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Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America (25th June)

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s Wednesday again, time to look at what the most popular games are in the Wii Shop. To check for yourself simply log on to your Wii Shop channel, go into the WiiWare section and then view “Popular Games”.

We are checking the North American list, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 25th June:

1 (1) - My Pokémon Ranch
2 (2) - Dr Mario Online Rx
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (4) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (5) - TV Show King
6 (6) - LostWinds
7 (12) - Block Breaker Deluxe
8 (13) - Cocoto Fishing Master
9 (7) - Family Table Tennis
10 (N) - Gyrostarr
11 (10) - Pop
12 (8) - Toki Tori
13 (11) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
14 (9) - Protöthea
15 (14) - Critter Round-Up
16 (15) - Star Soldier R

N denotes a new entry

Well what can we say about this week? The top 6 spots haven’t even changed which demonstrates that the word of mouth is out about these games and new people are consistently downloading them. It is amazing that Defend Your Castle is yet again able to stand in the face of such competition.

Block Breaker Deluxe and Cocoto Fishing get their time in the middle of the chart, but it probably won’t be for long. Gyrostarr does well to jump straight to #10, we expect this will be a bit higher by next week unless the hype machine has completely died down before then.

Poor old Toki Toki slides down 4 places to #12. Is no one listening to us? Tell all your friends to buy it this week or Two Tribes won’t make a proper sequel, you’ll get Toki Tori’s TV quiz show instead, and no one wants that do they?!

So faithful readers, what are your thoughts on this weeks charts?

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SuperMichael64 said:

Toki Tori is awfully low, and My Pokemon Ranch is awfully high. when crap sells well their will be more crap released... so heads up



pdrydia said:

You're right, Toki Tori is down dreadfully low, and that's just terrible. I wouldn't normally do this, but in the interests of boosting its standing on the Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America charts, I will generouslly allow one of you, my fellow readers, to buy the game for me. It's the chance of this moment, don't let it slip away!



andy836 said:

star soldier r isn't that great in my opinion but it shouldn't be last.



Chipmunk777 said:

Toki Tori........ That is one of the best made wiiware games thus far! But, my guess is that no one's heard of it, so they won't download it



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Didn't anyone even notice Critter Round-Up is now ahead of SSR? Ouch... Poor SSR..

Out of all the titles, I'd say Protothea should be at the bottom, quite honestly.

Poor Toki Tori... HE DESERVES AT LEAST 6th PLACE!!! Geez... Sorry. I had to get that out of my system. People probably pass it off too quickly, and I think that's the problem with not only Toki Tori but other titles like Pop, which is a shame since people are missing out on some of the service's best titles.

Protothea, though, deserves to be where it is. It'll be gone from the Top 20 entirely in the coming weeks, I'm sure. Block Breaker Deluxe will probably stay at 7 next week also. I doubt it'll surpass LostWinds. Cocoto Fishing Master's success surprises me though.

@pdrydla: Lol. XD
@Super Mario: Pokemon Ranch has sold like 40,000 downloads worldwide... It doesn't surprise me at all.



Peznaze said:

The top 6 and bottom 2 have been fairly constant for a while now. (Pokemon was assumed to be #1 for ages, even before it came out. )
The middle games, though, have been in flux quite a bit. This leads me to believe that the overriding mechanic at work here is "It's new" vs. "It's old". New stuff's getting downloaded more, old stuff's getting ignored. Cocoto, Block Breaker and Gyrostarr are up (Gyrostarr might crack the top 6, almost assuredly will create a top 7), Toki Tori, Protothea, Blackjack, these are down. Pop just got displaced by Gyrostarr, so that really just held its place...

Very fascinating data.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

gasps You're right! Gyrostarr surpassed ALL of Pop's sales and it's been there since Launch!!! Poor Pop...

Wow. I guess it really WAS anticipated by many. That also means, then, that not as many people are probably trying Pop as there should be.

And yeah, you're right. "Look! A new WiiWare! Let's get it even if we've never heard of it!" I think that attitude permeates for some titles such as Protothea and Cocoto Fishing Master and MAYBE Block Breaker Deluxe also. Still... interesting, indeed.

I bet the Nintendo Channel has even more interesting data, hm?



strade32 said:

i can't believe block breaker deluxe and cocot fishing master are on there. and why did toki tori get knocked off!? why!?



Virus said:

I'm bothered by SSR's and MPR's place. I know Pokemon is a great fad, but c'mon, even I won't support crap that makes it that high. As for SSR, although I haven't played it myself, I would love to see a full-fledged version of it and if SSR doesn't get enough sales, well, we'll see the idea go out the window (like Tony said).

Now, I realize I might be killed for this, but I'll say it anyway. First, I must say I hope Toki Tori does well enough to garner a sequel; it's one of the few games on WiiWare that attempts to be stellar. However, I wouldn't blame people for not getting it. Although it does feature a number of puzzles that will take awhile to complete, once those puzzles are completed, the replay value isn't that great. It's like with Zack and Wiki; the game is still kind of fun during the second play-through, but since you know the solutions, the purpose of playing almost seems gone. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wouldn't be surprised if people avoided Toki Tori because they want something that they can play over and over again. (Yes, you can do that with Toki Tori, but really, would you)?

Okay, I said my spiel. I welcome any fiery retorts hurled in my direction.



strade32 said:

Zack and Wiki actually does have replay value. after you beat the game, you do levels in a special way to get special chests. anyway, i don't think that is the reason people don't buy toki tori. i think they don't buy it because it sounds stupid. but the game rocks and deserves to sell better.



Starwolf_UK said:

Didn't anyone even notice Critter Round-Up is now ahead of SSR? Ouch... Poor SSR..
Well to be fair the last two monthly Nintendo newsletters have shown Criter Round up as an example of a WiiWare game you can download. Maybe thats enough to shift the balance.

As for Toki its predecesors maybe it was born to be an underdog Still, like Nintendo have proved in Japan. You can sell a hell of a lot without being on top (thats how many DS games manage to sell millions in Japan despite rarely being seen high in the charts).



Objection said:

While its a shame where some of the games are, considering their budget and # of downloads, I think all of these games are doing very well.



thewiirocks said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - Sorry, but Pop just isn't that appealing to many players. You may like it, but a lot of people don't. I didn't pass on it, but I wish I had.

I totally agree about Toki Tori, though. That guy needs help! Hopefully he's sell enough copies to warrant a sequel (or at least more Two Tribes games ) regardless of his Top 10 standings.

So... who (besides me) is super-excited about Shante?



Ray said:

MPR proves that anything with the word "Pokemon" in it can sell, no matter how awful it is.



Tim said:

I guess my recent Toki Tori purchase didn't influence its position for the better. With my limited space I am extremely anal about what I purchase, so what I do get I consider the absolute best. I don't have space to waste with second rate stuff. I think that says something about just how good Toki Tori is.

I will never understand why people like Pokemon Ranch so much. I personally think Pokemon shouldn't even be on a top 100 list never mind a top 16. Apparently a lot of people like it with a passion just as I hate it.



konkerdoodle said:

Instead of complaining about the misplaced games, I'll take a different point of view. I think this is actually a pretty good list. LostWinds, a launch game, has consistently stuck at number 6, that's pretty good word of mouth. Same goes with Defend Your Castle at number 3, encouraging more developers to keep their games cheap (like Gyrostarr, which is off to a good start). I am also glad that VIP Casino: Blackjack, Protothea, Critter Roundup, and to a lesser extent Star Soldier R have sunk to the bottom four. That's comforting.



RetroWare said:

I think I am one and (the only) person here that enjoys MPR for what its worth. Its like Hey Yo Pikachu! meets Pokemon Box for 10$. It also does help me out in the actual games for the DS. My spark has come back for me playing pokemon, and I will hold onto it.



theberrage said:

My thoughts on this weeks rankings:
I hear a lot of talk about how Defend your Castle is holding its own in the top ~3. No doubt it is easy to pick up and play, cheap, and fun!

However a game close in consistency, with less buzz, has been TV Show King usually around top ~6 (in spite of, my opinion, the incoming of much better games).
Obviously it appeals to a lot of people but also carries a higher price.
What I really want to say is: With so many people downloading this game, it would have been a killer game if it included a) online competion b) new questions via internet. (leading to tournaments perhaps?)



ChocoDK said:

Umm I am not suprised that My Pokemon Ranch is so high up. I expected it to be high but maybe at #2. I thought that Dr. Mario RX would actuall take #1 but I knew My Pokemon Ranch would sell extremely well. It looks like holding off My Pokemon Ranch didn't make any difference since its zoomed to #1. As for me due to limited space I haven't downloaded any Wii Ware games yet. The only one I am interested in is Toki Tori and I am sad in a way its not higher up there.



AlexSays said:

It's so frustrating because we know people will love it, but yet they won't buy it.



Peznaze said:

TV Show King suffers from several problems. It's simply not well-made. Yes, they could have added, say, "Personal Trivia", where the user(s) could input a hundred or more questions of their own to tailor the game to their tastes, or other features... But they didn't, and really had no need to - people buy it because everyone loves a game show, especially multiplayer. I really think Major League Eating could be a massive, massive hit with this Wii audience - everyone loves a pie-eating contest, too.



AlexSays said:

Unfortunately, I see Major League Eating selling very well in the United States....
Anyway, I'm loving Star Soldier, so I'm not sure why it's last.



Airola said:

Toki Tori's success in America saddens me a bit. I'm glad he's doing better here in Europe.

I wonder if the fact that it costs 100 points more there than here makes some difference... I mean, it's a fact that people will buy a product that cost 9.99 more likely than a product that's a full 10. Although it's really not much more expensive, a game worth 1000 points feels more expensive than something that's "only" 900 points.

And when people are comparing 1000 point titles to each other it might be so that they want 3D-games more than 2D games which is quite sad...



Boringman54 said:

Why is Star Soldier last? It's a pretty good game. Also, My Pokemon Ranch definitely doesn't deserve to be #1.



BDPatVCR said:

DYC to Europe !!!
I won't buy another WiiWare title untill i have DYC !!!
(unless they make a retail title out of it )



pApEr_y0sh said:

ok. this is seriously proof that people are driven from the best games cause they have not heard of them. i am ashamed of everyone who bought MPR. its not even a real pokemon game!



couthedman92 said:

Pokemon Ranch is the last game that SHOULD be #1, but not the last game I EXPECTED would be #1 unfortunately.



SmaMan said:

It's all a matter of names. The phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover" doesn't apply here at all. So a game of the year for Wii Ware would have to be "Mario's Final Poke'mon Fantasy: The Legend of Zelda's Grand Theft Sonic Gear Solid Crystals"



Ricardo91 said:

how did My Pokemon Ranch beat out Dr. Mario Online Rx!? That game has actual gameplay! That's just sad. Why spend 1000 points on a game that's basically a weird-looking, somewhat interactive screensaver with pokemon slapped on, when the same price could get you something truly great like Toki Tori and Lostwinds? Just goes to show that people will buy anything with pokemon in it, no matter how bad it is. Just look at pokemon mystery dungeon!! XD

It's also kinda pathetic that crap like Protothea and Critter Round-up are selling better than star soldier R At least Toki Tori sold better than those games.

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