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USA WiiWare Update: Block Breaker Deluxe and Cocoto Fishing Master

Posted by Damien McFerran

North America’s WiiWare catalogue has been swelled by two new releases today.

The first is Block Breaker Deluxe, which retails for 800 points and is an enhanced version of an old mobile phone game. But don’t let that put you off – by all accounts the title is jolly good fun. As always, our review will follow shortly after we’ve play tested it to destruction.

The second game is a rather more sedate affair. Cocoto Fishing Master costs 700 points and uses the Wiimote as a virtual fishing rod and gives you the chance to avoid the ignominy of standing on the banks of a pond/river for hours looking like a fool. You can do it in the comfort of your own living room, instead! Again, our review will be online as soon as we’ve caught a few whoppers.

Elsewhere, the Virtual Console channel has been gifted with just one game, but boy is it a good one. SNK’s legendary Samuari Shodown is one of the best 2D fighters in existence and is well worth a look for those of you that like nothing more than chopping people in two with a sharp blade.

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User Comments (47)



Bensei said:

At least you get VC AND Wiiware games

Plus, you got 2 Wiiware Games this week, twice as much than we got after the launch titles had been released



calculon said:

Wow, an update to mobile Arkanoid and a fishiing game. Should take the top two spots next week then. Excuse my cynicism but how the HELL do Nintendo live with themselves for letting people publish crap like this.

Arkanoid has nearly always been fun - but considering that most people have played it in some form since 1976 and nowadays very good variations are freely available why the hell would anyone want to pay $8 (or nearly $12 equivalent in the UK) for an upgraded mobile phone game?

As for virtual fishing? I'll stick with LoZ:OoT - you get a proper game with it for a bit more cash.



Bensei said:

I'm sure many will enjoy Block Breaker, and maybe some don't know what Zelda is but want to test how fishing is on Wii? Then this game for 7€ could be a steal. But I wouldn't get my hopes up about the second, since Cocoto Racing was REALLY crap



KnucklesSonic8 said:

dbolt: Same. sigh And I was REALLY looking forward to today's update after last week's disappointment (minus VC).



Starwolf_UK said:

Roll on the reviews is all I have to say. I have a strange feeling the fishing game is aimed at a younger audience and the breakout game is well...breakout.

Excuse my cynicism but how the HELL do Nintendo live with themselves for letting people publish crap like this.
If they rejected games, developers wouldn't develop for them* and we would all whine about Nintendo be evil mizars only letting games they want come out.
*- Say it costs $50,000 to develop. If you can't publish it how do you recoup the money?



jangonov said:

sigh and to think I wake up like a kid at cristmas every monday, just to find this.



stedaman said:

They really are holding off the big games.......

gyrostarr was expected!

I only hope the UK gets some good wiiware love this Friday.
Pop/DYC is overdue!



bwaybuddy26 said:

You guys have got to stop expecting AAA titles every week. Besides, at least we are getting games at all - Europe and Japan's releases have been sporadic and uneven. Every week, Nintendo is giving us something new - not necessarily stuff that EVERYONE wants to play, but at least there's variety.



Yatesy said:

Wow Nintendo, what do you have against us Europeans?! Not content with America having seven (7) more WiiWare games than us, you had to go and give them yet another two! Even if the new games perhaps aren't of the most stunning quality, North America, nevertheless, now has a grand total of nine (9) more WiiWare games than our lot! Was it something we said?!



Bass_X0 said:

Only two games that we haven't got yet are worth downloading though - Pop and maybe Defend Your Castle. I might download Pop when it becomes available.



Yatesy said:

You're right of course, Bass XO- even if all nine (9) of the games that America have that we don't were to suddenly become available, I'd likely only download one or two, if any. The point though, is that it's bloody annoying that North America are somehow deemed fit to have a whopping nine more games available for download than us. It's not fair I tell you!



Pegasus said:

More like: people are too used to instant gratification.

Shoot! I've yet to come close to finishing either LostWinds or Toki Tori. I guess there's the beauty in actually being busy with work. Slow releases just don't bother me all that much. Plenty of regular Wii games yet to finish, too.



SmaMan said:

Somebody frame that statement and hang it up on the highest wall...good grief people calm down...and c'mon we got Samurai Shodown!! I'm sure there's probably a lot of great VC games released in the past year that you wanted to get but didn't have the points, go get them if you're going to be insistantly fed up with the Shop Channel releases!



Mike1 said:

16. Yatesy 16 Jun 2008, 15:38 GMT
"Wow Nintendo, what do you have against us Europeans?! Not content with America having seven (7) more WiiWare games than us, you had to go and give them yet another two! Even if the new games perhaps aren't of the most stunning quality, North America, nevertheless, now has a grand total of nine (9) more WiiWare games than our lot! Was it something we said?!"

Don't even go there; you guys got 5 VC games last week while we got 1!



AlexSays said:

@ Mike- agreed.
they get way better VC games,
and most of our WiiWare games suck anyway.



Roboto said:

why all say north america??
in central and south america they release wiiware every week
hehe lol

i just downloaded tv show king and its so fun its all in spanish (from spain of curse and sucks mexico voices would be better)

and for this week i would download samouray showdown its one of my fabs



Vortex99 said:

Yeah, we have to wait EVERY TWO FRIDAYS for our WiiWare games.

Man, this sucks...



AlexSays said:

i guarantee we won't get Gyrostarr this month.
probably not even next month.

Nintendo is going to milk the games that are already out for as long as possible. (Dr. Mario, Pokemon Channel)
we probably won't get any noteworthy games for a month.

next week i'm predicting Beer Pong and Home Sweet Home.
week after that: Major League Eating



Peznaze said:

Note we got two this week. Well... two games that aren't half as good as a normal game, so... really... More like 0.8 of a WiiWare game?

Any week with Samurai Shodown is a good week, though.



Objection said:

My predictions for the next 3 weeks:
Week1: Beer Pong and Home Sweet Home (like you thought)
Week2: Major League Eating and Gyrostarr
Week3: Strongbad and Shovelware



mr_niceguy said:

Well, judging from the Nintendo Channal videos, Block Breaker Deluxe looks really cool and I'll possibly get it, and that fishing one looks...different, I suppose. I'm not a fan of fighting games, so Samuari Showdown doesn't interest me, but at least it's good, and it's nice to see the Neo Geo getting supported with good games, I'm assumed it was going to be ignored like the Master System was.



Superdab said:

Where the hell is gyrostar? Has anyone downloaded these games yet? I would like someones opinion on them. Damn, I had 1000 points lined up for gyrostar? Is tv show king any good?



MrPoo6321 said:

okay, we may get VC and WW games at the same time each week... but with weeks like this it hardly makes it worth it. none of these games are worth downloading in my opinion. maybe the Samurai game, but i'd rather wait for something else. i thought we were getting Super Mario RPG this month?



AlexSays said:

@ Objection_Blaster-
i'm calling it here.
we won't get Gyrostarr until mid-July.



Dazza said:

I had a quick go on BBDX today. It is not bad if you like arkanoid style games. The presentation is very nice and there are tons of cool power-ups. Also the levels form a sort of story mode.

The only slightly annoying thing is that you can only control your paddle by pointing the Wiimote left and right. It doesn't always feel accurate as a result. I would have liked the option to use the D-pad also really as after a while your hand can get tired.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Glad to hear SOMEONE speak positively about it.

Hows Multi?
Is 800 justified?
Are the uninspired, "hip" characters annoying?

Thanks for your impressions. I REALLY need a Review from SOMEWHERE.



Dazza said:

Haven't tried multiplayer yet. If you like Arkanoid style games then this is worth 800 I would say. The only crime is this type of game has been rehashed so many times already! The generic "hip" characters are quite funny if anything. As I said the presentation is pretty slick.

We'll have a review by Tuesday or Wednesday for both of today's games. Patience my friend



Tim said:

Ha Ha Ha NA is complaining about getting crappy games and EU is complaining about not having the same crappy games available.



Ray said:

Yay for crappy games.

I was really hoping Gyrostarr would be releasing this week. Oh well, next week =)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I was really hoping Plattchen would release this week, myself.

I have no IDEA when Gyrostarr can come anymore. Nintendo's pulling off the same stunts as the VC, and this makes me an unhappy camper. I'm not as mad about the VC Updates but WiiWare is starting to get to me considering how much I love WiiWare.

But anyway... I'm sure BBDX has more value in its purchase than Cocoto Fishing Master, anyway.



mr_niceguy said:

I wonder, maybe High voltage has been putting off development of Gyrostarr, since they are also working two other games(one Wiiware, one Disc, possibly others), and they already had that blackjack game that could have caused them to pause production to finish. I know High Voltage isn't all that small a company, but they certainly not a big-name developer either.

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