a WiiWare game called Wii Move. An updated video has since been released by the ex-Rockstar employees at PheroseSoft showing more in-game footage. It has also been renamed to We Move: Pain vs Pleasure and has some kinky overtones that make interest the more sadomasochistic of our readers!

In the video you it is demonstrated that this game will allow you to create your own Mii-like characters, create your own moves, create your own items (such as whips and candles so you can get hot wax poured on you by a dominatrix!), you can even cruise your neighbourhood keeping track of the exploits of the victims of this twisted exercise regime.

We can only say this is one of the most “interesting” of the upcoming titles planned for WiiWare. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

This is now thought to be a fake!

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This is now thought to be a fake!

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Homer_Simpson said:

Looks like a soft porn game. I'm honestly surprised Nintendo is even letting this be sold on WiiWare. Perhaps it's a fake?



RonF said:

It is obviously a fake as Nintendo wouldn't allow such themes in a game. A lame one, BTW.



Bensei said:

What!?! How turned jogging into a soft-porn game? And for what can we use the Balance Board? I HOPE this is fake, not because I'm against such games, but because there are so many logic errors that it looks as if they are showing the whole world what they are experimenting with gameplay...



Kawaiipikachu said:

Gee this is wierd .
A wierd version of second life for Wii .
Um im starting to lose my mind here trying to make sense of these videos .

I still be looking forward to trying to make sense of these videos .



Nero said:

I like weird stuff, but this is just some of the weirdest stuff I've seen in a long time..



Villain said:

No way. Cheap character models, crappy movement, HORRIBLE music, or lack of it...

It can't be real.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

What.....the.....these trailers make no sense and are just getting creepier and creepier. It looks like the weirdest Rockstar employees left and judging by these trailers, they still appear to be doing their "thing".



Loooca said:

This must be a joke. The quality and contents speak for themselves. It's either a joke or a bad, bad move by Nintendo.



i8cookie said:

definitely fake, the models, although they look like ..., have way more polygons than would be used on models for a real-time wii game. This video is 100% pre-rendered, no wii ware games will have pre-rendered videos due to the small wii space capacity and why would you have this as a video cut scene anyway..... not that a soft porn game would be a bad thing, but this looks bad.



hal said:

either fake or nintendo is revealing more of their crappiness! lol



Bensei said:

I guess we'll soon here signs from Lisa Lombardozzi again "Kids could re-act those moves in real life!"



Peznaze said:

I knew it! I KNEW this was a "lady of the evening" sim! I'd use the modern vernacular, but it's so overused it's lost its true meaning. Everything from mastering your strut to "disciplining" the Johns... What else would one expect from ex-Rockstar North employees? As an aside, yet another game were the previous victim gets to have some sort of spotlit revenge.



Tim said:

Make it stop. Oh please make it stop. I don't think I can take anymore. How many more crap games is the wii going to get? Curse you! Curse you all!



StarDust4Ever said:

Hmmm... My fiance and I could have fun playing this game, LOL!

This is most likely BS, but if this is not fake, and if it is actually released, I would probably be one of the first suckers to D/L. Please don't flame me



StarDust4Ever said:

Oh, and from a technical note, the core gameplay elements have to be worked out before adding textures and scenery. I read in a Myamoto interview that Super Mario Brothers started out with just solid rectangles for the game elements, which is what all 8-bit sprites really are.

And if this had been pre-rendered material, it would have most likely been jazzed up a lot with textures, custom lighting, shadows, and background props. The 3D polygons in the models themselves are not that complex, maybe slightly more so than the most advanced N64 games. Their vertices have merely been "smoothed", an effect that makes the object appear to be more complex - Gamecube games used this technique extensively, along with bumpmapping. Trust me, I have dabbled with 3D rendering software enough to know what I am looking at.



AchubaNanoia said:

I have no idea if this will be the real game or not, if it will be good or not... but really, I wouldn't be surprised if they started making these kind of games. Come on, who among us have never made some jokes about the vibrating wii remote or the acessories that you can plug on it ?
And well, Wii Sports got people moving, Wii Fit got people healthy, now it's only a matter of time before they deliver Wii Luv U Long Time lol.



XCWarrior said:

See now if the graphics were better and that was like some hot playboy playmate-like girl holding that whip you people would be drooling over this game.

With that said... this does just look too weird. Then again there is a competitive eating game coming out. Just give us Tetris, seriously.



Virus said:

Well, it seems Nintendo is inadvertently accomplishing one of its other claims. They may have lied a bit when they would accept all WiiWare publishers, but they weren't lying when they said the Wii was for everyone. Now masochists, sadists, and extremely-deprived individuals can find enjoyment.

Gah... I can't believe I even made that joke.



konkerdoodle said:

I think this is a joke. This is exactly the kind of thing you fiends on the Wiiware-World staff would do to us. Just admit it!



Bensei said:

No, Junichi, don't! Be careful with your wishes, they might come true!



mailanbr said:

No way Nintendo would even allow this to be on their WiiWare. Of course there is the parental system, but what kid tells their parents about that!? Man, though, even these graphics seem so horribly fake. Either that this is the beta version, or just plain fake.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Persona 3 is better than this. (If you do not understand me: Persona 3 has you summon your Persona ,which is your other soul, by shooting yourself on the head with an Evoker. The issue is that the Evoker looks like a gun, so it appeas that you are committing suicide.)

By the way, I like Persona 3. It was not one of the best RPGs for its appearance of suicide.

Bensei-san: "And for what can we use the Balance Board?"
The Wii Balance board might let you replicate the excercize moves while the Wii Remote would support the tourture.

I hope this does not exist.



Ricardo91 said:

@Junichi. You are one sick little monkey.

WTF iz this sh!t!? This has to be some kind of joke. At least, I hope it is.
I realize Nintendo is pretty lax about the quality of games nowadays, but I think even they have limits. =P

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