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Nyko Wireless Nunchuk - OBJECTION!

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo isn't best pleased with "rip-off" design

We covered Nyko’s innovative wireless Nunchuk controller in a news piece some time ago and were generally pleased by the fact that a peripheral manufacturer had decided to fix one of the key problems with the Wii’s control setup – the pesky wire that keeps hitting you in the face as you furiously fling the Wiimote and Nunchuk around.

However, it seems that Nintendo is less pleased. It’s recently been confirmed that the hardware giant has filed a lawsuit against Nyko, stating that the Kama Nunchuk controller “wholly appropriates the novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the color and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller”.

Nyko has unsurprisingly fought its corner, replying: “We have not knowingly violated anyone's intellectual property and we're still examining this”.

Looking at the startling similarity between the two designs, it’s hard to believe that Nyko didn’t at least glance at the original Nunchuk before constructing its variant.

Hopefully all this courtroom tomfoolery means that Nintendo is looking to bring its own wireless Nunchuk to the market? We shall see.


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m1ke_tayl0r said:

This is such a mess...

a) I cannot believe Nyko didn't think about looking into the problem of licensing when deveolping this. Hello?! Nintendo arn't stupid in that department!

b) Nintendo are in fact stupid in the area of customer satisfaction! First they say that people who want extra storage on the Wii are geeks... and now they are going to sue a company for making their console better with no sign of implementing this themselves.

Maybe my point b) will be proved wrong at E3. Lets all hope so.



chella182 said:

The idea behind a wireless nunchuk is a good one I guess...but I personally don't mind the wire really. I don't think it's existance has caused me any major problems while gaming, anyway.

I agree that Nyko are a bit silly in totally copying the shape and design of the original nunchuk though; did they think Nintendo would not notice / just let it happen?

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