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EU WiiWare Releases 13th June: Spare Some Change, Squire?

Posted by Damien McFerran

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there are no WiiWare releases for Europe this week. It seems that Nintendo feels you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy with the 5 Virtual Console games that came out today.

Or perhaps the Japanese giant believes that the stunning news that Super Mario RPG is coming to the Virtual Console will be enough to keep the masses happy for this week at least?

Whatever the reason, it would appear that Nintendo’s policy towards downloadable content is a matter of balance – the company obviously feels that its customers are buying both Virtual Console titles and WiiWare games, so releasing both on the same day might not be part of the grand plan.

And what if you don’t like retro games, you say? Tough.

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Shortay said:

I really don't mind that we didn't get any WiiWare games this week, especially with the large no. of VC games we got.



DEMON212 said:

Pirates would've been nice though, seeing as it's a prequel to the soon to be launched DS game.



Damo said:

It would appear that Pirates has entered the part of the map that says "there be dragons"...



Dazza said:

We're gonna be putting up an interview with Oxygen later today. Pirates has slipped until closer to the end of June, but it is not forgotten!



stedaman said:

Theres gunna be a huge backlog of wiiware games and its going to suck.

We are already behind the US.

Waiting for DYC and pop this long is a joke!



SepticLemon said:

I have a feeling that theres a pattern to WiiWare and VC releases in Europe. I have a hunch that WiiWare and VC will alternate between weeks, so you'll get WiiWare in week 1, VC in week 2, WiiWare again in week 3, VC week 4 and repeat the pattern. Whilst in the US they'll release anything whenever on Mondays...



Ben__Harlan said:

I heard that we(europeans) are going to alternate WW realeases and VC releases:
One week VC, then WW, then VC, the WW...

At least we ara going to have in two weeks Super Mario RPG.



stedaman said:

@ SepticLemon

Yeh it's already been said here alternating will apply which sux. Whats to say we all wait for wiiware next Friday then its one game again?
Then wait another two weeks..nice! ^^



Bensei said:

I think the alternate system is crap, if they don't want to release games on the same day they should release Wiiware games on Tuesdays like in Japan and VC Games on Fridays

What was the point of releasing Wiiware on a Tuesday anyways?

@Zoipi: just because it's rated doesn't mean it's coming that soon, Kirby's Dreamland 3 (ESRB) and DoReMi(OFLC) were rated for over a year and they aren't released yet



BDPatVCR said:

I want Defend Your Castle !!!!
but waiting while i play alex kidd will be a lot more comfortable



TomMc said:

This is just annoying me because america and japan get wii-ware games 1 a week! And we get them every 15 days! And because we are wating longer Nintendo should give us some decent wii-ware titles not 1 rubbish puzzle game! Europe get treated like crap and Japan and America get treated like gods! It's just unfair to think that Nintendo cares more about America then Europe! We should all get treated the same! No game delays no unfair vc and wii-ware releases! >



calculon said:

Although we Europeans got 5 VC games this week, I only cared for Nebulus (and I'm not buying it) I'd have much rather have had 5 WiiWare games this week (or more sensibly a couple) seeing as I'm just about done with all the launch stuff (except TV Host and Dr Mario which imho are dire) and Actionloop Twist was a bit light on the gameplay side.

I've realised that I've come to a crossroads, I can progress forward and go with WiiWare or I can go left, right or back and stick with the VC. Personally, I like to go forward and experience new things. Trouble is, Nintendo haven't finished the plans for the road ahead and progress seems to be so. slow.

Hopefully, NoE will learn from the error of their ways. How many times I have to keep saying that before I believe it I do not know. I doubt I ever will.



Starwolf_UK said:

Like it or not this is likely to stay as the strat.

One thing I don't get is back when Megadrive games only came out on the frist Friday of the Month (Sega Week (TM) ) nobody complained for the rest of the month about no megadrive games or lack of non-megadrive titles on SEGA Week (TM) .

Why was that? Were people less whiny then? Or were they tuned into that being the strat. It was probably the fact you were getting more than 1 game...

Edit: And superscript discovered



Tim said:

I get mad every time I read something like this...
"I really don't mind that we didn't get any WiiWare games this week..."
I'm not going to point fingers this time and reveal who said it.

I think a lot of gamers like to know when games are coming out so they can figure out how to work it into their lifestyle. Nintendo's strategy often releases games when you don't have the time or money to play. And because there is no specified release dates gamers want all the completed products to be released immediately so that they are available for when they do have time and money.

It isn't like the games depreciate in value over time such as retail games. I don't see why they could be concerned about bunching them up in fear of games not selling because of competition or saturation and losing value with time. The prices are locked and time isn't a factor. Shelf space isn't even a factor.

It's better to have all the games released so they are ready when you are. I really don't understand how people can say stuff like that. They obviously must have very little interest in playing games or the games announced that are yet to be released.



SmaMan said:

So you say we (North Americans) get treated like gods? Well...


Man, I hate this cough.



Objection said:

Man, I had that same cough. Besides, Euro is only missing Pop and DYC really, so with one update, you'll be caught up on the good stuff.



Terra said:

I don't mind not getting WiiWae games over 5 VC games but this is the second time we haven't got a new Wiiware game with the updates and then last week, we got an admittedly decent one. Europe are falling behind with WiiWare releases and the WiiWare catalogue just feels lacking at the moment. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but that's just how i feel



Demonic_St33V said:

Lucky <censored derogatory nick-names for people in Europe and the British Isles>.... Me spoiled American, want Super Mario RPG NOW!!!!!

Though I've beaten it before.... I've just not beaten it using a Classic Controler or GC controler.



Bensei said:

DoReMi was OFLC rated very long ago while it wasn't ESRB rated for long, who got it after all? America! No DoReMi at HF2 for Europe and Australia
That SMRPG is rated only means that we will get it, but not that we will get it next week



WarioFan63 said:

Im now calling the NA Release Days the Balancing Scales Theory while the EU Release Days is the Seesaw Theory.

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