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EU VC Releases - 13th June - The Last Ninja 2, Alex Kidd and more!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After last week's VC disaster, we assume everybody was hoping Nintendo would release an extra large amount of new games this week as some sort of apology. Well, they have chosen to do exactly that, as there's five new games now available!

Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is quite similar to the first game (also on VC), featuring the same isometric gameplay with fighting and puzzles to solve. This time, the action takes place in New York City instead of on a Japanese island. As such, there are more modern threats to deal with. Overall, the game practically only improves on the first, meaning it is quite great!

Nebulus is a rather unique little game. You play as a weird creature as you attempt to sink a number of towers into the ocean. This is done by making your way to the top of them, which isn't as easy as it sounds - There's a whole bunch of platforming segments and enemies to overcome. The towers all look as if they're 3D when you move around them, which is really quite a feat for a Commodore 64 game.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is the game that Sega's early mascot premiered in! Unfortunately, most would agree that it also turned out to be the best game he ever starred in. That doesn't mean it's just "moderately good", however - It's actually a pretty great game. There is a reason Alex Kidd was so popular!

Fatal Fury 2 is, quite obviously, the sequel to Fatal Fury, which is also on VC. The game builds on what was previously seen in the first Fatal Fury. Gone is the pitiful three character selection; this time you can play as any of the fighters. Terry, Andy and Joe all return, but they’re accompanied by a supporting cast that is packed with variety.

Ninja Combat, much like Burning Fight, was a poor attempt at copying games such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and really mediocre at best. Probably best to give this one a miss!

We think these five games more than make up for the slap in the face that was last week!

Sadly there was no WiiWare update today, but you can always check our sister site WiiWare World to read reviews of the games already out in Europe and Australia.

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Bass_X0 said:

Good week. Would rather have had two or three last week and the rest this week to even things out. Will probably get Alex Kidd this weekend. For the nostalgia.




Will said:

Yeah, I think wer back on track nicely with tonights releases. Last ninja 2 is a nice surprise. But im still gonna wait for last ninja3 (the best one!)



timp29 said:

OMG Last Ninja 2 is my favourite childhood game... Congrats Europe, now everyone is back to being jealous of you
I really hope australia gets the C64 soon....



Tannman42 said:

What an awesome week for the VC in Europe. I'm downloading Nebulus and I might give Alex Kidd a try even though I don't know anything about him or his game series.God what a good week!!



Objection said:

Wow. 5 games. We never got an apology week for our no VC week. You big Euro whiners!!
@Bass Actually having seen SMRPG now, I dont want it. So just give us Mother 1-3, Ninty. Vc, Ds, I dont care.



Jolted85 said:

I never played Alex Kidd before, but here in the states we only have the Genesis version and I don't think that's a good game at all, the Master System one is probably better than the 16 bit version after reading the good comments that the game gets.



WarioFan63 said:

@Objection Blaster, why did we need an Apology for not having VC games? It was WiiWare Launch, I think its a pretty good excuse for VC to take a week off.



OrionPax said:

Great line up this week with Miracle World (childhood fav) and Fatal Fury 2. Shame we still have no C64 here in OZ and can't enjoy Last Ninja 2.



ToneDeath said:

I had Alex Kidd built in on my Master System 2 as a kid. I don't think I got past the first couple of levels, and wasn't keen on the rock, paper, scissors (or is that paper, scissors, stone?) but I loved the game anyway. Somehow I've been able to hum the first few notes of the title theme in the many years since I last played it, probably because I used to sing it as a song: 'Alex the kid, Alex the kid...'

Anyhoo, I think we should forgive Ninty for the horrible past week, for now at least.



timp29 said:

Australia gets everything but the c64 games... which is cool, but all i really want is the c64 games!!!! waaaaaah



Adamant said:

Why did I buy an American Wii again? I want this update.

So yeah, I'm hoping the US gets Alex Kidd and Fatal Fury 2 this Sunday. I'd complain about no C64 for the US still, (actually, I still will. Come on, Nintendo!) but I already own the Last Ninja trilogy, and Nebulus is rather meh.



timp29 said:

In what format do you already have the last ninja trilogy??
Please tell me there was a compilation disk on gamecube of c64 games....



DEMON212 said:

Amazing week, bought all 5, love all 5

IMO Burning Fight and Ninja Combat are very underated. They're no Streets, but they're better than Altered Beast.



Adamant said:

@timp29: PC.
There was a compilation disc released in 2005 only available via the UK Retro Gamer Magazine - probably completely impossible to get ahold of nowadays.



Will said:

@Demon. Hey! I freakin love altered beast! The cuddly bear and "welcome to your doom!" have me in stitches every time! Classic! Better then SOR1 Id say...



J_K said:

Alex Kidd is some serious fun right there. I picked up a SMS basically new in the box last Christmas and grabbed that among others off ebay over a month. Damn good game, only thing I hate is the stupid not-so-random rock paper scissors(jan-ken-pon.)



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Wow, Europe gets a terrific week, Australia gets a good week, and America will be left biting the dust on Monday (I actually hope this prediction fails). Oh, and just like every week, where are the C64 games, NOA?



Mike1 said:

I'd love to see America get 5 games on Monday. However if they give us some WiiWare game then they use that as an excuse to give us 2 garbage VC games.



Rapadash6 said:

And what do we have to look foward to here in North America this monday? Probably not much, and certainly no where near the awesomeness of this update. So, um, when are we going to get a nice big update to make up for the fact that we too went without any VC releases for a week, hmm? This is bogus man, just pure bull **. Europeans are no longer allowed to complain, only we are getting the shaft with releases anymore.



dark_moogle said:

So, WHY THE HELL DON'T AUSSIES GET C64 GAMES!!!! Last Ninja looks rad and I would love to play it, but I guess Nintendo just doesn't want my money. Oh well * goes off to buy Playstation 2 and PSP games *



Mario_maniac said:

Gah. Perhaps if we bombard Nintendo Australia with a bunch of letters asking them why C64 games haven't been put on the server yet, perhaps we'll get (at least) a decent reason why we can't download them. That, or we'll get "No comment," or "Please change the country of your Wii from Australia/New Zealand to the United Kingdom." >_>

Here's hoping we get C64 games soon -- a few of them look like good fun. Oh, and I suppose it would be nice if Australia got Probotector II and Europe got Axelay...



kitroplious said:

I dont think we're getting 5 VC games, but if we keep getting 1-2 WiiWare games & 2 VC games every week, I'll be happy!

More Japanese imports please!



PALgamer said:

Having to wait 2 weeks for VC and WW releases is going to be hard. 5 games is good for an extension of two weeks (3 one week and 2 the other). For WW 4 is also expected (2 between each week).

So from now on, I would expect VC week to have 6 games released and 4 on WW week. Then it would be equivalent in quantity to what weekly releases should be like for both VC and WW at the same time.

That is quantity, but quality is subjective. This week I like the C64 games



el_cabarto said:

$100 says that America is going to get shafted on Monday...crap, I remember when I used to look forward to Monday's with anticipation. Now I just dread the updates.



famicom said:

Dont ever build expectations from VC-Channel. It will only result in one thing, complaints(even if the games sometimes ARE good, still others WILL complain about their favourites not breaking ground). Bye.



Terra said:

so no wiiware then. Who cares with 5 games for the VC. This is awesome



Bensei said:

I'd prefer that after Wiiware has launched that there are more Wiiware Games coming to Europe. America has nearly twice as much... Damn you, you 5 must-translate-langauages-into-the-manual of Europe!



Bensei said:

Yeah, everyone complained about no VC Games, but the only one who is interested seems to be me.

The VC Releases are great, but Wiiware looks rather lonely with only 7 Games, although they are all at least average, other than some US ones



TomMc said:

I just hope next week we get all the wii-ware titles you americans have got! But knowing Nintendo not likely probably get stuck with 1 rubbish wii-ware title again! );



slangman said:

Just OMG my predictions were true i knew Alex Kidd would come this week but The Last Ninja 2 and 3 other games this week? I must be in VC heaven.



MVP said:

Alex Kid is a very important and good game, but not as good as a mario or a Sonic, Fatal Fury is also good, but I prefer Street Fighter or art of Fighting...



Starwolf_UK said:

The same reason America doesn't and the same reason Australia wasn't getting Turbo Grafx 16 games.

They hate you...wait, wrong script thats the "why hasn't Earthbound come out yet?" script.

There have been no distribution deals sorted for the games in those regions. Typically, Europe is the stronghold for C64 games. Maybe if they do really well here then distribution deals will be more lucrative for Australia and America.

But at least Australians can get C64 games (does the change country thing still wipe the points balance?)

I love how a week ago, people here hated Nintendo, but NOW everyone's like, "Aww, it's okay! C'mere and let me hug ya! Wub yooo..."
Look forward to this pattern becuase according to some sources its the future for Europe (one week WiiWare, one week VC...say theres no news story on WiiWare world about Europe getting no WiiWare )



DEMON212 said:


I used to love it and still enjoy it on 2p. My point was though, NC, AB and BF are all 2 Stars games. And IMO some are noticeably better than others. Which makes me wonder why they're all 2 Stars.



Quimby said:

I love how a week ago, people here hated Nintendo, but NOW everyone's like, "Aww, it's okay! C'mere and let me hug ya! Wub yooo..."
Only 1 decent-ish game for us aussies, and even that is very dated.
I'm still not talking to Nintendo.
To change my mind, I need Super PunchOut, Diddy Kong Racing/ Donkey Kong 64 (what? there are already Rare games on the VC), or some more little surprises from the 64.
Also an Australian exclusive VC channel would be nice, just so we can rub it in all the rest of your faces. Virtual Boy would do (Complete with 3D glasses) as we never got to get our hands on it the first time round. Apparently the VB had some games that were so awesome that they would make your head hurt. Rad.



Will said:

@Demon. Speaking of under-rated, one seriously under-rated game on VC-Review is Ecco the dolphin. 3 stars for one of the best feckin MD games ever made! Its a crime! Im playing through it at the moment for the first time in nearly 16 years and it still feels fresh. Definitly deserved a 4star AT LEAST! That and AB both need to be re-rated IMO



Mike1 said:

I dont think we're getting 5 VC games, but if we keep getting 1-2 WiiWare games & 2 VC games every week, I'll be happy! More Japanese imports please!

Please no more imports that no one has ever heard of. I want Nintendo classics only! And nobody better say try something new, because I've done that and didn't like any of the 20 games that I tried except for the 3 Bonk games.



DEMON212 said:


As someone whom hates the Ecco series, I thought 3 was to high a score, lol.

IMO Bubble Bobble needs a 5 though. It's just amazing on co-op. But then again, as there's so few co-op games out there, I always rate co-op games highly.


Well we do want them, so I'd love to see more non Ninty games coming through via the imports. And a load of non Ninty games being released normally. Like IK+, ZAMN, Parodius, Castlevania III and Rondo, Green Beret, Combat School, Chase HQ, Chuck Rock, Joe and Mack, Push Over, Snow Bros., North and South etc...



ChocoDK said:

Wow five games for Europe that is an excellent week for you guys! I hope the NA gets a good game on Monday but I doubt it.



Objection said:

Because we (and Japan) got no VC in the Wiiware launch week
but Europe did. Now that they have had a Zero week, they get five, an "apology week". But we still get 1-3 pieces of crap. Europe is already doing much better than NA on VC and when this happens, its slightly annoying.



Starwolf_UK said:

Diddy Kong Racing
There is a DS version with a track bulider and Wi-Fi (its not Mario Kart in popularity and probalby a Ghost Town by now) but the game is hampered by forced usage of DS features during race start up*. So, that means no VC version (plus the whole Banjo and Conker thing...).

  • Something lame like blowing into the mic or scratching the touch screen. Which means if you get a boost start you lose the advantage getting back into the D-pad setup...

looks at games that came out this week
Yeiks, Nebulus IS Castellan*. Consider my mind blown.

  • Sad fact. as a kid I thought Castellan and Castlevania were the same thing...


Mike1 said:

@Mike Well we do want them, so I'd love to see more non Ninty games coming through via the imports. And a load of non Ninty games being released normally. Like IK+, ZAMN, Parodius, Castlevania III and Rondo, Green Beret, Combat School, Chase HQ, Chuck Rock, Joe and Mack, Push Over, Snow Bros., North and South etc...

Oh man, I forgot about Rondo of Blood.



RevolverLink said:

@el cabarto
Indeed, it used to always make my Mondays so much more bearable, knowing that when I got home, there was going to be at least one great classic for me to download and re-discover. Now, with a couple of exceptions, it just feels like a constant string of disappointment.

Still, I'm glad that at least some people are getting good VC releases, even if the States aren't.



RoninDennis said:

This is how it should be. Although I'm not picking up any of these titles, the weekly VC update should be around 4-5 games spanning several platforms.



Viral said:

If you download any game this week : Alex The Kidd is worth it. I watched my mother-in-law play it last night and that was by far the most entertainment I had last night. lol



Birdo said:

Commodore 64 seriously needs to come to the American VC. On another note, was it just me, or does The Last Ninja have a awesome soundtrack?



CopyofCopyX said:

Oh sure, The Last Ninja looks and sounds good, but the gameplay isn't as great.
I would prefer Alex The Kidd in Miracle World.

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