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RUMOUR: PopCap Games To Develop For WiiWare?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ok, so this is probably a bit of idle speculation on our part but looking at a recent interview with PopCap Games we get the impression that the talented developer – which has such hits as Peggle Extreme and Zuma under its belt – may be looking into producing WiiWare games.

CEO Dave Roberts and co-founder John Vechey stated that they were working on more console projects with another unnamed company but couldn't give any more details aside from the fact that it might prove to be "one of the top ten [of all time]" for development collaborations. Interesting.

Vechey had this to say:

You'll see, actually, in a couple of announcements that we'll have later on in the year where we've done some pretty cool collaborations with a company that really, really knows the space really well, and we think the collaboration will hopefully make it more interesting.

With PopCap already supporting DLC via Xbox Live surely the next logical step is to develop for WiiWare? And who is this mystery company? Could it be Nintendo?

Like we said, we may just be reading too much into this, but we have a feeling we may see WiiWare Peggle sooner than you think…

Source: Gamasutra

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Bensei said:

I hope they don't release Zuma, I don't want them quarrelling with Nintendo



Dazza said:

Yeah Zuma will be a bit redundant with Actionloop/Magnetica Twist already out (for EU at least!)

I do think this developer has the potential to do some good games for WiiWare so I hope the rumour is true. Astro Pop was a fun little puzzler I thought.



Junichi said:

It's a win win situation for us. If they releases good games we can have fun playing them. But if they release bad games we can have a lot of fun calling them 'Poop Crap'.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Who cares about Zuma? (Well, I do, but theres more to it than that.)

All I can say is: BEJEWELED FTW!!!!!

I was excited when I heard about this before WWW posted it and I still am.



BDPatVCR said:

I had a lot of pop cap games some time ago and i must admit, nearly every game was fun to play ...
this would be a good developer for wiiware !!!
yay pop cap !!!



Kidpit said:

@ Objection_Blaster: Root Beer Tapper was made by Midway, not Pop Cap.

Anyway, I hope this rumor is true, I would love to be able to play Chuzzle and Bookworm on my Wii.



Tim said:

Ah Root Beer Tapper, I have you for XBLA. It certainly is a gem in a pile of rocks.

We'll probably see Bejeweled and Zuma from PopCap but I can't say I would be excited since their games have been ported to just about every system and I have them on pc.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

You have my vote for Peggle WiiWare edition, here! That game was great fun in the little snip-it I played from the Orange Box.



Objection said:

I WOULD love Bookworm, but it would need to be cheap (500) and have rankings. Co-op or competitve would be nice too. i would definately get it then



calculon said:

IF they do release anything, it'd better be cheap (like 500 points max) Why the hell do I would I want to play games I can already play over the internet for free?

What's the point. WiiWare deserves to be filled with this sort of thing (read junk) It's obvious everyone wants crappy ports of Flash based games for their over-priced Gamecube and to pay way over the odds because the developer either didn't charge for them or charged over the odds in the first place.



Peznaze said:

They said they have upcoming announcements with a company that knows the top ten of video game charts really well. So, since they already do XBLA games, that leaves DS or Wii, probably WiiWare.



Junichi said:

POOP CRAP! FOR GOD'S SAKE! Why has nobody said 'lol' yet?! That's the wittiest thing I've ever typed on a Wii Ware website, and nobody gives me recognition for it?! (I like using both a question mark and an exclamation mark to end a sentance btw. I learnt how to do it from Lylat Wars). I people on this website don't start giving me the regcogniton I deserve, then, well, I may have to take my genious comments to instead. Is that what ya want? 'Cause that's what'll happen!

Please laugh at my turning-developer-title into two words that both mean excrement (yeah I've probably spelt that wrong - I'm an idiot) comment. I need you to do it. It's the only possible way for me to derive self-esteem.



Virus said:

Umm... hah? Goodness, I hope you're joking about recognition... Considering this is a relatively old post, not many people are going to answer you, but heck, here's a response. Hope ya enjoy it.

Back to POPCAP. I don't necessarily hate their games, but I would much rather see something new from this company. We can already download their content off the internet, and I know Defend Your Castle did this too, but for such a big publisher to just keep chugging the same "casual" games out over and over again seems somewhat evil to me... Maybe I'm just watching too much Zero Punctuation...



pdrydia said:

@ OP:
I'm surprised this is only at "rumor" status--I heard PopCap Games likes the money. Nintendo ought to be careful, though, or the WiiWare service will get overrun by puzzlers. Not that I don't love me some puzzlers, but I hear there are some crazy folks out there who don't.

@ Junichi:
I lol'ed. 4x multiplier for toilet humor + juvenile language + laughing at your own joke + punnery. High five!



pApEr_y0sh said:

@junichi- your not funny. if you are still actually turning every word possible into a "potty" word, then you need to grow up(ha, look whos talkin. LOL)

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