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David Jaffe Personally Insulted By Nintendo's 'Geeks And Otaku' Comment

Posted by Damien McFerran

Did this news story annoy you? Of course it did. It also annoyed God of War creator David Jaffe, who went as far as to post a cutting reply on his blog page.

As well as using some pretty strong language, Jaffe also goes off on a tangent about a terrible movie and eventually comes to this conclusion:

Now look: I like Nintendo. And I LOVE old Nintendo. And both old and new Nintendo have brought SO MUCH to this industry that they SHOULD be proud and excited and even a little cocky when it comes to their amazing accomplishments. Anyone in our business should envy their ability to read, direct, and redirect the market. And to also- when they want to - make some world class, ground breaking games.

But this statement, especially coming from a marketing person, reeks of one of two things:

A: Arrogance at a level that should make Nintendo - if this statement reflects the core of the company - very ashamed.

B: A marketing person who has no real clue about games and thinks she's being cute and coy by dissing the 'geeks' cause she thinks the mainstream loves them now....if this is the case, she really needs someone to sit her down and explain to her which side her f***ing toast has been buttered on for years and will eventually get back to being buttered on....

Seems like Laurent Fischer has annoyed some pretty influential people.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

@x.SuperMario.x: I almost thought the same thing when I read the vc-reviews article that didn't specify his gender. The name seems kind of ambiguous, I think. Then again, Jaffe COULD just be insulting the guy on purpose. Who knows?



Bensei said:

Now Laurent Fischer has the rage of the God of "God of War" on their shoulders. I guess we have the "Shelly De Killer"-scenario here. Neighter the accused gets spoken Guilty or Not Guilty, it will lead to an unforgettable punishment, and I think they doesn't care if it comes from Nintendo or Kratos



pdrydia said:

@ Stuffgamer1
I hope not. If Jaffe was trying to insinuate insult by purposefully getting Laurent's gender wrong, then he'd be committing a very similar jackassery to the one he's complaining about.



SmaMan said:

Now the story's getting around! I guarantee we'll see either an apology, a resignation or a firing of Mr./Mrs. Fischer in the comming week, if not month.

EDIT: It seems as though I'm absolutely right!
Check back on the VC:R posting of the story! Laurent apologizes!!!
(I'd copy/paste the link but I'm using Internet Channel right now)



Objection said:

Well, its good Laurent is a man. Wouldnt you feel bad beating the crap out of a woman? Well, maybe not for some of you.



Starwolf_UK said:

I guarantee we'll see either an apology

Mr. Iwata managed to get the point across without calling anyone a loser we know why one of them is another marketing monkey and one of them runs the company.



timp29 said:

In all seriousness, he must be doing his job pretty damn well (outside of his stupid gaffe) since nintendo is shipping a great deal more consoles to europe than to the US.



Bensei said:

@Objection_Blaster: If he was a woman it would take her even more ignorant, especially because geek and otaku is normally a term that is more often used for men (although you could call women the same)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@timp29: That's no indicator of who's good at their job! Nintendo is shipping to Europe instead of America because of our horrible exchange rate (the U.S. dollar is worth darn near nothing in Japan, but pounds and euros have decent value). It's the same with all Nintendo products right now, but most noticeable with Wii consoles, Mario Kart Wii, and Wii Fit. I work at a video game store, and it saddens me how few customers understand what's really going on (and I'm getting really tired of explaining it to them).



StarDust4Ever said:

@Stuffgamer1: The only reason the US dollar is so low, is because all of the the dang companies in America are cutting costs by outsourcing jobs and manufacturing operations overseas, esp to China. We buy products made in China (heck, even my dang Wii remote says "made in China" on it, and I thought all first-party Nintendo products were supposed to be from Japan!?), thus we are sending out money and placing it in the pockets of Chinese workers, and by doing so, China has advanced quite rapidly from being a poor third-world nation to becoming an enormous superpower in todays global economy, alongside the United States and European Union.

In Europe, they charge high tariffs on imported goods to deter Europeans from sending their money elsewhere in the world. American companies do have a choice: they can outsource or downsize (both of which contribute to the hundreds of thousands of workers that get laid off annually), or they can risk going bankrupt due to the fact that they cannot compete with foreign-made goods.

If "Mom & Pop's Hardware" sells american-made product for $2.00, and Walmart down the street sells equivalent chinese-made product for $1.49, then the frugal shopper will go to Walmart and buy the cheaper product. Furthermore, since Walmart already sells groceries, this saves shoppers an additional trip to the grocery store for locally-grown produce. So Mom & Pop's hardware goes bankrupt from lack of business, and the supplier of American-made goods has one less retailer to ship to. Now the manufacturer of American goods is forced to shut down half of their factories and lay off half of their workers to decrease production costs because the demand is low.

China (which is still MUCH worse off than we are) is getting richer every year due to the constant flow of US dollars out of the country, and that is money that will not likely be flowing back in our direction any time soon. So to my neighbors overseas in PAL regions, people please stop complaining that our games, points cards, and other miscellaneous stuff is cheaper than yours, because overall, you probably have more spending power per-capita than we do. If you want to help out, then do us a favor: Stop complaining about it and start importing our cheaper, better selection, non-crippled 60hz games. PLEASE, SEND US YOUR HARD-EARNED POUNDS AND EUROS...

[End Rant]

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