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WiiWare World Finds Fame On German TV!

Posted by Darren Calvert

WiiWare World snatched its first moment of fame as German TV Show Wiimotion treated its viewers to a glimpse of our beloved pages on Monday on their WiiWare special show.

WiiWare World’s older cousin VC Reviews is no stranger to such fame, Vio Tensil of Wiimotion has already featured it on the show last year, and it even got another mention again this time.

As we are no experts in the German language we cannot tell you if what Vio had to say was good or bad, but we like to think that she was pretty impressed with what she saw. Details of Japanese WiiWare games, exclusive videos of Pirates: Key of Dreams and more. What more could a girl want?

Check out the video below:

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AlexSays said:


@ Corbie
never; you'll continue to work for free, and like it.
brings out whip



DanAran said:

Damn! my comment almost made it on German TV... It's good that people are starting to notice this site.



Corbs said:

When do I get my Ferrari? And I want royalities of all profits. And my own half-hour tv variety show.



Bananiac said:

Without going into too much detail right now - you got some quite favourable reporting here. They particularly seem to be taken by the specialization on WiiWares (as they were on the VC-Reviews sister, which is also mentioned).
Good work, guys!



Cooldued59 said:

.... Do you have a connection to Germany TV or what? As I remeber, you guys were on Germany TV back then with VC Reviews.

Or, someone here among us, someone is a TV producer.

Congrats though for your site to be on TV.



Damo said:

What can we say, we just go down well with Germans! We have the 'Hasslehoff' quality!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Whats the hassleoff quality ????

Anyway back to the subject .
I didn't realised that if you click on an image that its shows an enlaged version without loading a new page .

Well not untill i viewed this video .

My father might get 1/10th of that as he studyed german in high school .



morphballer said:

I noticed the site isn't optimized for the Wii browser like VC reviews is. Is that in the works?



DEMON212 said:

If anyone's getting paid, it's me lol

I'm on here on the browser now. Everything is fine.



Dazza said:

Of course Drake will have to be the first to be paid! His cheque for 50 pence is on it's way over to him as we speak

@morphballer - The new VC:R doesn't do anything different when on the Wii browser either. All that has gone long ago



antdickens said:

Actually we do make a slight change for the Wii browser, we make the font slightly bigger but we shouldn't need two versions of the site.. this one should be usable on both Wii and PC!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Exactly the point Phan Ant .
Works fine on my Wii at this very moment .

I use the internet channel every day which is why its harder to decide what to delete ready for the Everybody Nintendo Channel tomorrow (I think) .

In fact its the reason i got the USB keyboard that im using now .
Glad for the 3.0 update & the internet channel update that was released shortley later .



MigitMatt said:

Congratulations! Appearing on TV is quite big... even if it is German...
Well Done! ;D



Valien said:

Congrats guys! I love VC:R and this site as well. Clean, great info, good community, etc.

Keep up the great work!



blackknight77 said:

If you want to get on G4 they would have to squeeze you in between the 800 episodes of Cops. Every now and then the "TV for gamers" actually talks about video games. What a novel idea



SmaMan said:

Man I miss the old G4, where the G meant Gaming. Now the G means Graveyard because all kinds of old 90s shows go there to die.



get2sammyb said:

Hahaha. That was awesome. Well done to Damien, Darren, Ant and everywhere who contributes here (including all those who comment).

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