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Gyrostarr Hits WiiWare This Monday!

Posted by Darren Calvert

This is the news you have all been waiting for, after much ado you will finally be able to get your hands on Gyrostarr on Monday, well if you are in North America. For those not in the know this looks like a even more frantic version of Tempest, and it is one of the most eagerly anticipated games coming to WiiWare.

At 700 Wii points this is most likely going to be a must buy. Of course if you are still unconvinced then you can wait a day or so for the WiiWare World review.

For more information on Gyrostarr check out the press release we received from High Voltage, along with a fact sheet below:

Hoffman Estates, IL – June 20, 2008 - High Voltage Software, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent developers, today announced Gyrostarr™, an exciting new sci-fi shooter scheduled for release via the WiiWare™ downloadable service on Monday June 23, 2008.

Gyrostarr features fast action gameplay across 50 intense levels as up to four players pilot ships on a futuristic track, shooting enemies, dodging obstacles, and collecting upgrades. The game takes advantage of the company’s proprietary Quantum 3 Game Engine technology, which provides advanced graphical capabilities. Gyrostarr’s controls were built from the ground up to utilize the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii™.

“Our original vision for Gyrostarr was to capture the fast-paced twitch style action of coin-op classics, but to infuse superior graphics and game design for the next generation,” said Kerry Ganofsky, CEO and Founder of High Voltage Software. “I’m thrilled to say that the team has nailed the mark and exceeded our expectations.”

“Aside from the visuals, which are gorgeous, there is a lot about Gyrostarr that players will love,” said Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software. “As players develop their skills at the game, they will devise strategies to help them make it through all of the levels. Jumping into the game with four players just makes the experience that much better.”

And here's the Gyrostarr fact sheet....

Format: WiiWare™
Launch Date: June 23, 2008
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Game Type: Sci-Fi Shooter
Players: 1-4
Developer: High Voltage Software, Inc.

Key Information

Gyrostarr challenges you and up to three other players to fly through a twisting, turning techno-plasma canal in space, collecting energy to penetrate an alien portal and warp to the next conduit. Without that energy, your space vessels will smash head-first into the unforgiving anti-void. Making your task more challenging, each conduit is patrolled by a variety of vicious enemy spacecraft that want to destroy your ships and feast on your collected energy. You must avoid their attacks and harvest their energy by destroying them first! 50 levels of intense action, powerful pickups, bonus levels, 1-4 player mayhem and a unique & flexible control system make Gyrostarr a killer hardcore arcade title!

  • All Tied Up - Up to four-player same-screen arcade action, using any combination of Wii Remotes™ or Nunchuks™, using motion control or non-motion control – user choice.
  • High Treason – Multiplayer mode is competitive and cooperative.
  • The Elf Shot the Food – Irritate other players by “juggling” powerups so they can’t be claimed.
  • The Spy who Snagged It – Grab pickups from far ahead, or snare them before another player can – with the Grapple Shot.
  • Super-sized – 50 levels of procedurally generated space-track tucked into less than 40 MB.
  • Lay Waste – Destructive smart bombs, impenetrable shields, and electrifying weapon powerups keep the explosions coming.
  • All Your Base – Variety in tactics, defenses, and special abilities makes our multiple enemy types a strategic challenge.
  • Stat Heads – Score Multipliers accumulate when players deftly avoid enemy fire, and bonuses for accomplishing intra-level achievements.

How to progress through the game: Gyrostarr is a high-action twitch shooter with a science fiction setting. Players must destroy enemy ships and collect dropped energy to increase their reserves enough to power the warp gate. Only if enough energy is collected will the warp gate activate, and players can proceed to the next level. If players earn enough extra energy, they can also advance to a bonus level where they can collect even more energy, giving them a chance to build up some excess before the start of the next level.

Special Powerups: Players can collect powerups dropped by enemies to increase their firepower or defenses. Firepower bonuses include triple-shot, tesla-shot, lightning-shot, and charged-shot. Defensive bonuses include an indestructible shield, and a slow-enemies power.

Grapple Gun: This handy gadget allows the player to grab & retrieve pickups from the track ahead of them, giving them weapons more quickly, or allowing them to snare one, while moving to the side to grab a second.

Multiplayer Features: When playing together, players need to cooperate if they want to successfully complete the level, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try to doublecross each other to get choice weapons, increase their score, or just irritate!

The ship positions are staggered down the track, but when one player collects a pickup, his ship moves to the back of the pack, ensuring that everyone has a chance to be in the lead and grab the next one.

Coordinated players can gain the use of a powerful weapon; the Charged Shot. If two ships are lined up on the track, the basic shot type of each becomes “charged.”

Catering to antagonistic players, all the pickups can be targeted, causing them to bounce to the side, and down the track, allowing players in the back of the pack a chance to make life miserable for those in the front. Or they can simply try to grapple the best pickups before the lead player has a chance…

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y2josh said:

First time commenter, long time reader. I hope this makes first comment But... seriously, with the way Nintendo is doing lately, I will believe it when I see it



Bensei said:

Finally you get waht you want... I hope Nintendo does the same with us by releasing the next Hanabi Festival sooner than we think to get SMRPG or stop alternating weeks



genEric said:

I sure hope this game is as good as it is in my dreams! ^^ I would have gladly spent 1000 points for this game. I'll be sure to get it asap. This may actually get me to veer away from Toki Tori for a while.
I sure hope you in the U.K. and such don't get shafted on your next release day.



Dazza said:

LOL I should have known it was a bad idea posting this news just as Europe wakes up! How insensitive of me



Ben__Harlan said:

Oh, how lucky you are. I'm sure the Europeans wont have this game in MONTHS.

@Dazza Yeah. Nobody likes to have to see how other regions get more and better games than other.



Peznaze said:

If true, it'll be nice... I wonder if I would still enjoy Tempest...

EU still hasn't gotten High Voltage Software's other *cough* game... VIP Casino Blackjack. Though you did get Actionloop before Pokemon, so there's hope you'll see Gyrostarr before Blackjack.



PALgamer said:

Here is to hoping we get this in 4 weeks time xD
Congrats America, you finally have the WW you wanted! (if they release it)



Starwolf_UK said:

I don't why everyone is "if they release it" about it.

We know press releases come on Friday telling people what games come on Monday.

We also knbow NOA embargo these press releases. Prehaps the embargo has an exception...the publisher of the game.

So high voltage knowing Gyrostarr is coming out a whole 3 days in advance isn't too absurd. In fact its reasonable they would know.



Stratos said:

And here I finally caved and bought Toki Tori and Lost Winds with my 20 point card. Now I have to wait till payday on the 30th to afford this one.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm very excited for Monday and who knows, maybe we'll get a 2nd Title also (hopes for Plattchen!!!).

If Plattchen DOES release alongstide GSTRR on Monday, I can't get both and that'll be a tough choice (esp. space-wise).



Objection said:

@knuckles It's a tough call but I would get this. Does anyone know if it has any online (wifi or leaderboards?) Gotta geta new card! Get this and Strongbad unless something else comes out...maybe something on VC that i'd give a damn (or 800 points) about. cough earthbound cough
EDIT: Hmm..Plattchen looks kreally good too but another 1500 points game? Need a video/review but it looks awesome



Virus said:

Thank god something of substance might be finally coming for the WiiWare since its launch. I know Toki Tori came out and that it is good, but those games sadly don't appeal to me. With this though, I have high hopes.



Dokenzz said:

i don't know if i'll get this.. it might be good but you know, i've made a lot of mistakes from not checking a review before buying the game, so im going to wait til WiiWare World makes a review



battledevil789 said:

does anyone know if it is wifi not leaderboards but like against each other because if it doesnt then thts not going to make me happy might still get it tho



Mario64DStyle said:

Man, I can't WAIT!!!! Ever since I saw the first video, I knew I needed it, and I pushed the other two shooter game we've gotten to the side, just waiting for this.



strade32 said:

yes! i have been waiting for this for weeks. i have 700 points saved for this. can't wait til monday.



mr_niceguy said:

I have high hopes for this one. I never played Tempest, but I did play Torus Troopers, which seems a lot like this game, and High Voltage did make Tempest 3, which I heard was pretty good, so I'm sure they'll do good on this one too.

I hope it doesn't cost too much, so that way I can get Star Soldier R or Pop, which I had been putting off, along with Toki Tori, until Gyrostarr.
Now that I think about it, I had been putting off a lot of good games waiting for Gyrostarr, and many of those games aren't exactly selling well either. Has anyone else been putting off these games off these games for Gyrostarr? It's okay, I guess so long as I amend that come Monday.

I find it funny that this information comes like the day after I tell people wait and not get their hopes up. Jokes on me huh?

Oh, and there's no online scoreboards, multiplayer and the amount of stages is supposed to be the selling point, apparently.



RetroWare said:

I have 1400 points, so I can easily get this. I'll have like 400 blocks left, so I'll delete Everybody Nintendo Channel. It is really useless.



andy836 said:

mmmmm judging by their last game maybe the same, more or less. somewhere in that range lol.



Ray said:

Nintendo had to release Star Soldier R and Protothea before Gyrostarr, because they knew this game will seriously pwn, and get all they sales for smup lovers.

Totally getting it!



Mike1 said:

Nintendo will probably use Gyrostarr's release to give us more garbage VC games.



God said:

i have like 17x blocks left on my wii lol `` got so many other games



StarDust4Ever said:

Another shooter makes three so far for Wiiware. For some über-hard old-school games, save 100 points (and more importantly hundreds of memory blocks) by browsing the much forgotten TG16 gallery. I personally would live to be able to play games in the genre but I suck at literally every game I've tried so far (I made it to like round 5 on Galaga BTW).



sailingtheseaoffools said:

"Everybody Nintendo Channel"

You do realize that is how they get data on game playing right plus how many blocks you have left right?

Don't delete it.



Objection said:

if you already had it and sent that info by accessing the channel at least once, you dont need to keep it for them to be aware that you had that problem. i deleted the Nin Chan yesterday in preparation for Gyrostar and will do the same to Net Chan for Strongbad.



XCWarrior said:

@RetroWare "I have 1400 points, so I can easily get this. I'll have like 400 blocks left, so I'll delete Everybody Nintendo Channel. It is really useless."

I'm thinking you mean the Everbody VOTES Channel? Nintendo Channel is awesome. DS Demos, and video trailers are nice to watch on the Wii/TV with little loading time.

Just one more days guys. Though I will wait for the reviews to come out. Like I said, it can be the prettiest game in the world, but if the controls stink, it really doesn't matter when it comes to Wii games.

But man I sure hope this is a winner.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm sure the Nintendo Channel is half-decent if you're in the US. It's 200% poo in Europe.



andy836 said:

i'm going to get it as soon as its available i forget the time. so if anybody wants to know something about the game before they buy it feel free to ask me as soon as i get the game.



pApEr_y0sh said:

this is going to be the first wiiware game i am going to get. it looks amazing. and i only costs 700 points!



motang said:

This is indeed great news, I shall be getting his game on Monday after I get back home from work.



Evermore said:

When someone get this game, please tell which control does he use (Wiimote only or Wiimote + Nunchuk or even GameCube controller).

Thanks a lot!



everydayJOE said:

This game looks pretty sweet, I just wish it was 500 pts. like originaly intended! oh well I'll still end up getting it... until the review comes.



everydayJOE said:

If this game is good then it'll hopefully give some insight of how the Conduit will be!!! Still hoping!!

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