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Toki Tori For WiiWare Goes To Euro 2008

Posted by Darren Calvert

He's football mad!

Our finely feathered friend Toki Tori does like to get out and about it seems. Most recently he has been spotted at the Euro 2008 football championship! (Soccer to our American friends)

Take a look for yourself at the freshly updated Toki Tori website. If you look under the media section you can find some nice wallpapers for your desktop with your favourite international team. Sorry England fans, we didn't qualify!

You can also download the Toki Tori soundtrack which is pretty snazzy.

If you still haven't bought this yet, check out our Toki Tori review, hopefully that will help you make your mind up. We heartily recommend it.

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Objection said:

England didn't qualify!? Any news on if Two Tribes will give us additional levels as DLC, or what their next project is?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Awe-some. Sweet new update. And sweet, OST for Download!!! I love the OST!!

I'm at work though and it's blocked. Can anyone host the MP3's/songs somewhere for me, please?



Shortay said:

Cool, downloading the soundtrack right now.

Ireland didn't qualify either



Ralph_vr said:

Luckily the Netherlands did, so i'm downloading that one right away. (And personally I think they have a good chance to win too



DarkLloyd said:

is this game like a side scrolling game or if anyone knows a game “similar” to it. tell me if you can and thanks in advance



KnucklesSonic8 said:

It's a 2D/3D game. Side-scrolling, yes.

Think Mario VS Donkey Kong. That's the best analogy I can give you.

Trust me, I'm a HUGE Puzzle fan and I'm so pleased with the game as a whole. The game ROCKS!! I'm really REALLY looking forward to seeing a sequel.

Please Two Tribes! DO IT!! You guys are awesome!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

It truly is! It's a great game and I love how deceptively challenging it is. Trust me. It's not an easy game although you would think so at first glance.



DarkLloyd said:

lol i was at first thought it was going to be simple , fun and addictive like ffmlak if you know what it stands for. i swear even after i beat the game and still fun to replay the game again its like they put me on drugs. lol jokes. hopfully this game will too



PHANTOM93 said:

Hey knucklessonic8 I was able to send one of the songs (5 total) working on #'s 2-5 right now but my internet=EPIC FAIL right now so I don't know if or when you'll get the other four songs. At least you get the main theme



PHANTOM93 said:

OK all songs sent (took about 15 mins for each set) glad to be of help to you KnucklesSonic8.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Pink rabbit: Rule the what?! XD

Phantom: Yes, I got them all now. I replied back to you. Thank you very much. Can't wait to put them on my MP3 and listen to them when I get home!

Black Fira: Indeed. FFCC: MLK is a fantastic game, imho. I was really surprised and it most certainly is addictive, but in a good way. Toki Tori's concept is simple, yes, but the puzzles most certainly are NOT simple! Fun? Definitely! Addictive? Yes! I just love constantly coming back to the puzzles.

Some may find the 1000 Points a little steep but for me, the game is perfectly priced and it was SO worth it! Toki Tori has easily become on of my favourite WiiWare games.

Oh and it must be said: The music in Toki Tori is well done.



Dbc said:

Already got the game [love it] now we still need that cup..Holland..holland!!



Peznaze said:

Now, see? Advertising! Pushing your WiiWare game by linking it to a popular sporting venue. Bravo! Offering the soundtrack, marketing genious! This is the difference between Toki Tori's "success" and Lostwinds' "failure". (Both have done really well, in truth. It seems merely that puzzle games take time to catch on.)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Puzzle Games rock!!! Toki Tori is no different!
And offering the OST saves us time in a way... Well... those who do Game Rips anyways. xD



RetroWare said:

I might pick up this game as soon as I muster some money for Wii points. I played the GBC version and hd a blast, thought it wasn't difficult. Can you change the difficulty in this one?



ttplayer92 said:

What a funny looking character. I would buy this game if I had wii points but I dont. Oh and while I am not really interested in sports my brothers love soccer and have been watching Euro 2008 alot. Kind of ironic since me and them are americans. But then again we are only the first generation to live here in my family.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Drats im out by 200 points .
At first this game didn't intrest me at firts but now I want it & im out by 200 points



Objection said:

In regards to Toki Tori, I got 2 levels farther today! Now I am on like puzzle 3-3! (I skipped almost all of the HARD levels though...I heard you HAVE TO do those later...damn...need a walkthrough then (I got it 2 weeks ago...but i am not very good)



Loooca said:

Gosh, that is so adorable. That's pretty smart of Two Tribes— they waited until the group stages were done for and there: link your product with the most important sports event of this summer! Quite nifty.

Thanks for linking us to the main site. It's well designed and easy on the eye (unlike some of the sites for those FLASHY games out there.)



Mendez said:

Awesome website, just got the soundtrack. I feel like playing it again now! =D



StarDust4Ever said:

Hehehe, I downloaded two wallpapers, the "Waterfall" game art, and the "Italy" soccer pic (we NEVER call it "football" here, LOL). Three years ago, I took a trip to the land that's shaped like a boot!



Pink_Rabbit said:

We took quite the beating
And offcourse it's a german who laughes...
And they still ask themselves why the dutch dislikes the german...
how come indeed.



Bluezealand said:

Oh, so come on. It was just a joke and yesterday I felt really sorry for you.
So, whether you like germans or not, here's a hug for you



pApEr_y0sh said:

wuts the big deal about TOKI. he looks like a KFC mascot. i mean really, how much fun is the game? the video looked pretty bland.( how many angry comments do you think i am gonna get)( i would do an evil smile smiley face, but i dont know how, can someone tell me how to make the smiley faces)



Tim said:

@pApEr y0sh!

Toki Tori is a one of the best puzzle games to come around in a long while and I think it currently is the best on wiiware. If you like puzzle games you will have the time of your life with this one. If you are not into puzzle games than it will look bland to you. To learn how to smile goto



pApEr_y0sh said:

@Tim-ok. i take back wut i said. i tried the game, and its pretty good. i agree though. i am not that big of a fan of puzzle games, but this is one of the better ones., can someone tell me how to make those smiley faces, or can you only do that in forums



Tim said:

I gave you wiki link with some examples. For example: ' : - D ' =

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