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World of Goo WiiWare: Exclusive Online Co-Op

Posted by Damien McFerran

2D Boy’s innovative puzzle title World of Goo has been on our radar for some time now thanks to its lovely visuals and addictive gameplay. As you might be aware the game is also being released for the PC and Mac, but 2D Boy has now confirmed that Wii owners will be getting exclusive online co-op, which makes that version the most appealing of the bunch.

This really is excellent news, not only because World of Goo is ideally suited for this kind of play, but that it bodes well for future releases. The more WiiWare games that showcase online multiplayer, the better!

If you’re feeling flush then you can sample the PC-based preview stage here. However, please note that you have to pre-order the full game to do so.

Source: GoNintendo

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Agraba said:

That is actually a very good feature if the levels that you can play two players on are created with that feature in mind. Otherwise i don't know what to expect from this feature. The game however is something that i would love to get my hands on.



Dazza said:

No firm word on price yet, but 2D Boy told me it would be 1000 or more when I asked them last week. More likely 1500 I would say, which I think considering the scale of the game is a fair price.



i8cookie said:

the pre-order is $20 which i think is roughly 1500 wii points. it doesn't say whether you can pre-order the wiiware version, I'm assuming you can't, so that means you have to buy the mac or pc version to get the special preview?



Quimby said:

Would anyone care to explain to me the finer points of the gameplay?
I loved the video, but it didn't really show what you did exactly.
I will be watching this one.



ReaperJ21 said:

It looks good and i definatley want 2 get it, but due 2 the wii memory crisis, i only have about 270 blocks left



Corbs said:

I've gotten to where I just put all of my VC games on the SD Card and copy them to the Wii as I want them. I got tired of having to go delete a bunch of games every time I wanted to download a WiiWare title. Hopefully at some point Nintendo will realize the problem and try to remedy it.



Bluezealand said:

@russta: "You can pre-order the PC (Windows), Mac, and Linux versions, but the preview you would get with a pre-order is PC-only. We can not take pre-orders for Wii because we will not be selling that version directly."



Quimby said:

I procrastinate way too much before I buy a game so I have had several thousand points doing nothing for ages.
Of the games i own (Yoshis Island, F-Zero X, SFT2, SSF2, Pokemon Snap, King's Knight, Punch Out, Picross, and Lost Winds) I only deleted Yoshis Island. If I get desperate I'll ditch F Zero X, so the space issue hasn't bothered me too much.



tehub said:

Hmm, dunno if I will play this online, but if they also have local co=op, I will definitly be playing it.



MrPoo6321 said:

dammit.... this looks awesome, i'm just sick to death of deleting all my vc games!!



ICEknight said:

@Quimby: "Of the games i own (Yoshis Island, F-Zero X, SFT2, SSF2, Pokemon Snap, King's Knight, Punch Out, Picross, and Lost Winds) I only deleted Yoshis Island. "

You mean Yoshi's Story.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Dazza, I'm glad you asked them about it. I know they originally slated it to be 2000 but I was wondering if they'd change the price. I see 1500 also.

I can't wait to get this game. And online co-op is awesome. I found out about this before from GN already but what I didn't know was the letter said the co-op was online. That certainly opens up the door to other Wi-Fi possiblities. Maybe racing two people to beat a stage in a faster time? That would be neat.



whalleywhat said:

I wonder how this will work. I remember reading something about how people could build towers that work sort of like leaderboards, ranking the height of the towers. Gonna be sooo sweeeeet.

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