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Blue Oasis - Fishy Fun For All The Family

Posted by Darren Calvert

Blue Oasis (Hudson's virtual aquarium) official site has opened. You can see the promotional trailer below.

Details from the site :

  • Customize your tank from scratch, including the glass, the scenery, the lighting, and the type of fishes that will populate it.
  • You can choose among 40 species of fishes, and create 6 different tanks
  • No advanced technical knowledge required, as there is no disctinction between freshwater fishes and sea fishes, or no need to regulate precisely the water temperature.
  • Fish species have different tastes in food.
  • You can observe a particular fish under every angle
  • Using the Wiimote, you can knock at the tank and see the fishes congregate to interact with you
  • Using the Aqua Center, you can learn more details about each species, including detailled history and picture books
  • An aquarium's owner can set a special date ("Memorial Day") which the fishes will commemorate by doing a kind of special celebration dance.
  • You can send your aquarium to a registered friend (who already own the sofware), and also send greetings on your friends Memorial Day.
  • Due out in Japan for June 24th, 500 points.

Whilst I am sure that Blue Oasis will interest some of our readers, it all sounds a bit fishy to me!

In other Hudson news, Tetris has now been renamed as Tetris Party, and is delayed until later in the year. It was supposed to be coming out in July for Japan originally.

Check out the trailer here:

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Superdab said:

Damn you Hudson for delaying Tetris for next year that was the next WiiWare game I was looking forward to. If Blue Oasis ends up coming to North America I might pick it up if the price stays at $5. Looks like it might be nice.
PS: 1st post yay



Virus said:

Yes, My Pokemon Ranch 2! Pokemon and Endless Ocean combined, what better? Actually, that doesn't sound too bad... too bad this Blue Oasis ain't the idea I'm thinking of...



Corbs said:

I'll try anything Hudson puts out at least once. And any aquarium that I don't have to clean out is a good one as far as I'm concerned.



Damo said:

Although this doesn't really appeal to me I can see it going down a storm with casual gamers. After all, people pay lots of cash for those 'virtual fishtanks'.



MVP said:

I ask myself if the game only entertains the first day... I prefer endless ocean although I have to insert the DVD



i8cookie said:

i wouldn't call myself a casual gamer, and it does appeal to me. Although a quick look at the video has turned me off a bit. With things like the Euphoria engine knocking about, a game that relies completely on visuals needs good animation. Robotic moving fish who's fin flapping has nothing to do with it's actual movement in the water is extremely out dated, perhaps the wii isn't capable of such physics calculations, but for me a virtual fish tank would have to have the fish physically pushing themselves through virtual water in a realistic way.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Not bad. Still feel the same way I did when I first heard about it. 500 = Good choice.

Tetris Party = Better!



sailingtheseaoffools said:

"Euphoria engine"

Sigh people really need to do some research. Euphoria isn't an engine at all it uses the games existing physics engines. It's a frapping middleware program at best. Nor is it really impressive if you apply it to many physic engines. It's just a souless pr stunt to gussy up existing physhics engines.



Peznaze said:

More data, yum. 500 points for a game that has a non-gamer target audience. Will it crush Toki Tori, Pop, Lost Winds, etc..? Almost certainly.

I prefer either my real aquarium, or insanaquarium... But I recognize that aquarium sims sell fairly well, and this seems like a good one of those.



DanAran said:

The majority of the casual Wii audience dosent even know what WiiWare is. Therefore the game fails.



Peznaze said:

The massive sales of TV Show King and Family Table Tennis contradict that theory. What's more likely the case is for every "core" gamer, there's a "casual" mother/father/grandparents who also use that Wii.



sailingtheseaoffools said:

" thought Hudson could do better"
They got more wiiware products coming you know. Alien Crush for example and the five player online tetris.



calculon said:

Fish + Memorial Day = WTF?
What the hell do fish want to celebrate any day for? I suppose they could celebrate the fact that they have survived in a hostile environment (fresh/salt water fish mix and the fact that the bigger fish haven't eaten them) And why the hell shouldn't I get to see the tank getting dirty - I'd love to be able to write my name on the inside of the tank or grab a star fish and make 'scum angels'

I think someone forgot to tell the developers that fish generally don't like a big knuckle/finger rattling on the glass centimetres in front of them. Mind you it would be funny if the little fish got startled into swimming into a bigger fish's mouth. You could have challenges like 'Get 5 small fish eaten' and post the best time up via WiiConnect24.

Plus, the fish should die if you don't interact with them. Then again, if they're robo-fish as Russta suggests that might explain the lack of dirt/aggression/death and my total bewilderment as to how anyone could get suckered into buying another half-arsed fish simulation.

Talking about Endless Ocean, did anyone else find the default in-game music really inappropriate when there was a man eating shark swimming two feet from your head? I'm surprised we didn't get in game speech bubbles like 'Sorry, I can't eat you. This bloody music has destroyed my will to live - I'd rather starve.'

p.s. Hudson devs if you're reading this: How do you stop the salt water fish from dying in fresh water? Do I drop in salted crisps or is salted popcorn better? How the hell do I explain the fact that an edutainment game has made such a fundamental mistake to my kids when they ask me why a salt-water fish is surviving in fresh water (or vice-versa)? Please send a reply to:

Doesn't-Matter Dude
742 Evergreen Terrace
<Enter State Here>



Draygone said:

Pretty sure this isn't meant to be a fish sim.

Now, as long as the fish move realistically, I won't so much mind that this game is basically "raising fish - easy mode". Granted, that wouldn't be a guarentee that I'd get it, either. I've gotta have a reason to have this sitting on my TV when I could otherwise be playing some other game or watching something else.

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