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No WiiWare Games For Europe This Friday

Posted by Darren Calvert

It would seem that Nintendo of Europe have firmly decided on a pattern for WiiWare and VC releases now. Last week you got two WiiWare games, so this week you get none!

It's not all doom and gloom however. There are 5 new Virtual Console games to choose from and none of them are stinkers:

There is pretty much something to suit everyone's taste there. If you don't fancy any of these then why not check out the WiiWare games available in Europe on our list and take a chance on one? If you haven't got Toki Tori yet, you are missing out

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Lylvia said:

Dang lucky them, Super Fantasy Zone is a game I'm really looking forward to purchasing once it's released in NA. The original Fantasy Zone is great!



y2josh said:

At least there is a wide range of variety. It would be nice to see SMRPG in the middle of those. That would be really worth not getting a WiiWare title. . . lol



Phantom5800 said:

At least you guys got Pac-Attack finally, it is a decent puzzle game. Sucks that your WiiWare releases are in the crapper though.



Peznaze said:

I thought we already knew the EU schedule was like this... What's stupid about it is that they do 5 VC titles and then 2 WiiWare... It's bi-weekly, it should be 3-4 WiiWare, minimum.

So it's going to be a good week for EU when VC comes along but a poor week when WiiWare comes?



Virus said:

Heh, all the first comments are from America... I find that ironic... Well, nobody over there better be complaining, this is not a bad week for Europe.



Kawaiipikachu said:

lol image .
But at least you europeans get to menjoy the great piece of music in cybernoid it really shows of the sids chips ability to make great sounding music .

The sid chip makes other 8bit sound systems sound like a wet fart



Tim said:

Go figure. All the Europeans are hanging out at Without any WiiWare releases they have no reason to come here today. Instead the Americans are betting on how many games NA will get. LOL.



strade32 said:

andy836- i'll take that bet. but how how about this, loser(and i mean you) gifts the winner(me) a game of his choice?



WarioFan63 said:

All right, we get it, theres a pattern. Are we done with the Alternating FAIL stories every week now?



kitroplious said:

In favour of the WiiWare department, Nintendo likes us (and Japan of course!)

I wish PAL was the same...



Dbc said:!!!!!



calculon said:

Yeah, I've noticed a pattern recently too. It's called the "No Money For You Nintendo" pattern and seems to be a week-on-week thing.



WindOnFire said:

i don't normally download VC, so JUST GIVE AUSTRALIA SOME DAMN WIIWARE GAMES YOU STUPID NOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ben__Harlan said:

Today it was suposed ti be released Super Mario RPG, but it didnt!

I hate you NoE, and also for make World of Goo a DVD release.



Corbs said:

Don't pass over Super Fantasy Zone. I like the original Fantasy Zone, but Super Fantasy Zone is even better. Shame it was never released in the US. Maybe the Virtual Console will change that.



calculon said:

I'd be interested in Super Fantasy Zone if it weren't for the fact that Air Zonk is a superior game in practically every way. Oh, and it's cheaper too.



Corbs said:

I agree. Air Zonk is a better game. If I could only have one of the two, it would definitely be Air Zonk.



Junichi said:

Eventually VC Reviews/WiiWare-World will run out of these 'fail' pictures. What will they do then I wonder?



Dazza said:

LOL we're not gonna do these posts anymore. I think Europe gets the idea now. One week you get WiiWare, the next week you get VC. This is how it is in the new order!

Don't worry though, we have a huge stash of FAIL ready for whenever we need it!



Webby said:

We got one, then nothing, then 2, then nothing. That's an average of 0,75 games a week, 39 a year. And you guys even published an article that there are 100 wiiware games in development. So they don't need any more developers for the next 3 years



Shiryu said:

Dammit! I was really looking forward to Gyrostarr... oh well, Smash Bros Brawl will have to do (you people over ther ein America, you do realise where only getting it today, right?).



thewiirocks said:

@Dazza - Don't forget to use the occasional Blazing Star screenshot for failure. It is the grandpappy of all FAIL, after all. "Your skills are not enough!"



Ricardo91 said:

lol first Europe complains about not getting any VC games last week, and now they complain about no Wiiware games. Europe just complains too much.



Junichi said:

@pApEr y0sh!:

Ha ha. Americans. Americans are funny too. The way they waddle along shooting things is extreamly amusing.



SmaMan said:

Wooh I still have this freakin' cough!


Man I hate this cough.



TokiToku said:

i hope we dont get a shipment of fail tomorrow, i have been waiting for monday all week!



Webby said:

So i got Smash Bros Brawl on launch day instead, but yes my Wii needs to be send to Nintendo, it won't read the disk. My luck ...



uncle_smuck said:

Na ha folks. 5VC games aint that bad. (well half of them could be called a big steaming pile of ...). Still its games innit! Not to impressed with Wiiware so far and im still waiting for wii waffle on wiiware. A 3-D waffle house simulatiuon. Flip your waffle in your poncy coffee/star/waffly/bucks cafe. Yeah right in the face of a disgruntled German tourist!!!! ................all to feed your ever so cool coke habit. Man iam i still drunk?



PHANTOM93 said:

AWESOME you guys used the picture that I posted a link for last week on VC-reviews!

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