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Japanese WiiWare Goes Bubble Wrap Crazy

Posted by Darren Calvert

Pop til you can't stop!

When it comes to great inventions we all know that the Japanese create the wackiest things in the world. A good example of this would be the bubble wrap keychain. What kind of mind could have come up with something so bizarre? This little device not only simulates the stress relieving powers of popping bubble wrap but every 100th pop rewards you with a funny sound such as a boing, a bark or a rude noise.

The name of this interesting device is "Mugen Puchi Puchi” and it is made by Bandai. Now why is WiiWare World telling you all this? Simply because this great concept has been translated by Namco Bandai into the most bonkers game known to all mankind! In addition to that it is coming soon to the Japanese WiiWare service under the name of Ouchi de Mugen Puchi Puchi Wii Soon our Japanese friends will be able to squeeze bubbles with their Wiimote and score combos for popping in time with the music. There are around 40 levels with different themes including Xevious! All this and more for 800 Wii points.

Check out the trailer below:

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The chances of Namco localising this for North America and Europe are slim admittedly, but stranger things have happened. The question is, if they did – would you buy it?

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i8cookie said:

looks cool! hope it comes out here, almost definitely won't tho... gonna try and get one of those keyrings



Damaho said:

This looks... odd... very odd... Sometimes I think Japanese aren't normal people anymore. But seems funny... in some kind of special and very... unique way...



quakster said:

I dunno, with games like WarioWare up the wazoo this hardly seems like the most bonkerest game around.



AlexSays said:

i'll pass.

on a side note, i never knew there was a bubble wrap key chain.
so WiiWare World, not only do you keep me up to date on the latest WiiWare news, but you keep me up to date on the latest inventions as well.
well done WiiWare World, well done.
now i'm going to go buy me a bubble wrap key chain.



pdrydia said:

A bubble-wrap-based rhythm game, with video game music themes? I am so there! =D



Roboto said:

800wiipoints its ok
its weird but i love japanese games hehehe and this comercial so cool the dramatic voice hehe
im gonna check it if it comes to america and where i can get one of those kchains?



Chipmunk777 said:

lol I wouldn't want the game, but the keychain sounds awesome!

EDIT: Ok. That was the best trailer ever! I just watched it, and the game looks amazing hahaha! I would definitely buy it if it were released outside of japan



SmaMan said:

Another bit of proof on my theory that the Japanese run on cold medicine...interesting stuff though. I'd buy this if it ever came out over here...and the chances are pretty slim-to-none on that unfortuately.



witchfinder said:

You've gotta love those crazy Japanese...

Regarding a Western release, how much effort would it take? Surely there would be enough people prepared to buy it for the curiosity factor to make it worth Namco's while changing the language - I can't imagine the instructions are very detailed after all!

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