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Nintendo Channel Goes Stats Crazy!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Ever wanted to know the time gamers spent playing one of your favourite WiiWare titles, or how many times played? Well now you can in the Nintendo channel (and live in North America!)

Not only can you find out info about WiiWare, you can view stats on all Nintendo games, including Virtual Console.

For those who have opted into the service (most likely a large minority) you can now view all the data which Nintendo has collated about a game. For example: LostWinds has been played 48,689 times at 3.4 hours per person. From this you can try and figure out how many units of the game might have actually been sold for the first time.

In addition to this you can see if a game is considered to be good for anyone or “gamers”, or people think it is casual or hardcore, or best played alone or with friends. With this information at your fingertips the possibilities are endless!

If you happen to have a Japanese Wii you can even view the registered sales:
Dr. Mario WiiWare: Duration 14:09, over 9.24 sessions (13,931 registered sales)
FF:CC My Life As A King: Duration 21:14, over 8.89 sessions (33,810 registered sales)
Everyone's Pokémon Farm: Duration 8:03, over 17.98 sessions (44,779 registered sales)

Obviously this data is flawed in the sense it only represents figures of people who have downloaded the Nintendo channel and opted in for data sharing, but nevertheless this makes interesting reading if you want to judge how popular a game actually is.

This feature doesn’t seem to be available in Europe/Australia at the time of writing, but it should only be a matter of time.

Thankfully someone is already compiling the VC & WiiWare game sales in a nice ordered spreadsheet so we don't have to. Feel free to email them and add your own findings.

Feel free to debate the findings below as always.

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calculon said:

What they should be doing is using the Nintendo Channel to advertise new and upcoming WiiWare and VC titles and be putting some real effort into advertising all games on the channel instead of just sticking the odd overused video up and a few crappy DS demos. Regular updates would be useful too - like every day.

It's another wasted opportunity and more fire to add to my reasons against buying Nintendo's next home console.



Starwolf_UK said:

Can't wait for two weeks time for Europe to get these stats (then we can compare and contrast *)...well assuming we get them in the same time as the US not the same time as Japan
*-And find "not enough data" for every game

Is this just play time stats or does it include hardcore, enjoyment etc...(I hate the fact you can only vote once, I tend to be very fickle about these things or overly harsh as it seems I can only vote once).



Peznaze said:

I'd love a raw data dump from this update... It's fascinating, and one would never be able to find every little detail. It not only shows you Hardcore/Casual, Gamer/Everyone and Alone/Friends stats, but lets you filter those stats by age and/or sex. Which can give juicy bits of data like this:

All reviews of "Family Table Tennis" have come from the <13 age demographic.

Neat, huh? Most WiiWare hasn't got enough reviews yet, so submit your data!



Demonic_St33V said:

@ calculon

You've got to remember, it's been a long time since Nintendo has been "top-dog" and they've become so used to being in 3rd place that they're having trouble catching up with their own popularity.

"Spoken like a true fanboi" you say?

Meh, until the Wii was released, I was part of the "All consoles suck, the PC is the only true platform" crowd....... to the point that I collected consoles half just to lord my desktop PC's gaming might over their meager little heads.



Objection said:

Agreed. How about more wiiware info/demos and DS demos?
EDIT: i love that picture. Its absolutely how I see them sometimes!



Kawaiipikachu said:

I would be interested in what people consider a hardcore game or a casual game .

Military Madness most people would likley to think its a hardcore game but i would think otherwise .

If there was a chess game for the Wii or the DS mots people would think “Casual Game” .

If you think about it Both Military Madness would have
1 A set grid
2 2 set of pieces
3 different kinds of pieces with different rules
4 require strategy to win the game .

So there you have it thats why i consider Military Madness more of a casual game than a hardcore game .

I stilled labled some other games as hardcore like Metriod games or Sonic for example .

I find the image a bit overused wether in its un photoshopped form or in the case here photoshoped version .

The 2 did really make that joke so the note thats coming out the DS is real .



Chipmunk777 said:

Well, this kind of information sounds like something only geeks and otaku would be interested in...




AbbyVampire said:

The reason that the Japan has more stats (Like sales figures) is because the Nintendo channel has been out longer there. They have had sales figures for like the past 5 months...



sailingtheseaoffools said:

" advertise new and upcoming WiiWare and VC titles"

You know there is the find titles thing. You can look at every vc game video.

The channel does advertise wiiware games and wii games.



mr_niceguy said:

I just noticed what you're talking about the other day, too bad I'm not that good at math to figure this out, though.

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