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RUMOUR: Mega Man 9 Coming to WiiWare?

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

With the news that Super Mario RPG received an OFLC rating, we almost missed another interesting listing on the ratings site.

The OFLC also has a listing for Mega Man 9. As any Capcom fan should know, this is a new game, as the "classic" Mega Man series' last instalments were 8, and Mega Man & Bass.

It is of course entirely possible that this is a WiiWare game, but it could just as well be a regular Wii game, or maybe a DS one. It could even be a downloadable game on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3! Regardless, this is still exciting news, as we haven't seen a truly new game in the original Mega Man series in years.

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Bensei said:

I imported the Collection several month ago and since then I'm a fan of the Classic Mega Man Games! I'd buy it if it comes to Wii!
If it's for Wii it'd be a fix buy

It says Multi-Plattform at the OFLC, so I guess this'll be released on other Plattforms to.

Yay, 1st comment



Drake said:

They list a lot of games as Multi-Platform even when they aren't, so I wouldn't believe that just yet



Villain said:

Mega Man 9...could this be the "other" Mega Man game that Capcom promised to unveil during 2008?

Also, Capcom really should get to make a final Mega Man game in the original series, like how they ended the Mega Man Zero games (Megaman fanboy).



Damo said:

Seeing that Capcom has been very supportive of DLC with games like Commando 3, 1942 and the upcoming Bionic Commando remake, I think there's an excellent chance that this could be appearing on the Wii as a WiiWare release. It may even come out on the PS3 and XBLA as well.



Mike1 said:

I agree with you guys. WiiWare would be a perfect place for Mega Man 9. It would be nice to see what happened between the Mega Man original series and the X series. I remember many years ago, Keiji Inafune the Mega Man creator said he would love to produce Mega Man 9 if it was well suited for a specific platform. I think WiiWare is a good guess.

I also don't think it would be for the PS3 because the 2 Mega Man remake games for the PSP have sold poorly and that can't make Capcom happy.



TomMc said:

I thought megaman was dead? Why they bringing back a rubbish game character like him back?



Bensei said:

@Drake: If it says that on VC games it's not wrong, since those games are available for older plattforms

@TomMc: The old Megaman Games are great! But i can't say what's with the new ones though (star force and network, I only have the one that goes back to the roots)



Phantom5800 said:

This is very nice, I have the anniversary collection already and they are great games. It wasn't my favorite of the Megaman series (Battle Network really got me in to Megaman no matter how much people hate on the series) it will hopefully come to Wiiware and be just as good as past games.



MrPoo6321 said:

I really hope this is for WiiWare..... We have yet to see any Mega Man on the VC here in the U.S. Which is a shame becaue I would've been playing that all the time.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I hope its for WiiWare also. I'm not a big MM fan by any means but I'll definitely keep my eye on it if so.



SmaMan said:

Well it's about time we got a good solid Mega Man without all the adjectives strapped on so that the actual Mega Man is gasping for air. It's good to know that Capcom knows what we want!



Objection said:

I hope its for wiiware. Actually I want MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3!!
Never gonna happen (T.T)



Serpent said:

I hope its on wiiware. Its been awhile since i played a new megaman game.



Peznaze said:

Would be really, really nice... Here's hoping! After RE4, RE:UC and Z&W, it's certainly plausible...

Ok, according to the OFLC list, the applicant was Red Ant Enterprises, which is the company that brought Okami to the Wii. So... Yay? Of course, they're in Australia, so it could just be that Megaman gets different numbers down under... Hmm...



Terra said:

I'm trying not to get my hopes up on a wiiware release but if it does get confirmed for the service, i will over the moon



Dazza said:

Nice rumour but I am pretty sure this will be a dual release for both PSN and XBLA from mumblings on the net. Which makes sense when you consider Capcom's recent support of XBLA:

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
  • 1942: Joint Strike

Still it would be great if WiiWare could get some Capcom loving



bosshog said:

i agree with mike this game (if it is released) should finally explain to megaman fans the true story between the original megaman series and the x series



whalleywhat said:

It's a typo. They meant to write Mega Man 9: X Advanced Retro Supra Prequel Lightning Power Tactics.
Whatever the platform, if they release a new Mega Man that doesn't stink I'll be amazed.



SmaMan said:

I never thought that the Megaman and the X series had any connection. Of course I've only played through about half of the first MegaMan X...hey I got it! Maybe the X in MegaMan X actually means 10 and this is the prequel to it!
...Well maybe not, but only time will tell.



Bensei said:

@Smaman: that's what I thought as I heard about X, than I realized there are only 8 original Megaman games

I hope it comes for Wiiware too. I don't think graphics would be the problem, because all the Original Megaman Titles were sprited, so I guess this one will be too



Super_Sonic said:

Guess what? Megaman 9 is coming to Wiiware! I am so exicted! Not only that a female boss with be introduced, their will be a unique plot but still have Dr. Wily as a main villain, online ranking, and even DLC! This game will be mine!

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