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LostWinds Is Best-Selling Euro WiiWare Title

Posted by Damien McFerran

Frontier Development’s excellent LostWinds is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the first batch of WiiWare games, and thankfully the general public seems to have acknowledged this because Nintendo of Europe’s Laurent Fischer has revealed that the inventive platformer is sitting pretty at the top of the European WiiWare sales charts.

Speaking to, Fischer had this to say:

We're not communicating on precise figures - this is confidential - but LostWinds has the highest download level in Europe. And then you have the other titles which come close by, like TV Show King and of course Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Combined with the news that the game is also up for some shiny awards, Frontier must be feeling pretty pleased right now.

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AlexSays said:

I credit WiiWare World for keeping European consumers informed of the quality titles.



Dazza said:

Well deserved. LostWinds was a great launch title and deserves all the recognition it gets



Kawaiipikachu said:

Im afraid he still is so he still be serving us Geeks & Otaku's for many years to come .

Lost Winds seems to be a boring game to me i rather ffc: mlaak .



DEMON212 said:

Toki Tori FTW. TT doesn't get boring after 25 mins.

Maybe if they'd added some damn music so that messing about with the wind on long walking trips wasn't the only thing that you had to do, I'd enjoy it more.



poggydude said:

I think the tons of praise is from innovation

if lw2 is just the same game reheated it should recieve a 6/10

It should be more in depth and harder if the series is going to continue



Ray said:

Hmm, so with the popularity of LostWinds, hopefully it will push Frontier to make a better game in Lostwinds 2. LostWinds was a great game, but I felt it was lacking a lot in areas such as fun...It got very boring after a while. The concept was really good, however.



Bensei said:

Now everything about marketing goes into Laurent Fischer so bad publicity is indeed good publicity



Objection said:

@Demon Tori doesnt ever get boring? it does when it's kicking your butt!!
As for Lost Winds, congrats, I liked it, waiting for an even better (LONGER!) sequel.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

^ OB: Toki Tori is awesome. I'm never bored in that game!

I can't wait to see how this surprising success will affect the way they approach the sequel.



Nero said:

Great news. I've done my share in this. Can't wait for the sequel.



Objection said:

@Knuckles I'm not saying its boring, just not as much fun when you get stuck which is happening more and more to me... lol i suck...still worth 1000!



Junichi said:

I could be one of those several million people who downloaded this game. If only I had 256 free blocks...



Junichi said:

I now have 256 so I have downloaded it. I love it, it's a fantastic game, probably one of the best games I've downloaded from the Wii Shop.

Not like anyone cares, but I'd thought I'd tell ya anyway.

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