We Move: Pain Vs Pleasure - New Video And Information

You may remember a few days ago we revealed a mysterious video for a WiiWare game called Wii Move. An updated video has since been released by the ex-Rockstar employees at PheroseSoft showing more in-game footage. It has also been renamed to We Move: Pain vs Pleasure and has some kinky overtones that make interest the more sadomasochistic of our readers!

In the video you it is demonstrated that this game will allow you to create your own Mii-like characters, create your own moves, create your own items (such as whips and candles so you can get hot wax poured on you by a dominatrix!), you can even cruise your neighbourhood keeping track of the exploits of the victims of this twisted exercise regime.

We can only say this is one of the most “interesting” of the upcoming titles planned for WiiWare. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

This is now thought to be a fake!

This is now thought to be a fake!

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